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Friday, January 29, 2010

Evansville Planning Commission Meets Monday: From Condos to Rental Units ----

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Utube; Boom and Bust: The Rap Version

Click on the post for the rap version of the current crisis.

Windmills on Parade 2009 Podcast Featured

Click on the post for the new Evansville Windmills on Parade 2009 podcast. It can be seen by clicking the post for the hipcast version, or searched for on Itunes or Mediafly.com, broadcast nationally. It can be viewed on your Iphone or smart phone and downloaded for free. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NYT: OpEd; Paul Friedman: "Adults Only Please."

Click on the post for his analysis of last night's State of the Union speech.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yahoo News: Apple Unveils the New I-Pad

Click on the post for the latest.

Evansville Senior Center Podcast Featured

Click on the post for a special free podcast site of all the audio and video concerning the deliberations and development of the Evansville Senior/Community Center. These podcasts will be syndicated nationally on Itunes and Mediafly, and available for free download on your Iphone or Ipod. Stay tuned. It's a fast paced mobile world, and the Evansville Observer is working to provide some fun stuff to listen to.

Evansville Senior/Community Center---The History
Audio: The Kickoff Meeting: October 2007
Video: 12/07: Senior Center: Phil Kress of Board of Directors gives introduction
Video; 12/07 Boris Frank speaks on his role with Senior Center
Video: 12/07: Kent Knutson as donor representative speaks
Video; 12/07: Dean Schultz of Exel Engineering Speaks
Audio: Uncut; 12/07: What is the size of the proposed senior center? Dean Schultz responds
Audio: Uncut: 12/2007: Is the site in the flood plain? Dean Schultz explains
Minutes; 2/2008: Luncheon: Getting it all with Fund Raising...or taxes?
Audio: Zoning: 12/07: Is I1, light industrial
Public Works; Sauer Speaks: 02/26/2008: Re: site plan for senior center; questions re siting placement; incomplete application
Public Works; Site Plan: 3/18/2008; City Administrator speaks of Zone Administrator role or lack thereof
Wietecha: 04/08: Common Council must make "independent determination"
Plan: 5/5/2008: Observer asks re delay on flood plain data
Video; 03/09; Senior Center cuts bathroom/fitness area/adds woodchucks
Audio: Uncut: Plan: 03/09: Ringhand explains changes to Community center design plan
Minutes; Community center; Case Validation Task Force; 8/25/2009
Minutes; Community Center; Case Validation Task Force: 09/09/2009
Minutes: 9/21/2009: Case Validation Task Force
Minutes; Case Validation: 10/26/2009
Why It's a Community Center

Milton Schools continue enrollment drop----Gazette

Decline is forcasted to level off and then in the future will rise gradually--does this sound familiar?

Click on the post for the latest.

Energy Corner: WPPI Energy Deals with State of Wisconsin Questioned on Cost Surprise

Click on the post for the latest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Edgewater: Special purpose legislation?

Click on the post.

Whats Happening Corner: Be Prepared

In reviewing what folks all across the world have been reviewing on the Evansville Observer, it has amazed me that the post regarding this has been upmost in their interest.

Click on the post.

Evansville Police Commisison Hearings now on the Evansville Observer

Click on the post for the link.

White House and Evansville Observer now available on IPhone

Click on the post for the latest.

Chili Cook- Off Coming February 20th

Organization: Evansville Community Partnership

Contact Info: Jim Brooks, Community Coordinator

608-882-0598 ecpi@litewire.net www.evansville-wi.net

10th Annual Chili Cook-Off & Dinner

Saturday, February 20, 2010

5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Grove Campus & Field House

Parking: 320 Fair Street or 420 S. 4th Street


Kids 13 and under get in free with adult

More info:

Evansville Community Partnership’s 10th annual Chili Cook-off and Dinner will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2009 from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m. at The Grove Campus, 320 Fair Street . Tickets are just $17 prior to the event and $22 at the door. Kids 13 and under enter free with adult. All adult paid ticket will receive a hand-thrown pottery chili bowl made by local potter, Matthias James. Patrons also enjoy sampling chili from the chili chef contestants, mixing and mingling with friends old and new, listening to musical entertainment, bidding at the fabulous silent auction with dozens of items donated by local businesses, door prizes, fun contests, activities for the kids, raffles, and all-you-can-eat chili and spaghetti dinner. Two Wii gaming systems will be raffled at the event. More information is online at www.evansville-wi.net .or contact Jim Brooks, ECP Community Coordinator, via phone at 608/882-0598 or via e-mail at ecpi@litewire.net.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Evansville Health Club: Nostalgia: Feb 2008: Two Year Anniversary

Posted by Picasa

Justin Schott of Evansville Health Club welcomes the Evansville community to the new facility.

Download File

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Buy a Winch--know how to use it": Soucheray; Pioneer Press

Classic Soucheray....Click on the post for the latest.

