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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Plan: 11-5-2007: Mr. Roger Berg Speaks

Roger Berg asked that the minimum house size ordinance be allowed to expire and not be renewed, indicating that the conditions in the contractor community are adverse, and the ordinance hurts builders

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  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    has anyone actually counted how many houses are for sale in Evansville and Union???

    Like we need them building more.

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    108 on the MLS (94 Evansville, 14 Union). Maybe a little less, some from albany, porter,etc. get scattered into the Evansville listings for some reason.

    Does anyone know how home prices are doing in Evansville? The prices appear to not be going down on the MLS? Anyone have any knowledge of what is actually happening as far as completed sales?

    It would appear that sellers aren't lowering their prices and homes are sitting on the market for a while.

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    That does not hurt the city as far as I know. Doesn't the city still collect taxes on those empty houses?

  4. Some of these houses will be seating for a long time. The market is just not there for those type of prices.

    So I hope these home owners knew when they listed they would be waiting for a while.

    Some are way over priced.

    ** Have a license in real estate.

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Anony #3,

    Yes and no. If I am selling my house and living there it's no issue as far as taxes.

    However, If I am holding an empty house that is for sale on the market, (unless I am wealthy) at some point I will likely default on some payments. I've never faced the decision, but I would imagine it is an easy one. Do I keep my mortgage or taxes up to date? (Unless your taxes are escrowed). Given the choice I would imagine you would default on taxes first. That probably takes longer to catch up with you than falling behind on your mortgage.