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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Public Works: 11-27-2007: Question and Answer

Public Works: 11-27-2007: Questions from Citizens and answers from Engineers

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  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Was there ever water in this area before development? I think Yes. If you build your home near a detention pond, drainage ditch, or a creek, you should expect water. If you build your home on a hill, cliff, or mountain top you should expect it to be dry. If these people do not want to live there anymore...Move.
    To me this is like someone building a home next to a quarry then complaining about the blasting or next to a hog farm and then complaining about the stink.

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    A couple of these detention ponds were put in AFTER the houses were built in a attempt to control the water.

    So PEOPLE did not buy houses next to detention ponds, the homes were there first..

    Good try at shifting blame though.

  3. would like to leave evansville5:26 AM

    Let me break it down for you as simply as possible.

    It isn't just a matter of an inconvenience every several years. Many people have lost a lot of money in their basements. Others would like to finish their basements, but don't want to lose a lot of money in their basement.

    With declining housing prices, and personally having a house that is worth less due to the situation coupled with rising interest rates (many people were able to lock around 5% about 4 years ago), we find ourselves in a situation that we can't afford to move because we won't get the return on our house you would expect after five years due to the market and the 6th street situation. So we are stuck in a situation that we don't want to be in.

    Some people pay as much as $5,000 a year in property taxes over here. Most pay at least $4,000. With that kind of taxation one would at least expect not to be put in the situation we are in. Some like to think we are on our own and the local government bears no responsibility. Obviously some of this goes to new streets, sewers,etc. but I think it shouldn't be buyer beware when their is government involvement. Why do we pay taxes to support having a city engineer if everything gets approved anyway?