Can you Hear me Now?----Police Antenna needs cited

I remember the old movies with Rampart Base etc,,,,and it is always nice if one can hear the base....check out the minutes about the poor antenna currently for the Evansville Police Station. And there is nothing in the budget for a new one or for a solution?

Click on the post for the public safety minutes.

Lights Out for Baseball----Park Board mulls how to pay electric

Click on the post for the latest.

How big a Financial Meltdown is needed to provoke Change?

The recent financial meltown, the largest financial disaster since the Great Depression has resulted in the bailout of Wall Street Banks--- and they have responded by taking large bonuses from the money of the bailout and at the first opportunity after recovery-- have stoutly resisted any efforts to put regulation that ensures the "public trust" back into banking...and they have branded anyone who wishes some regulation as "Anti business." HUH?

It kind of makes you wonder how big a financial earthquake might be necessary before Wall Street gets it.

Prince composes "Purple and Gold" Minn Viking fight song: Pioneer Press

Click on the post for the latest.

Washington Post: "The Volcker Rule"-----

Click on the post for the latest.

Eager Library Book Sale---Tomorrow, Preview for Friends of Library Tonight

Click on the post for the latest.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mailbag: Matt Gaboda Writes: Candidate for 43rd Assembly Seat

I just wanted to let you know that I did officially file with the GAB and am now a candidate for the 43rd Assembly District seat. I am running as an independent, and thought I would let you know. I have a website at www.mattgaboda.com, for more information. The 43rd Assembly District includes part of the Evansville School District, so if any of your readers have questions for me, they can feel free to contact me via my website.

Blogs: Wake Up Mayor Dave

Click on the post for the latest from Mayor Dave.

Wake up.

The blogs have the speed to respond to local news---you have even created one since traditonal news is dead. No longer are there any reporters to pander to your output--you can type it yourself. yo.

Most blogs even allow imput--so readers can respond--and many have 'moderation" to control inappropriate content and yet allow dialogue. It would be nice if you did.

StarTrib: St. Paul Schools face 28 Million deficit; Cut 1 layer of management

Click on the post for the latest.

Yahoo: New York Times to charge for articles on web: 2011 target

All across America traditional newspapers are filing bankruptcy. A new business model is evolving that involves giving some articles for free, and then additonal content-- whether it be video or audio, or more detailed business content--- charged for.

The Evansville Observer is currently implementing this mix of free and paid for "added value" content.

Any news system that assumes that the reporters are paid nothing, results in content that is...well...worth nothing...Reporters..and newspapers have to be paid in order for information to flow with any quality.

Click on the post for the full story about the New York Times.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blogs; Poms: Chasin speaks:

Click on the post for the latest.

Breathalyzer tests for Wisconsin legislators proposed

Recently in a lunchroom discussion, a worker mentioned to me that in summary of his 20 years of experience as a bartender on the Capital rotunda area, the one idea he had was to have a breathalyzer installed at the entrance to the Wisconsin State Legislative Chamber......It would serve as an upgrade ........

Poms in the Spotlight: Evansville School Board; 1/18/2010

The Evansville School Board had a discussion item on Monday night that discussed the current pom dress policy. Input was heard from parents, poms and board members.

Pom parents asserted that the current restrictions on pom attire reflect the application of the formal handbook dress code rather than an athletic dress code and that this is not realistic, and should be applied to all sports, not just poms.

The athletic director, Brian Cashore, clarified that currently under a private contract, the athletic uniforms are not purchased with taxpayer money, but with consession money not part of the school district budget.

40 Minutes of this school board discussion can be found in the Evansville school board archive on the right side of the Evansville Observer. Selected video will be coming tomorrow.

School Beat: January Evansville School Reports

On virtual school options, open enrollment, Race to the Top and summer school being eliminated....click on the post for the full details.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ultimate "Lure" from Vintage City Classics

Click on the post for the latest.

Minn: Anoka/Hennepin Teachers Freeze Wages

Click on the post for the latest.

Bankers object to tax on themselves for misdeeds: Yahoo:

Bankers are sorry they did not do good---but want the big bonuses anyway---now are facing proposed legislation by President Obama that would tax the largest financial institutions---and help recoup the TARP money US taxpayers gave to the banking industry.

Click on the post for the latest.

CapTimes: The new police car---the Dodge Charger

Well what a time of transition. From the cherished Ford Crown Victoria to the new----and it may just be the a Dodge Charger.

I remember when the insurance industry made the transition from the Chevy Impala full size to the Malibu----What a crisis in the 70's. Maintenance costs cut in half, and mileage doubled. That is a transition that police forces mostly did not make. Any why?

Small towns all across America, mostly a mile in diameter, mostly filled with older folks who turn in early at night, are always protected by law enforcement professionals who are always ready, even though there never has been a robbery, for a would be John Dillinger who might pull a fast one....they are poised in the Dodge Chargers and ready for the ultimate dream chase....the fantasy acceleration plus the fast pull over...no need to use the radio or technology...that's too fancy..only the power of raw Dodge Hemi will do.

