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Monday, April 09, 2012

What is YOUR 50 year Plan? Why the Donation Policy matters----

What is YOUR 50 year plan? I have been asking my friends this question lately, and indeed I have been getting some puzzled looks. The point is do you have a vision for anything, anybody other than your self for any time period beyond next week, next etc.? People who donate to organizations have a long vision---they also want to know that their donation will be honored and not tampered with by rookie organizations. As Attorney Walter Shannon of the Shannon Law Firm said at Finance Committee last week, if there is any chance that there will be "touch points" by other entities of the designated money, then donors simply walk. There are so many worthwhile organizations to donate to, it is simply not worth the time to consider donating to those who do not have the institutional integrity to get the donation done. I urge citizens to listen to the presentation by Mr. Shannon at Finance. The donation policy or lack thereof has created a divisive atmosphere in the City of Evansville departments over the past five years, and it needs to be clarified, especially if any fund raising for a new library is to be successful....or any fundraising for ANYTHING is going to be successful.

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