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Monday, April 09, 2012

Evansville School Board Meets Tonight: (7:30pm)

VIII. Information & Discussion: A. Update of 2012-13 Budget Draft. B. Special Education Least Restrictive Environment Presentation. C. School Board Unofficial Election Results. D. High School Low Enrollment/Class Size Courses. E. Middle and High School Student Handbooks. F. District Office Staffing Plan. G. Selection of an Audit Firm. H. Upcoming Board Meetings. I. First Reading of Policies: #322-Student School Day, #411.4-Student Bullying, and #722.1-Accident Reports. IX. Business (Action Items): A. Approval of Staff Changes: Full and Partial Lay-Offs, Staff Retirement, and Job Share Request. B. Approval of Audit Firm Selection. X. Consent (Action Items): A. Approval of Policies: #453.1-Emergency Nursing Services and #841-Bequests and Gifts. B. Approval of March 12 Regular and March 14 Special Meeting Minutes. C. Approval of February Reconciliation Report and

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