Technology and community policing are nice...but when the rubber hits the road, it's really a Hemi that gets the public trust.

So---all across America in police academies everywhere, recruits are being asked tough questions---like..."Compare and contrast the maintenance expense of the Dodge K-Car and the Dodge Hemi. Explain your answer."----

Click on the post for the full story.

End of the Soybean Dream: Crush Plant History---Gazette

Click on the post for the latest.

Kind of a crisis of sorts---when you are the "soybean capital of the world" what do you do when the dream is destroyed...time to think up another tagline that defines us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Minn: Schools to loan 1billion to State in budget crisis: Star Trib

Will Wisconsin follow suit? Click on the post for the latest.

LCD HDTV to be raffled at I and E Party TONIGHT---

Hello Everyone:

As most of you already know, we are having the Evansville Area I&E Club Holiday Party THIS EVENING, 6:30, Eager Economy Building, Evansville.

I wanted to send a reminder of this fabulous event and also let you know that we will be raffling off (3) top rated business books. Everyone in attendance will receive a free raffle ticket and chance to win one of the books. We will also be raffling off an LCD flat screen TV:

Sylvania® LC321SSX 32" LCD HDTV, donated by Shannon Law Offices, LLC

You may purchase (1) raffle ticket for $5 or (3) raffle tickets for $10 for a chance to win the LCD TV.

I look forward to seeing everyone this evening!

Cindy Hammer
Secretary, Evansville Area I&E Club

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter BOOK SALE: Jan 23rd: Eager Library Mailbag: Friends of Library Write

PRESS RELEASE: from Friends of the Eager Public Library.

Release Date: Immediate.

Headline: Winter Used Book Sale at the Library.

After years of successful summer used-book sales on the lawn at the Eager Free Public Library in Evansville, the Friends of the Library are offering their first cold weather sale. It will be held in the library’s lower level meeting room on January 23rd, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The library is located at 37 W. Main St. in Evansville.

Buy gently used materials at very reasonable prices in all categories: adult fiction, non-fiction including travel, cookbooks, history, etc., children’s books, music CD’s, videotapes and DVD’s, quality used magazines about woodworking, health, history, and travel. Nothing is over $2, and most items are less than that. All items have been donated by Friends and other generous members of the Evansville community.

Being a member of the Friends has its privileges. A special PREVIEW sale, on Friday January 22nd from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., will be open only to Friends of the Eager Free Public Library. If you are not yet a Friend, you can join up at the door that day. Memberships range from $5 individual annually to a $100 lifetime membership. Memberships are tax-deductible.

Snacks and beverages will be available during sale hours.

If you wish to donate some of your books or other materials to the Friends for the sale, you can bring them to the library before January 20th. You can call the library to learn about donation guidelines. Donations may be made at any time of the year, but now would be a good time to look through your shelves for items you no longer need. Donations are also tax deductible.

The Friends are a group of dedicated volunteers devoted to enhancing the activities of the Eager Free Public Library for its patrons. Over the years, the Friends have purchased materials and collection display units, sponsored illustrated lectures, supported the children’s summer programs, the English as a Second Language program, and many other library activities. The Friends beautify the library grounds each year with plantings of annuals and perennials. Find more information about the Friends at: http://www.als.lib.wi.us/EFPL/Friends.htm

Gazette: PSC approves wind farm near Madison

Click on the post for the latest.

Historic Preservation Meets Wednesday----Special Meeting

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
6:30 P.M.
Community Room
Eager Free Public Library, 39 W. Main Street

1. Introduction of presenters: Daina Penkiunas, National Register Coordinator, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, and Timothy Heggland, Consultant, Mazomanie.

2. Presentation by Ms. Penkiunas re: the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

3. Presentation by Mr. Heggland re: properties and districts in Evansville eligible for nomination to the registers.

4. Question-and-answer session.

5. Adjournment.

A quorum of the Evansville Historic Preservation Commission may be present, but no other business of the Commission will be conducted.

This program is funded in part by a grant-in-aid from the United States Department of the Interior-National Park Service.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Evansville Common Council Meets Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Mailbag; Evansville Chamber announces New Board members

For Immediate Release
January 11, 2010

Contact: Krista S. Korfmacher, CMP or Jackie Liebel
Evansville Chamber of Commerce
Office: 608.882.5131

The Evansville Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Announces 2010 Board Members

Evansville, WI – The Evansville Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism held its 2010 election of board members at the recent membership meeting on December 8, 2009 at the Brown School Cafe.

The new incoming board members include Julie Smith with Roger G. Roth CPA & Associates, LLC and Greg Baumberger of Baumberger Foundations.

