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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mr. Dave Sauer: On Groundwater--low basements

Public Works: April 23, 2007: Mr. Dave Sauer, City Engineer speaks to residents on recent flooding in Westside----He responds to question by Mark about subpump always running---and explains the difference between stormwater problems and errors in constructing basements


  1. Mr. Sauer states that Stormwater and Groundwater are two different issues. While I agree with this statement, it is dishonest to state they are unrelated. Dumping more stormwater into an area is going to effect the groundwater om that area. My sump doesn't run 24/7 all of the time. It was running 24/7 right after "Lake Westfield Meadows."

    It was ironic to hear him talk about working with the DNR that evening. When this project was debated before the PC Mr. Sauer claimed that it was unknown whether or not the stream that exits the neighborhood is a "navigable waterway." He gave the definition and basically said the plan was to proceed because who knows whether or not it meets the definition.

    I was actually the one who contacted the DNR before they deemed it to be a "navigable waterway" and therefore protected (25 foot buffer between stream and development). Mr. Sauer would have been content to claim ignorance and proceed.

  2. Anonymous8:06 AM

    In the tapes on Observer you don't mention any of this. Did the observer fail to put this on his site or did you wilt at the meeting by not confronting the PC or Sauer with your issues?

    It sure is fun to bitch in the safety of your house in front of the computer. As far as I am concerned everything must be fine because it is always the same few that gripe about these things and it is always in cyberspace and not iun person. I remember a time when you actually had to make a phone call or see someone in person to get yoru point across. And then you had to have the gumption to say everything you felt. So long days of honesty and openness, hello days of sulking and hiding behind computer screens.