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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recall Walker Campaign Will be Decided by Grassroots Organizing, not Traditional Media

One of the amazing things about the Recall Walker campaign that gathered a million signatures, was that it was a grassroots campaign, not a top down organized campaign, but a bottom up campaign. I challenge you to find in the midst of the rallies on State Street in Madison one advertisement in traditional media for the events---it was all done by word of mouth, social media, flyers, email, neighborhood organizations etc.. So...do not be surprised that in the days leading up to the primary election we find sparce media coverage of the campaign....The big money will come in the regular election contest...and for that, it will be best for citizens to shut the tv off, put the phone answering machine on, and instead check your social media sites and community organizations.....person to person, one at a time...that is what will decide the election...it will be close...what do you think will be the result?? But forget the big traditional media...they are dead.

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