Current board members include Lori Allen with Allen Realty, Andy Peart with American Family Insurance, Steve Eager with Union Bank & Trust, Cindy Brzezinski with M&I Bank, Bill Hurtley with Ward Funeral Home, Mike Halvensleben with Landmark Services, Inc., John Morning with Coldwell Banker and Pammi Sekhon with All ‘N One.

Retiring board members were Nicole Hamby with Roger G. Roth CPA & Associates, LLC and Paul Warren with Dave’s Ace Hardware. Thank you for your service to the Chamber!

At the December 17 Chamber board meeting, the Chamber’s board officers were elected. Serving as President is John Morning, Lori Allen as Vice President, Bill Hurtley as Secretary and Julie Smith as Treasurer. Krista Korfmacher and Jackie Liebel serve as Co-Executive Directors.

The Evansville Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism welcomes and supports new and existing businesses. We are proud of our “buy local” efforts and hope that you will consider local Evansville merchants for your needs. These merchants are not only vital in providing goods and services but are crucial in their support of local school, city and civic programs. Questions? Please call the Chamber at 608.882.5131 or email evansvillecoc@litewire.net.

# # #

NYT: The Coming Bank fee----

A transaction tax that would discourage excessive speculation plus a high tax on bonuses given for extremly risky behavior would be a revenue source for the government, and an offset to the high cost of the previous bailouts.

Click on the post for the story in the New York Times.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Audio; City audit; 2008: Recomendations

Audio; unedited: City of Evansville Audit 2008: Auditor recommends improvements to purchasing and payables procedure documentation and processing. (at 12 minute mark)

MP3 File

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wind Corner: UTube: Nebraska Town limits windmill sound level to library level

Click on the post for the latest.

Evansville School Board Meets 1/18/2010: Poms on Agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Audio: Police Dept Remodel Update: 1/6/2010

Audio; Evansville Police Station remodel Budget update: Scott McElroy: Public Safety; 1/6/2010

MP3 File

Audio; EMS: December 2009 Report

Audio; EMS report: Public Safety; Wed, 1/6/2010; Zack Beaver and Maryreport the numbers for December 2009.

MP3 File

Evansville Police Report: 1/6/2010: Scott McElroy:

Audio; Evansville Police Report: 1/10/2010: Chief Scott McElroy reports.

MP3 File

Audio; Public Safety: 1/6/2010: Snowmobile trail issue

Audio; Public Safety: Wed: 1/6/2010: Citizens complain about snowmobile trail misbehavior; Possible remedies mulled.

MP3 File

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Book Review: Baker: How to Innovate in Education

Click on the post for the latest.

Audio; Public Safety: EMS Design Error Frustration

Audio; Public Safety: 1/6/2009: Frustration over EMS design of entrance to station. Will require $17,000 to fix; $5700 for new single door and the rest for support and also for State approvals, architect etc. Motion by committee to request budget adjustment; Will be considered by Common Council.

MP3 File

Mailbag: Friends of the Library request Help

Dear Friends,

The Library's winter newsletter is supposed to be sent out with the Water & Light bills this Friday. This newsletter has time-sensitive information in it about Friends' programs. We just learned from the W&L staff that the machine that stuffs bills and newsletters into envelopes is broken. It's possible that the machine may be fixed tomorrow, but if not.....

The only way to get the library news letter out on time is for people to hand-stuff about 3000 envelopes on Friday, probably in the morning or early afternoon.

I'm urgently asking you if you can volunteer a couple of hours of time on Friday to help with this task. If we can get ten people working, it should be manageable. Otherwise, we will have wasted the paper and printing costs of the newsletter, and won't be able to publicize our Winter Book Sale Jan 22-23 and High School Study Nights Jan 20-21, as we were expecting to do.

If you are able to help, please email me back as soon as possible (preferable), or call me at the phone number below. Leave a message if I'm not answering the phone. I will know tomorrow, probably late in the day (Thursday) if the machine has been fixed and if your assistance is actually needed. I will email those of you who respond to this plea for help with more details once I know them. If you'd prefer that I phone you back, please make sure to have your phone number in your email or phone message.

Thank you for being a Friend of the Library!

Fred Juergens, President
Friends of the Eager Free Public Library

Finance Committee Meets Thursday: 5PM-- Jan 7th

Click on post for full agenda.

Soucheray: Profiling is Back: Pioneer Press

Joe wades right in. Click on the post for the full article.

Gina's Getting Married; Looking for some purchasing ideas/strategies: Gazette

Gina is looking for some seriously creative ways of saving on marriage--her own. Click on the post for the full scoop.

CSpan challenges congress to TV coverage of final talks on health care

Click on the post for the latest.

CapTimes; Digital Distractions can hinder productivity

So much for multitasking---click on the post for the interesting article in the CapTimes today.

