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Friday, October 30, 2009

Mailbag: I and E Club November Meeting: Cindy Writes

Hello Everyone:

Please join us as the Evansville Area I & E Club enters into it's second year! We are growing in numbers and success stories!

Next Meeting - Wednesday, November 11, 6:30 pm

This month’s speaker will be Gary Sedlacek, of the Biz Coach LLC. Gary is a small business consultant. He has a wealth of business experience and offers “hands-on” consulting for small businesses. Mr. Sedlacek will talk about the different business formation options, how to avoid problems, and give an overview of the consulting services he provides for new and existing small businesses.

Come share resources, exchange ideas, and be mentored. The club welcomes not just inventors and entrepreneurs, but also established businesses, new businesses, and investors. Everyone, of all ages is welcome! Keep in mind that invention is more than just creating new gizmos, it is innovation too. It can be creating a new service, process, concept, mind-set, message, or strategy which is better than the existing alternatives. You never know who you might meet and what you might learn!

Refreshments for the November meeting will be sponsored by Hammer Builders LLC.

I have attached an announcement to print, post and distribute. Please bring a friend or colleague. We will see you Wed, Nov 11!

Best Regards,

Cindy Hammer

Secretary, Evansville Area I & E Club

Cindy Hammer
Hammer Builders LLC
608-774-6382 608-774-6382

Minutes; Northwind 100: Wasau School District; October 2008

Administration provided an overview of the wind turbine project. The proposed project calls for installation of a Northwind 100 kW wind turbine and a 15 kW wind turbine on the southeast corner of the Wausau East High School campus adjacent to the Zastrow Wetland Education Area. The Northwind turbine, rated at 100 kW, has a rotor diameter of 20 meters and a total height of approximately 157 feet. The 15 kW turbine has a rotor diameter of 17 meters and a total height of 152 feet.

The cost of the project is approximately $574,566. Funding sources for the project are the Walter Alexander Foundation ($400,000), Focus on Energy grants ($129,000), and District funds ($50,000). Outside financial sources are expected for the solar panels ($24,000). Other financial sources may become available for the project.

Estimated annual revenues were discussed. The annual energy output of the two turbines is 120,602 kW with an estimated annual revenue of $16,542. The Wausau School District will receive a return on their investment ($50,000) in approximately four years.

Gazette; Rock Co has Highest Unemployment in Wis: ECHO needs your help

Click on the post for the latest.

Breaking news: Duluth Trading: Made in the USA Jeans

Some folk have been searcing for an American made jean----a search that is pretty difficult to succeed in until now----Duluth Trading has rolled out its USA version of the 5 pocket ballroom jean.

Click on the post for the info. Ya. They are made for dancing.

WSJ: Wounded Evansville Marine receives Electric Vehicle

Click on the post for the latest.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

WSJ: Edgewater Developer responds to neighborhood concerns---downsizes project

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Video: Wind Turbine Overview

Video: Common Council: 10/12/2009; Dave Sauer, Evansville City Engineer reviews the essential of the Northwind 100 wind turbine to be installed at Waste Water Treatment Plant. His notes are on the Observer for review. The public hearing held for the waste water treatment plant did not address any safety or economic payback concerns of the wind turbine. Not one Evansville Citizen attended the Common Council meeting on Monday.

Download File

PSC: Wind Turbine hearings coming for Glacier Hills Wind Park

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Eric Callisto, Chairperson 610 North Whitney Way
Mark Meyer, Commissioner P.O. Box 7854
Lauren Azar, Commissioner Madison, WI 53707-7854
For Immediate Release – Monday, October 26, 2009
Contact: Teresa Weidemann-Smith, (608) 266-9600

PSC to Hold Public Hearings for Glacier Hills Wind Park

MADISON -- The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) will hold public hearings on Wisconsin Electric Power Company’s (WEPCO) application to construct The Glacier Hills Wind Park, a wind electric generation facility in the towns of Randolph and Scott in Columbia County. The public hearings will be held Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Randolph Town Hall, 109 South Madison Street in Friesland with Administrative Law Judge Michael Newmark presiding.

WEPCO, doing business as We Energies, filed an application with the PSC on June 18, 2008, for approval to construct the electric generation facility. The project consists of 90 wind turbines with a total capacity of up to 207 megawatts (MW). The turbines would be located in a project area of approximately 17,300 acres and would be connected together by underground electrical cables. The wind farm would be connected to an existing 138 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line that traverses the project area via a new interconnection substation.

Public comments on WEPCO’s application will be included in the record the Commission will review to make a decision. Citizens are encouraged to attend the public hearings. If you cannot attend the public hearings, but would like to provide comments, you can do so on the PSC’s website through October 28. Click on the Public Comments button on the PSC’s homepage and click on the case title.

