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Sunday, April 22, 2012

OpEd: Neither "Reverse Robin Hood" nor "Robin Hood" will do"

Wisconsin has a structural imbalance in its fiscal affairs, and neither a "Robin Hood" nor "Reverse Robin Hood" will work...but SHARED SACRIFICE will. That means getting beyond slogans, and examining how to generate tax revenue fairly affecting all income groups, and cutting expenses. Only Shared Sacrifice will work. The Reverse Robin Hood of Gov. Scott Walker has clearly been a failure and divided Wisconsin, rich from poor, sick from healthy, old from young, union from non-union----and unless this is solved, there will be an accelerating exodus of business and families from Wisconsin seeking a state where government does what works for communties and families to work together effectively. If you want to see what this might look like, go to seethe movie "Margin Call". We are headed for a selling panic if this situation is not addressed shortly. Stay tuned.

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