Tribute to Elvis coming FRIDAY January 8th to Evansville---

Proudly Presents
A Tribute to Elvis
Garry Wesley and the Memories Band
Also featuring
Elaine Grant Wesley
as Patsy Cline

•$20 Each
•Fan Fun Four Pack for $60
•Save 25% on four tickets

Tickets available at
Kopecky’s Piggly Wiggly,
The Evansville Pharmacy
Shannon Law Office
and at the
Evansville Community Partnership office at 8 West Main St

In Concert for one night only.

January 8, 2010
at the
Evansville High School PAC.
640 South 5th Street
Jan 8 marks the
Diamond Jubilee of the birth of
Elvis Presley. Come celebrate with
America’s finest Elvis tribute artist.

"The Magic of the Uncontested Race"; 2007: Nostalgia: Tales From Normal, Mn: FICTION

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dateline Normal: "The Magic of Running the Uncontested Race-------FICTION

Recently, to get away from the stress of the holiday shopping, I headed up that long and winding road to my favorite getaway town, up just south of Garrison, Mn., just east of Lake Woebegone, yes, you guessed it----- Normal, Mn..

I had been reading about all the national news and debate in Iowa and New Hampshire and have noticed that as the voting time comes near, the debates have become very heated. Lots of candidates sure have created a lot of controversy---every WRINKLE has been examined---especially on the candidates faces. Even some of the news pundits have feared that some of the candidates might AGE during the campaign, or even during their term of office. Such heartfelt concern. Such compassion.

I had left a little early on Friday and hence arrived in Normal a little ahead of schedule, and picked up a copy of the Garrison weekly paper, The Garrison Fish Tales. I noticed in the paper that all of the office races for towns were just listed and noticed that every candidate was running "uncontested". Every single one.

After I had met Herman at the Hideaway Lounge, in our usual spot, right under the 30 point buck on the south end of the spacious lounge, I just blurted it out:

"Herman, how come all the political races up here are "uncontested." How could that be? Is not there ANY open debate about crucial issues up here? Talk to me."

Herman let out a huge bellylaugh:

"Shucks, Wolfman (that's what he always called me), up here we are in God's Country. All the races are "uncontested." It's just the natural way. After all. The guys and gals seem pretty rough and tough------ but deep down, they are real sensitive types. An open and direct discussion might hurt their feelings. We just vote quietly and ....we vote from our pocketbooks...."

"What?", I exclaimed. I have never heard of such a thing. And furthermore, "What does "vote from your pockebooks" mean?"

Herman went on. "That is the simplest of all." Then he picked up one of the many blank yellow legal pads that he had stuffed in his law satchel, and put it on the bar.

"Ya just draw a line right down the middle here," he said. "On one side its marked "IN" and the other "OUT". If the candidate would result in money in, the answer is YES, and if the result would be out, the answer is NO. It is called "self interest." Up here in God's country, it ain't no fancy debate. It's just real down home logic. Money logic. It's just the natural law. "

"And further more," Herman went on---"this ain't no OHIO. We don't have no new fangled electronic voting booths that take four years and extensive legal action to get things even more confused. We just vote on little slips of paper---in ball point pen of course, and then count em up. Real simple."

WOW. I sure am glad to be back in good old Wisconsin. Where we have contested elections. Where we have open debate. Where we have more than little yellow legal pads for analysis. Where we do not have electronic voting, even if we do have PAC telephone robots.

It sure is good to be back home.
Posted by Evansville Observer at 9:02 AM

Video: National Weather : Cool plus snow

Click on the post for the weather channel.

Chili Cook Off Coming February 20th----

Click on the post for links and info. I could go for some hot chili right now.

Cramer's 9 New Dividend Plays - CNBC

Cramer's 9 New Dividend Plays - CNBC

The Urgency of Getting This Right: White House:

Click on the post for the video from President Obama.

"NEW" coming for the Evansville School Board: Gazette:

Gina Duwe has the scoop. Click on the post for the full story.

Let the campaign begin. The Evansville Observer will be covering the compaign with text, audio and video and will be publishing any position statements the candidates send to fre2observe@yahoo.com regarding issues facing the Evansville School district. Stay tuned.

Modification to EMS Garage considered: Public Works meets Wednesday

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wietcha explains: 1 of 3: Video: Plan 1/4/2010

Evansville City Administrator Dan Wietecha expains the reason for the amendment proposed for Westfield Meadows developers agreement. ( 1 of 3)

Download File

Video: 2 of 3: Wietecha Explains: re: Amendment of....

Video: 2 of 3: City Administrator Dan Wietecha explains developer agreement amendment for Westfield Meadows.

Download File

Video: 3 of 3: Wietech Explains re Agreement Modification

Video: 3 of 3: City Administrator Dan Wietecha explains developer agreement modification: Plan: 1/4/2010

Download File

WSJ: Amcore Bank sells more branches; Concentrates on "Core Mission"?