Documents associated with WEPCO’s application can be viewed on our Electronic Regulatory Filing System at http://psc.wi.gov/. Enter case number 6630-CE-302 in the boxes provided on the PSC homepage, or click on the Electronic Regulatory Filing System button.

Wind Corner Rulemaking;

The PSC proceedings on Wisconsin Electric's Glacier Hills wind project will generate much of the factual foundation for the forthcoming rulemaking on wind permitting standards. Testimony submitted by three expert witnesses hired on behalf of the applicant. These documents were filed last Tuesday. The witnesses are.

Richard Larkin - State Certified Real Estate Appraiser. His testimony rebuts CWESt property values "study."

http://psc.wi. gov/apps/ erf_share/ view/viewdoc. aspx?docid= 121872

William Roberts - PhD in Epidemiology, Former faculty member with the Medical College of Wisconsin (Dept. of Preventative Medicine), former Oklahoma State Epidemiologist. His testimony discusses Nina Pierpont's "research" and rebuts CWESt's acoustical consultant.

http://psc.wi. gov/apps/ erf_share/ view/viewdoc. aspx?docid= 121871

Geoff Leventhall - acoustical consultant, PhD in Acoustics. His testimony discusses low frequency noise and rebuts CWESt's acoustical consultant.

http://psc.wi. gov/apps/ erf_share/ view/viewdoc. aspx?docid= 121870

Of all the documents read over the years that address wind energy impacts on human health and property values, this group of submission is the strongest IMO. The value of these documents to future wind development in North America is inestimable.

These filings will be entered into the record when the technical hearings begin on November 2nd.

Music Corner; Elise Larson in concert this Sunday: Free Student Recital: Morphy Hall; 3:30PM

Click on the post for the details. Elise is the EHS Grad who played in Carnegie Hall as a senior in High School and most recently played in The King and I in Evansville. This is a free student recital.

CapTimes: OpEd: Water Wars heat up

Water is on the front burner again. Click on the post for the latest.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Bye Bye American Pie" Part II

As Americans grapple with the health care reform currently in process, and as Americans grapple with the swine flu and the prospect of revisiting the national pandemic of 1917, when the public did not attend public functions in order to avoid exposure...the question still arises as it did in American Pie---Are you ready for some startling change?? Are you ready for some virtual school, some virtual football, some virtual public meetings, some virtual church? If not...why not?

Click on the post for the lyrics and the analysis.

Evansville School Board: 10/12/2009: Mr. Pierick speaks

Video: Mr. Michael Pierick, spoke about his analysis of the proposed purchase of land on 2nd Street. He concluded that this proposal would not have been included in the budget if it had gone through the process because there were other items that were more important--it was a tough budget decison but his vote was NO.

Download File

NYT: Twitter Search coming to Google?

Click on the post for an article in the NYT today on the progress of search engines.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gazette; Edgerton Schools to vote on tax increase of 18.7% Monday

Click on the post for the story in the Gazette.

OpEd: National Emergency should mean flexible employers...or hefty fines

Many employers have used the severe downturn in the economy to take advantage of employees and use any minor "incident" in their attendence to develop a case to fire them. Even in the face of the swine flu, we see employers not making any exeptions---

Employees should do the right thing and keep their kids home from school, and keep themselves away from work if they show symptoms of the swine flu. Employers who take action against employees who protect their health or the health of their family should face severe fines.

Declaring a national health emergency is nice. Now comes the necessity to make the safety precautions happen. Employers who are hostile to health and the health care of their employees should be noted and avoided in the marketplace.

Commuter Rail begins on November 16, 2009 from Big Lake, Mn. to Mpls---

Big milestone for Minnesota commuters on November 16th----commuters from up north can leave the car behind and ride the rail.

Click on the post for some info.

yahoo: Pres. Obama declares Swine Flu National Emergency

Click on the post for the latest.

Public Works: 2-26-2008: New Senior Center Site Plan

Evansville City Engineer Dave Sauer reviews the submitted site plan; Notes areas of concern; States that position of facility on the creek is illogical. It appears to move the facility to the area of the flood plain rather than away from it. Has requested resubmission.

The current task force naming the senior/community has been defiant and named the facility "Creekside" and placed the facility right on the waterway. Stay tuned.

MP3 File

StarTribune; Sex Bias Suit against Schwan's heads to court.

Click on the post for the story in the Star Tribune.

WSJ: Evansville Schools settles Lawsuit

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Rep. Brett Davis wins Virtual School Award

Davis Receives Shining Star Award

Earlier this week, it was Virtual School Day at the Capitol sponsored by the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families. The families honored Rep. Davis at the event with an award for his work on virtual school legislation in the last legislative session. He was awarded the 2008 Shining Star Award.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mailbag; Bear Trader writes on "Low Frequencey Sound and Wind Turbines"

Wednesday October 21, 2009

What effect does low frequency sound generated by wind turbines have on people’s living within range of the effects?

This is a difficult question to answer scientifically. The issue is intensely political in nature.

Myself, from curiosity, years ago I set up low frequency loudspeaker driven resonators in my home. There are interesting effects. I expect that at least some of the criticism aimed at wind turbines’ low frequency effects is valid. As a result of my earlier experiments I would sell real estate before it was so affected.

Aerodynamic effects caused by the blades generate wind turbine low frequency noise. The air pressure very close to the blades in the “upstream” or “upwind” direction is higher than the air pressure very close to the blades in the “downstream” or “downwind” direction. The higher pressure on the “front” of the blades combined with the lower pressure on the “back” are what causes the blades to turn. What is happening is exactly the same as an airplane’s wing; the difference in pressure is what makes the wing “lift”. In the wind turbine’s case the blade is so built as to have “lift” in the direction needed to cause the turbine to turn (even though loaded with a power generator) instead of causing flight. As the air spills over and then off of the wing, or over and off the wind turbine blade, the higher pressure air flows into the lower pressure air, causing a rapid increase in air velocity, which is what causes sound. An “eddy” of spinning air is formed, which is continuously being “pulled off” by the moving wing or turning turbine blade, forming downstream vortices. In the case of wind turbine blades (and airplane wings) every effort is taken to reduce waste energy contained in these vortices. The vortices cannot be eliminated but can be made to contain less energy, meaning that the vortices will be relatively less abruptly curved and with less rotational velocity. A decrease in rotational velocity and vortex curvature means a decrease in the frequency of sound emission. We see this in the sound spectra emitted by wind turbines.

So this is where the low frequency sound is coming from. Those who have heard tornadoes note the great intensity of their low frequency sound; same thing is happening here on a much smaller scale.

I suspect many folks are not comfortable with decibels, abbreviated dB. Human hearing has a great range of sensitivity to sound pressure. The least sound pressure detectable by most young ears is 0.00002 newtons per square meter (called a “pascal”). This is 0.000000029 pounds per square inch. It is defined as zero dB sound pressure level. This is a pressure. The power of a sound is proportional the square of the pressure.

The decibel is a logarithmic function. A 10 dB increase means an increase in sound pressure of ten times. Another 10 dB increase means another increase of ten times in sound pressure (and 100 times sound power). One can see that a 20 dB increase is an increase of 10 times 10 times, or an increase of 100 times in sound pressure, and 10,000 times in sound power. Similarly an increase of 30 dB means a sound pressure increase of 1000 times. A sound pressure of 100 dB is then 10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10, or 10,000,000,000 times. In terms of pounds per square inch, this is 290 pounds per square inch. A loud rock concert (or ear buds maxed out) can measure 110 dB. This is a sound pressure level of 1.5 tons per square inch. Hearing damage ensues. Many car audio installs can hit 120 dB (15 tons per square inch). Shock waves start at 180 dB and work up.

Back to wind turbines, finally!

From the graph I sent you earlier, the representative wind turbine producing a 55 dB(A) noise sound pressure level would produce very low frequency sound of about 100 dB.
This means that the sound pressure caused by very low frequency sound is 45 dB more intense than what is measured using the dB(A) curve. This is the same thing as saying that the sound pressure at very low frequencies is about 40,000 times greater, and therefore 1,600,000,000 more sound power, than what the decibel meter reads when using the dB(A) scale. This means that there is a lot, a lot, of very low frequency sound emitted.

All of this assumes that the measurements were taken correctly so as to allow correction of the measurements to the standard point source at one meter. I am very skeptical about that.

What are the effects of this much very low frequency sound on neighboring human beings? Well, this is a matter of intense political debate; with the pro wind energy people saying such sound is “inaudible”, amongst other things. Certainly I found, in my decades ago experiments, that twenty cycles per second (“Hertz”, hz) at about 80 dB couldn’t be “heard” very well with the ears but had a strong effect on me. Instead of “hearing” with my ears I was “hearing” with my whole body; I remember a deep shaking in the gut and spiders crawling on my skin.

Very low frequency sound goes through house walls like they weren’t there. Even eight inches of concrete isn’t much of a barrier (1 or 2 dB).

Low frequency sound propagation is just now being studied seriously (mostly in Europe, anyone trying this in the USA would never get funding). One thing is well known is that during atmospheric temperature inversions, that is, during times when the air temperature is higher as you go upwards, low frequency sound will be bent, refracted, back toward the ground instead of escaping into the higher atmosphere. In our area we have frequent temperature inversions at night during the winter there is little wind. The ground fog we are so used to is a sign of temperature inversion as the fog is caused by lower air temperatures near the ground than higher up. During these times the homeowner should experience higher very low frequency sound levels and the effects would be noticed over greater distances and a wider area.