Click on the post for the story in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Recently there was a press release in a small community newspaper in which Amcore described the sale of its small rural banks as having the objective of "concentrating on its core mission." As I read the press release, I just wondered what that core mission was.

Now with the further sale of Illinois banks, complete with branch infrastructure etc., it was only after I read the phrase about the tax windfall of millions that I arrived at the "core mission."

Wietecha Explains background of "Lift Station" Video: Plan Commission: 1/4/2010

Planning Commission; 1/4/2010: City Administrator Dan Wietecha explains the history of the 6th Street Lift Station and how the charges arose for the Westfield Meadows under discussion that were forgotten to be billed.

Download File

Plan Commission: Background: Letter of City to Westfield Meadows developers


Doubleclick to enlarge
Posted by Picasa

Youth Corner: The Ducks are Back

The Ducks are back!!!-
An Evansville Youth Center Fundraiser!

The ducks will be traveling around Evansville and looking for friendly yards to “chill out” and take a break!

Do you know someone who has a duck friendly yard?
You can have them ‘Quacked!!!’ For $25 we will place the ducks in their yard for 5 days. Your friend will then have the option to pay $20 to have them removed or pay $25 to have them removed and Quack someone else! The lead duck in a flock should contain a plastic packet and inside is an envelope with all the details on how to move those ducks along their merry way!

Our Duck Patrol does all the work, all you have to do is call the Youth Center 882-0372 leave your name, number and we will call you back to get further details.

EYC will also be offering ‘Quack Free Zone’ insurance. For $10 your house can be declared ‘Quack Free’ and the ducks will pass you by. Insurance is available by calling the youth center at 882-0372.

The ducks are already traveling and will only be here for a limited time. So, call the youth center today and tell us who you want ‘Quacked!’
ALL proceeds for youth center fundraisers go directly to EYC to help the center further its mission. The EYC provides a safe, social, fun, and positive environment that teaches and promotes responsibility, honesty, caring, respect, and self-esteem for Evansville’s 5th-8th grade youth, free of charge!

Evansville youth Center
209 S 1st Street
Evansville, WI 5353

Monday, January 04, 2010

I and E Holiday Party: January 13th

Please Join Us for the Evansville Area I&E Club Holiday Party Wednesday, January 13

Please join us for a very fun evening, Wednesday, January 13, 6:30 at the Eager Economy Building.

We will have food and beverages, an exciting invention activity and contest, prizes, and much more. Bring your spouse, friends, and colleagues! You may bring an appetizer or dessert to pass, if you wish.

Come share resources and exchange ideas. The club welcomes not just inventors and entrepreneurs, but also established businesses, new businesses, and investors. Everyone of all ages is welcome!

Keep in mind that invention is more than just creating new gizmos, it is innovation too. It can be creating a new service, process, concept, mindset, message, or strategy which is better than the existing alternatives. So, join us…you never know who you might meet and what you might learn!

See you Wednesday, January 13,

Cindy Hammer
Secretary, Evansville Area I & E Club

Audio: Plan Commission: 1/4/2009

Audio; Evansville Plan Commission: Re Amendment of Developers Agreement; Westfield Meadows; City failed to bill, developers did not pay for lift station fees. Discovered during annual audit. $75-80K

MP3 File

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Plan Commission considers amendment of final land dividers agreement for Westfield Meadows.

(Ed.note: This is the draft text to be discussed at the Planning Commission meeting on Monday night at City Hall, January 4, 2010)


WHEREAS, an agreement entitled “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows” between Evansville Development Group, Inc., and the City of Evansville was made the 21st day of April, 2006;

WHEREAS, certain responsibilities and obligations of both parties under the “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows” have not been completed;

WHEREAS, Evansville Development Group, Inc., is unable to fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations at this time due to the decline in the housing market;

WHEREAS, the City of Evansville desires to have adequate security to ensure Evansville Development Group, Inc., shall fulfill its responsibilities and obligations;

WHEREAS, the Evansville Plan Commission has reviewed and recommended approval of this Amendment to the “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows;”

WHEREAS, the Evansville Development Group, Inc., and the City of Evansville specifically incorporate into this Amendment, as if set forth fully herein, all of the terms and obligations of the April 21, 2006, “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows” not amended below;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of these recitals and the mutual covenants set forth below, Evansville Development Group, Inc., a Wisconsin corporation, and the City of Evansville, a municipal corporation of the State of Wisconsin, located in Rock County mutually agree this ______ day of January, 2010, the Evansville Development Group, Inc., and the City of Evansville specifically incorporate into this Amendment, as set forth fully herein, all of the term and obligations the provisions of the “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows” dated April 21, 2006, are incorporated into this Amendment as if set forth fully hereinnot amended below.