Am thinking about buying the tools to do a bit of measurement work in this field. Should be possible to get started with $10,000 maybe.

Wall Street Journal: Big Oil is investing in Biofuels

Click on the post for the latest.

Markets: CNBC: Watch OIL

Click on the post for the latest from CNBC.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Video: Wisconsin State Journal: H1N1 Flu Clinics begin in Madison Schools: Evansville?

Swine flu targets kids. Click on the post to see the video story from the Wisconsin State Journal.

Gazette; Janesville Water Rates on Ice

Click on the post for the story in today's Gazette.

StarTribune; Crookston Schools closed on flu

Click on the post for the latest.

Libertyville wind turbine was 120 feet; Evansville is 150.

Click on the post. The Story of Libertyville is instructive.

Gazette; Janesville schools absenteeim climbs over 10%

Click on the post for the story in the Gazette.

Mediafly: Onion Radio News ---COMEDY

Click on the post for the audio version of the Onion. Click "View Episodes" to see all the episodes available free.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dateline Normal, Mn.: "Christmas Sales Plunge in Normal, MN.: Swine Flu: ---FICTION

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Gazette; Bill introduced to protect consumers from overdraft abuse

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Jim Brooks New Evansville Community Partnership Coordinator

October 19, 2009

The Evansville Community Partnership is pleased to announce that Jim Brooks has been hired as our new Community Coordinator. Jim stepped in an as interim when our former coordinator, Robin Grignon relocated to Necedah. Robin did a great job of expanding the events offered by ECP to fulfill its mission to give all members of the community an opportunity to participate in the cooperative creation of an economically and socially sound, vibrant future for our community and its people. Jim’s background with non-profits through the Stateline Literacy Council, his many local contacts through the Evansville Community Theater, his computer and logistic talents as well as his marketing skills will make him a great match for ECP .

Duluth Trading Features Ballroom Jeans

Click on the post for the latest.

Evansville Schools to set tax levy October 26, 2009

Click on the post for the agenda.

Evansville Municipal Court Report----September 2009

Click on the post for the full report.

Mailbag; Evansville School District Writes:

The Board of Education Wants Your Input!

What is your vision for the Evansville Community School District in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? The Evansville Community School District Board of Education is interested in your input. Please submit your ideas by November 10 via e-mail to vision@evansville.k12.wi.us or, if you prefer traditional mail:

Vision/Board of Education
ECSD District Office
340 Fair Street
Evansville, WI 53536

If you would also be interested in serving on a focus group regarding this topic, please let us know!

Mailbag: Bear Trader Writes: On Low Frequency Sound and YOU

Monday, October 19, 2009

Have done some very preliminary work on the wind turbine issue. This is meant as a report. I express no opinions, as I have none.

I do see one glaring scientific error in how sound pressure levels generated by wind turbines are measured. Below is a chart showing the response curve in dB of acoustic weighting curves used in measuring sound pressure levels. The “A” curve is the standard used in the USA, and certainly is the weighting curve used when rating wind turbine “noise”. This curve is incorrect in this application.

First the curves, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-weighting

Note the rapid roll off in the response at low frequencies. Since many suspect (as do I) that the biggest wind turbine noise acceptance problem lies in low frequency noise the dB(A) scale is not an appropriate measure of wind turbine sound acceptability.

Below is a spectral representation of sound pressure levels of a wind turbine (as no information in source of how the sound spectrum was measured the spectrum as limited usefulness but is all I can find. Equipment to measure this sort of thing costs thousands of dollars.)

This graphic comes from a “pro” wind turbine site: http://www.ceere.org/rerl/publications/whitepapers/Wind_Turbine_Acoustic_Noise_Rev2006.pdf

Notice that the noise coming from this turbine is preponderantly of low frequency. The highest sound pressure levels, as you can see, are in the range of 4 to 8 hz (cycles per second) – deep “infrasound”. A sound pressure meter using “A” weighting largely rejects the “loudest” frequencies.

See the attached excel file for details.

See the spreadsheet for explanation of X axis numbering. They are third octave bands starting about 2 hz and running to 8000 hz. The bottom line is that the actual sound pressure level using the complete bandwidth is about twice as high as would be indicated by a meter calibrated in dB(A). These spectrum graphs don’t equate meter readings – in fact they are more accurate and representative – but it means that if this tower in particular would be rated about 56 dB(A) then the “actual” sound pressure level would be greater than 100 dB, and that the great majority of the sound would be generated at low and very low frequency.

Interesting, eh?

Found some good sites: http://www.acousticecology.org/srwind.html

Rock County site: http://betterplan.squarespace.com/

Mailbag: Jim Writes; Wind: Memories of the .com era

This whole wind energy think reminds me of the .com days. Companies sprouted up overnight. They paid $10.00 for something sold it for $6.00 and offered free shipping. There was so much money coming in the back door from investors to cover the lost sales nobody cared. The same thing is happening with wind turbines, Tax incentives and grant money are so plentiful nobody cares how much a turbine actually costs. No one cares that there will never be a return on the initial investment. When the money dries up, and it will, these gold rush turbines will be standing all over the place rusting with no money to repair or decommission and take them down.

Check this out, another Wisconsin wind farm is flipped. Of course this will not have any effect on our electric rates.




Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Change:

The year 2008 and before:

armani suits
white collar crime
investment professionals with the slick prospectus
corrupt financing of elections

2009 and forward

no deals
simple living
hard work
simple denim
denim with fleece not sleaze
paid up mortgages
corrupt financing of elections


O.K. It appears there are some stuck back in the old regime.

Where is the quietest point of a wind turbine?

Right at the base of the turbine. Click on the post for the info. This is why all the statistics by the manufacturers just give the decibal level at the base. Nice huh?

Video: Wind Turbine Overview

Video: Common Council: 10/12/2009; Dave Sauer, Evansville City Engineer reviews the essential of the Northwind 100 wind turbine to be installed at Waste Water Treatment Plant. His notes are on the Observer for review. The public hearing held for the waste water treatment plant did not address any safety or economic payback concerns of the wind turbine. Not one Evansville Citizen attended the Common Council meeting on Monday.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Dateline Normal, Mn: "Up a Crick...Down the River Estates" Opens---FICTION

Click on the post for the latest.

Foth: Evansville Wind Turbine Documents

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Doubleclick to enlarge

Evansville Wind Turbine Documents

(Ed.note: This is a public document distributed at the Evansville Common Council meeting of 10/12/2009 as a part of the packet distributed to all attending--- and fully public to all.)


Doubleclick to enlarge
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Foth: Wind Turbine: Documents


doubleclick to enlarge
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Evansville Wind Turbine: Foth Analysis


Doubleclick to enlarge
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Mailbag; Jim Writes: The Evansville Wind Turbine: The Analysis:

Estimated power production for the Evansville wind turbine based on the Maine Northwind 100 turbine actual production, both are class 2 wind areas.

A Northwind 100 turbine can produce 24oo kw of electricity in one day at 100% capacity factor.

This is day # 289 this year.

289 days at 2400kw = 693,600kw at 100% capacity factor

The Maine turbine has produced 50,391 kw in 289 days or 174 kw per day on average.

The Maine turbine is producing power at a capacity factor of 07%.

If the Evansville turbine is able to produce a similar amount of power it would produce 63,510 kw in one year.

At $0.10 per kw the Evansville turbine will produce $6,351.00 of electricity in one year. I doubt that Evansville pays $0.10 per kw so this figure could be high.

Now you would have to deduct the cost of the maintenance agreement, the insurance policy, and any interest payments if the money is being borrowed from the $6351.00.

Even if there were no deducts from the $6351.00 it would take 75 years to pay back the $480,000 initial cost of the turbine that has a service life of only 20 years. Evansville is getting some grant money for this turbine and I don’t know what their out of pocket investment will be but as tax payers and rate payers we are on the hook for the total $480,000.

If the turbine salesman is projecting $14,000 of electricity per year he should back it up with a guarantee, and pay the difference between what is actually produced and the estimated $14,000.

Things in Evansville must be very good if they can consider this large investment for a novelty item in these exceptionally hard economic times.

Mailbag; Jim writes Analysis of MA wind turbine in prior video post----

The turbine in Maine is operating at a capacity factor of 7%. At that rate it would take 50 years to pay off something that has a service life of 20 years. That does not include the cost of the maintenance contract or the insurance premium. Conservatively this turbine will cost the taxpayers and rate payers $25,000 per year and most likely a lot more. I will send this to you again with the details. The turbine in Maine is also a class 2 wind area like Evansville. The power projections given in the video needs to be cut in half to be realistic. That’s why I asked if anyone was offering any production guarantees.

We are checking on the noise from this turbine. Where they have it sited now it’s less that 1200’ from the elderly housing on the corner.


Oregon, Wi cuts capital expenditures for 2010; Will anyone follow?

Click on the post for the article in the Oregon Observer.

Oregon Observer: Enrollment drops in Oregon, Wis schools

Click on the post for the latest.