Evansville Development Group, Inc., and the City of Evansville further agree said “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows” is hereby amended as follows:

Section I.A shall be amended to read: Construction in Phases. Developer agrees to install at its own expense or to pay the City’s or municipal utility’s cost of installing all public improvements including, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks and bicycle/pedestrian paths, sanitary sewers, water distribution system, surface water drainage system, and electrical system by phases indicated in Section VIII of this Agreement. Developer may, in its sole discretion, install public improvements in subphases within each phase. Developer shall not start installation of any phase or subphase beyond that already installed on January 1, 2010, until all special assessments under section I.H.2.A and the fee in lieu of parkland under section III.C have been paid to the City in full for lots [identify lots here].

Section I.B shall be amended to read: Developer’s Obligation to Pay Costs.
1. Developer agrees that it is obligated to construct, furnish, install, and provide all public improvements in the Subdivision or necessary for the Subdivision at its own expense or to pay the City’s or municipal utility’s cost of constructing, furnishing, installing, and providing such public improvements. If it is necessary to incur some additional cost not explicitly mentioned in this Agreement in order for Developer to be able to perform any obligation of the Developer under this Agreement, Developer agrees the Developer is obligated to pay such cost.

2. In consideration of the construction by the City of Evansville of the Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Number 6, the Evansville Development Group, Inc., hereby admitsacknowledges that this improvement benefits the property located in the Subdivision and consents to the levying of special assessments for the cost of the improvement against its premises under Wisconsin Statutes, section 66.0703. In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, section 66.0703(7)(b) the Evansville Development Group, Inc., hereby waives all special assessment notices and hearings required by Wisconsin Statutes, section 66.0703, and further agrees and admits that the benefit to its properties from the construction of this improvement is in proportion to the properties served.

Section I.H.2.A shall be amended to read: One-half of the cost of $144,376.72 or $72,188.36, plus interest payable on the start of infrastructure construction of Phase I.
shall be levied as a special assessment on a per lot basis on lots [identify lots here] deferred until sale of each said lot with interest accruing at the rate of 5.625% per annum, pursuant to Resolution 2010-03.

Section I.L.3 shall be deleted: To install monument signs bearing the name “Westfield Meadows” in or near the traffic circle at the intersection of South 6th Street and Badger Drive and at the northeast corner of Lot 52. Developer will also install plantings, which will be subject to reasonable approval of the City, in or near the traffic circle at the intersection of South Sixth Street and Badger Drive. and that Developer will form an Owner’s Association to maintain the plantings and sign. Said monument signs shall comply with Article X of Chapter 130 of the Evansville Municipal Code.

Section III.B shall be amended to read: Deed Restrictions. Developer agrees to execute and record deed restrictions in a form as will be separately approved by the City prior to the sale of any lots in the subdivision. Such restrictions shall include, but are not limited to, covenants as follows: that there shall be no further division or subdivision of lots on this plat; that there shall be no residential development on Outlots without the consent of the City; and that this Final Land Divider’s Agreement has been entered into between Developer and the City, a copy of which is on file in the City Clerk’s office; and that the lots in this Subdivision are subject to a special charge on the part of the City to maintain the monument sign and any associated plantings referenced in Section I(L)(3) of this Agreement in the event the Owner’s Association to be created by the Developer is never created or fails to maintain such monuments and plantings.

Section III.C shall be amended to read: Parkland Dedication. Developer agrees that the 15-foot bicycle/pedestrian path that runs from Porter Road to 7th Street along the western boundary of the subdivision consists of 38,775 square feet and constitutes the only parkland dedicated to the City and that such parkland is not sufficient to meet Developer’s parkland dedication obligation under Section 110-192 of the Evansville Municipal Code. Developer further agrees to pay to the City a fee in lieu of parkland dedication for each lot or unit, as the case may be, for each subphase of construction. Except for the initial subphase, being that which was installed prior to January 1, 2010, tThe fee will be due at the time construction commences in each subphase and the fee shall be in the amount in effect at the time the payment is due. The land area dedicated for the bike path will be used as a credit of $15,032.68 against the parkland requirement in the first phase. In the case of the initial subphase, the Developer shall pay, without interest, to the City $_____ , said amount reflecting the appropriate fee in lieu of parkland and the credit for the bike path property, upon the sale of each of lots [identify lots here].

Section VI.A shall be amended to read: No building permits shall be issued by the City for any lo in the Subdivision until the Common Council has approved this Agreement and the final plat of the Subdivision, Developer has paid in full all sums that are required to be paid within ten (10) days of approval of this agreement by the Common Councilunder the Agreement as amended on January 12, 2010, the City Clerk/Treasurer has signed the final plat, and the final plat has been recorded.

Section VI.H shall be added to read: No building permit shall be issued for construction on any of lots [identify lots here] until the special assessment under section I.H.2.A and the fee in lieu of parkland under section III.C have been paid to the City for said lot.