Town of Union Wind Turbine hearings: the Archive

(Ed.note; These hearings are searchable on ITunes, www.mediafly.com, and google, and on the top left of the Evansville Observer. Click on the post for the view on Hipcast. Click the link to download selected meetings to desktop and listen. These are the hearings that were heard around the world, but not by some locally.

The Libertyville, Illinois Wind Turbine---under court ordered restriction pending jury trial

Click on the post.

CapTimes: Zweifel: Wis Legislators and the Payday loan

Click on the post for the story.

Mailbag: Jim Writes City of Evansville re Wind Turbine:

After watching the video of the city Engineer giving his comments about the new wind turbine that Evansville wants to install, I have some questions and comments.

As a former member of the Town of Union wind committee I find it interesting that no one from the City of Evansville ever contacted anyone from this committee to ask what we had learned about wind turbines. The Evansville Municipal Judge and Police Chief were also members of the Union wind committee, they have not been contacted either, even though both men have done extensive research concerning the good, bad, and ugly aspects of wind turbines. If the City is getting all its information from the wind turbine salesman and power provider… beware.

This year the citizens of Libertyville IL were able to shut down a turbine half the size of the one proposed for Evansville with a court order because of noise. The Libertyville turbine is now allowed to operate for limited daytime hours. The elected officials that permitted this turbine were told it would be quiet. Has anyone from Evansville contacted the city of Libertyville to learn from their experience?

The City of Evansville needs to do some serious homework before siting this turbine. Has an Acoustical Engineer been consulted? Do not rely on a power provider who is under a mandate or a turbine salesman for critical information about the adverse impacts of noise and shadow flicker. Trust the people in your own community who have been studying wind turbines for over two years.

The total cost is $480.000 with some money coming in the form of grants.

•What will the City’s investment in this turbine be?
•Where does this grant money come from?
•Where does Focus on Energy get its funding? What about WPPI? I believe all this money comes from the taxpayers and rate payers, correct?
•How much is the maintenance contract going to cost?
•How much is the insurance premium going to cost.
•How much power does this turbine consume from the grid to operate its systems?
•What is the real payback time for the $480,000 the taxpayers and ratepayers are investing in this turbine?
•Will Evansville Water and Light offer real time on line monitoring of the actual power production of this turbine?
•Is the turbine manufacture offering any production guarantees based on our wind class and the location of this machine?
•Have the decommissioning costs been discussed?
•Is the turbine at the High School a success or disappointment?
Is this turbine ever going to pay for itself, probably not. Going green is expensive. In the long haul this turbine may be worth the cost, but do your homework first to identify all the expenses and to ensure proper siting.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jim Bembinster

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wisconsin State Journal: Listening session for Edgewater on Monday

Click on the post for the latest.

The Bob Dylan Christmas Album----

OMG: Click on the post.

Surge of Flu Cases in Minnesota Schools

Click on the post for the latest.

Blogs: Chasin: Lawsuit against the Evansville School District ready for trial==10/26

Click on the post for the details. The Evansville Observer plans full coverage.

Video: 2 of 2: Dave Sauer speaks

Video: Evansville Common Council: City engineer Dave Sauer speaks of waste water treatment plant and ordinance spelling out rates; impact on consumer.

Download File

Wind Turbine public interface---the on line view

Click on the post to see the usage of a wind turbine in Mass. similar to the one coming to Evansville.

Pics of the Northstar 100 wind turbine

Click on the post.

Video: 1 of 2; New Sewer rates: Sauer speaks

Video: 1 0f 2: Evansville City Engineer Dave Sauer explains ordinance setting rates, the mix between fixed and variable;

Download File

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nostalgia: 2007: Dateline Normal, Mn. : "The Cameras"

How cameras almost became a threat to public safety in Normal, Mn.

MP3 File

Mpls: Rail: Northstar Commuter Rail service begins Nov 2009

Click on the post for the latest.

Video: Wietecha: How the Budget got Balanced

Video; Evansville Common Council: 10/12/2009; City Administrator Dan Wietecha explains how the city budget got balanced; the cuts; the additions.

Download File

Blogs: "Chasin" reviews the numbers:: recent Evansville School Board meeting

Click on the post for the latest

Video: Dan Wietecha: Budget Balanced--

Video: Evansville Common Council: 10/12/2009: Evansville City Administrator Dan Wietecha summarizes--budget balance; slight mill rate decline: budget is "fragile" because State of Wisconsin may reopen its budget and adjust state aid. If so further cuts would be necessary. Stay tuned.

Download File

Video: Evansville Council:10/12/2009: Freeze?

Video: Evansville Common Council: 10/12/2009: City Administrator Dan Wietecha made a recommendation for a city hiring freeze---when asked if the council responded, he said it was an "informal" freeze.

Download File

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video: Wind Turbine Overview

Video: Common Council: 10/12/2009; Dave Sauer, Evansville City Engineer reviews the essentials of the Northwind 100 wind turbine to be installed at Waste Water Treatment Plant. Click on post for more info on the Northwind 100.

Download File

Brodhead Municipal Court Report: October 7, 2009

Click on the post for the latest.

Video: School Board: 10/12: Melissa Hammann speaks

Video: Evansville School Board: 10/12: Re; purchase of home on 2nd St.: Melissa Hammann speaks

Download File

Video: EHS School Board: Mr. Flaherty speaks

Video: Evansville School Board: 10/12/2009: Middle School Principal Mr. Flaherty speaks on purpose of land purchase proposal---safety.

Download File

Video: School Board: 10/12: Citizens ask

Video: Evansville School Board: Evansville citizens ask about the logic of adding a house, burning it to get the lot for green space, and then planning on only using the school for 10 years.

Download File

Monday, October 12, 2009

Evansville School Board: 10/12/2009: Mr. Pierick speaks

Video: Mr. Michael Pierick, spoke about his analysis of the proposed purchase of land on 2nd Street. He concluded that this proposal would not have been included in the budget if it had gone through the process because there were other items that were more important--it was a tough budget decison but his vote was NO.

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Audio; Evansville Common Council: 10/12/2009

Audio; Evansville Common Council: Budget balanced: Mill rate small decrease. Evansville is bucking the trend of surrounding cities. Citizens and business should be aware of part time personnel cuts and wage freezes that made this possible.

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Audio; Common Council: Sewer Fees explained

Audio: Evansville Common Council: City engineer reviews Sewer rates

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Audio; Common Council: Every farmfield matter

Audio; Common Council: Discussion of agreement between city and Every re additional fertilize expenses.

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Audio; Evansville School Board: Electors 13/12 for purchase

Audio; Evansville School Board: Vote re: purchase of land and house on 2nd street: 13 yes/12 no. The vote is advisory. Property owners were allowed to vote.

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October Evansville School Reports----

Click on the post for the October Supr report and the individual school reports.

Video: U of Minn New Outdoor Stadium 2009

Video: 2009 U of Minn Homecoming: Gophers celebrate the "Ultimate Homecoming" or "escape from the Dome"---Minn captures the best of Camp Randall minus the booze.

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Nostalgia; Dateline Normal, Mn: "Fire at the Normal, Mn. Bait Shop:"--FICTION

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CapTimes; The Coming Electric Cars means more than just gas savings

The electrics are coming. Click on the post for a article in the CapTimes.

Evansville Observer podcast Library grows; some tips

The podcast library of the Evansville Observer is now over 1200 audio and video files, covers years back to 2005, and can be accessed from the Evansville Observer blog, from searcing on Itunes, or mediafly.

If you search on Mediafly.com you will see what you see when you click on the post. The Hipcast Icon on the left with the Evansville 4th of July pictures is the file of city meetings. Once there if you click "episodes" you will see them listed. The audio files load very quickly, the video takes a while.

One of the advantages of Mediafly is that it makes it easy to download to your ipod or create a cd to play in your car cd player.

Also available on Mediafly of course are the Sermons of Fr. Dooley, the Cantors of St. Paul Psalms, the Town of Union meetings, The Evansville School meetings, a selected assortment, the special programs of the Eager Library, The Reflections of The Observer, and of course..the Tales from Normal, Mn. audio version.

Blogs: Chasin Says Evansville School should not be buying property

Click on the post for the arguments why the school should not be buying the property. The School board meeting is today.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

WSJ: OpEd: "Ease the Squeeze"

Rising property tax bills are squeezing...not stimulating homeowners. Click on the post for the OpEd today in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Giving Circles

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Evansville Common Council meets tomorrow--tuckpointing trumps library computers?

Common Council

Regular Meeting
Monday, October 12, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
City Hall, 31 S. Madison Street, Evansville, WI

NOTE: Monday meeting date.

1. Call to order

2. Roll call

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the September 8, 2009, regular meeting and September 16, 2009, special meeting and to approve them as presented.

5. Citizen appearances
A. Public Information Meeting regarding Ordinance 2009-08, Regulating Sanitary Sewer Use and User Charge System and Resolution 2009-25, Documenting Review of Sanitary Sewer User Charge System Report and Approving Sanitary Sewer User Charges.


6. Reports of Committees
A. Plan Commission Report

B. Finance and Labor Relations Committee Report
(1). Motion to approve the Water & Light bills and authorize their payment.

(2). Motion to approve the City bills and authorize their payment.

(3). Motion to approve Agreement for Assessment Services with Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc., for assessment years 2010 – 2012.