Section VII shall be amended to read: Plat Approval. The City shall approve the final plat of the Subdivision and cause the same to be signed, acknowledged, and delivered to the Developer, except to the extent this Agreement permits the City Clerk/Treasurer to refuse to sign said final plat pending receipt of a required payment from Developer. The City shall not consider nor approve any application for a certified survey map or any splitting or combining of lots within the approved plat until all special assessments under section I.H.2.A and the fee in lieu of parkland under section III.C have been paid to the City in full for lots [identify lots here].

Section VIII.A shall be amended to read: Phases Identified. The City agrees to allow Developer to complete the installation of all improvements in the Subdivision in two phases, or in sub-phases subject to review for feasibility and approval by the City Engineer, provided however that improvements which are not physically located within the area of any specific phase but are necessary to serve the lots within that phase shall be installed as part of the improvements for that phase. The City shall not consider nor approve any application for a public improvements beyond the initial subphase, being that which was installed prior to January 1, 2010, until all special assessments under section I.H.2.A and the fee in lieu of parkland under section III.C have been paid to the City in full for lots [identify lots here].

Section XIV shall be amended to read: Amendments. The City and Developer, by mutual consent may amend this Agreement at any regularly scheduled meeting of the City’s Common Council, if properly noticed pursuant to the open meeting law. Any such amendment shall be in writing.The Common Council shall not, however, consent to an amendment until after first having received a recommendation from the City’s Plan Commission.

Paragraph A of Exhibit B of the “Amended Final Land Divider’s Agreement – Westfield Meadows” shall be amended to read: No building permits shall be issued by the City of Evansville (the “City”) for any lot in the Subdivision until the Common Council has approved the Final Land Divider’s Agreement (the “Agreement”) between Evansville Development Group, Inc., (the “Developer”) and the City, the City has approved the final plat of the Subdivision, Developer has paid in full all sums that are required to be paid within ten (10) days of approval of the Agreement by the Common Councilunder the Agreement as amended on January 12, 2010, the City Clerk/Treasurer has signed the final plat, and the final plat has been recorded.

[Need to attach original agreement as an exhibit].

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Amendment to be executed on the date first above stated.


Sandra J. Decker, Mayor

Judy L. Walton, City Clerk


Daryl T. Fox, President

Roger M. Berg, Vice President

The obligations of the Developer stated above in this Amendment are hereby personally guaranteed by the undersigned, who state they fully understand and accept the responsibilities of the Developer.

Roger M. Berg, Personal Guarantor

Daryl T. Fox, Personal Guarantor

Robert ____ Petterson, Personal Guarantor

Phillip _____ Woodworth, Personal Guarantor

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mailbag: Energy: Bear Trader--Ecoserve: Point--Counterpoint

(Ed.note: These comments have been posted for better visibility. They were in post regarding coal gassification.)

ecoserve said...

I have followed the gas industry for years and you are really wrong about one thing and that is the breakbeven point for fracking wells.

Most analysts see a profit potential between $4 and $5.50 for gas from fracking. That is why the DOE Energy Information Administration says we have a century supply as well as project gas well below your prediction in 2035.

Unfortunately, we really do need to determine if the process used to fracture the shale can be environmentally benign or a disaster for drinking water supplies. That is easily shown by the fact that so much gas is still out there and the price in the wionter heating season is still under $6/mmbtu

9:37 AM

Anonymous said...
I believe you have misread my missive. You state "...you are really wrong about one thing and that is the breakbeven (sic) point for fracking wells."

I wrote to the Evansville Observer, "...deep rock hydraulic fracturing technology cannot break even with $5.75 gas; more like $10.00."

You replied, "Most analysts see a profit potential between $4 and $5.50 for gas from fracking."

"Profit potential" means "future possible profits". I was not talking about possible future profits. Fracked wells are selling gas for future delivery at Henry Hub at roughly $6 at this time. $6 is too low a price to attract capital necessary to develop new fields or even drill new wells.

In the intermediate and long term energy is fungible and as the market prices of the various sources drive towards equilibrium. At this time natural gas looks oversold.

For more than a decade (until the 2008 run up to $140 per barrel) oil has been much cheaper than natural gas (by energy content). The reverse is true now. I expect the pendulum to swing back toward neutral, that is, $12/dekatherm gas corresponding to $80/barrel oil. $10 gas (the price I mentioned in my original letter) corresponds to a $3 - $4 margin for the fracked gas producer.

You do agree that at the present sub - $6 Henry delivery price gas fracked wells are not producing a profit "between $4 and $5.50"?

For all you homeowners out there, when I talk about $12/dekatherm gas, I am talking about the extreme wholesale price, the "Henry Hub" price. $12 Henry Hub gas would cost the homeowner about $16 gross, total about $18.50 after taxes, fees, and surcharges, depending on the utility. Henry Hub prices are "take or pay"; you buy in advance and pay in full even if you don't want the stuff. There is a lot of financial risk involved for the utility and the gas pipeline. And, well, duh, the consumer ends up paying the risk premium. Who else?

- Bear Market Trader

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