(4). Motion to approve Resolution 2009-26 Authorizing and Approving a Loan Agreement with the Wisconsin Rural Water Construction Loan Program Commission and Authorizing the Issuance of $3,400,000 Revenue Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2009B (Sewerage System).

(5). Discussion and possible motion on 2010 Operating and 2010-2014 Capital Budgets.

C. Public Safety Committee Report

D. Public Works Committee Report
(1). Motion to approve Resolution 2009-24, Authorizing Submittal of an Urban Forestry Grant Application.

(2). Motion to approve Resolution 2009-25, Documenting Review of Sanitary Sewer User Charge System Report and Approving Sanitary Sewer User Charges.

(3). Motion to award bid for WWTF Wind Turbine, Contract 09EV-4, to H&H Solar Energy for a 100kW Northwind turbine.

(4). Motion to approve Supplemental Agreement with Every Survivor Trust.

E. Water & Light Committee Report

F. Economic Development Committee Report

G. Redevelopment Authority Report

H. Parks and Recreation Board Report

I. Historic Preservation Commission Report

J. Fire District Report

K. Police Commission Report

L. Evansville-Union Implementation Committee Report

M. Youth Center Advisory Board Report

N. Energy Independence Team Report

O. Library Board/Liaison Report

7. Unfinished Business

8. Communications and Recommendations from the Mayor

9. Communications from the City Administrator
A. Pandemic Plan.

10. New Business
A. Second reading and motion to approve Ordinance 2009-07, Adopting Alternative Payment Method. [Sponsors Cothard and Braunschweig].

11. Introduction of New Ordinances
A. First reading of Ordinance 2009-08, Regulating Sanitary Sewer Use and User Charge System. [Sponsors Braunschweig and Culbertson].

B. First reading of Ordinance 2009-09, Adopting 2010 Operating and Capital Budgets and Setting Tax Levies.

12. Motion to adjourn

Sandra J. Decker, Mayor

Requests for persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting should be made to the Clerk’s office by calling 882-2266 with as much advance notice as possible.

Please turn off all cell phones while the meeting is in session. Thank you.

Evansville wins 2009 "Refi King Award"---redoes Lake Leota debt--will they vote for hiring freeze?

Common Council
Special Meeting – Budget Presentation
Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
City Hall, 31 South Madison Street, Evansville, Wisc.


1. Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Mayor Sandy Decker.

2. Roll call. Members present: Mayor Sandy Decker, Alderpersons Mason Braunschweig, Tom Cothard, Todd Culbertson, Barb Jacobson (arrived at 6:35), Janis Ringhand, Diane Roberts, Dennis Wessels, and Tony Wyse.

Others present: City Administrator Dan Wietecha, Finance Director Lisa Novinska, Water & Light Superintendent Scott George, Library Director Kathi Kemp, Municipal Judge Tom Alisankus, Police Chief Scott McElroy, EMS Coordinator Mary Beaver, Public Works Superintendent Dave Wartenweiler, Aquatics Director Rick Hamacher, Library Board member Susan Kruser, Dick Woulfe, and Kendall Schneider.

3. Approval of agenda. Braunschweig made a motion, seconded by Roberts, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion approved unanimously.

4. Citizen appearances. None.

5. 2010 Budget Presentations. Each department head and/or committee presented their proposed capital and operating budgets. The Council asked questions throughout the presentations.
A. Water & Light Utility
B. Library
C. Finance
D. Municipal Court
E. Police Department
F. Fire District
G. Emergency Medical Service
H. Public Works
• Building Inspection
• Public Works Department, general
• Recycling & Disposal
• Parks Department, maintenance
• Cemetery
• Wastewater Utility
• Stormwater Utility
I. Pool, Park Store, and Recreation
J. General Fund Revenues
K. Miscellaneous
L. TID #5-8
M. Debt Service

6. City Administrator. Wietecha said that the general fund deficit had been reduced from $132,000 to $33,000 with the budget requests. This was done through the payment schedule for the Lake Leota bonds, reduction in levy-supported capital expenditures, re-allocation of staff expenses from the general fund to the stormwater utility, reduction in planning and engineering expenses which had been high since work on the Smart Growth Plan several years ago, and various lesser expenditure cuts. Some of these actions are long-term, structural solutions; while, others are only one-time fixes to help the immediate budget.

Wietecha noted several minor corrections for the budget based on figures that came in after the proposal had been compiled. He pointed out several possible capital expenditures that had been discussed recently but not included in the budget.

Wietecha recommended a hiring freeze, freezing wages for salaried employees, eliminating the direct financial subsidy to the recreational baseball and softball programs, and looking first to reducing part-time and seasonal employees for additional cuts.

7. Adjourn. Roberts made a motion, seconded by Ringhand, to adjourn. Motion approved unanimously at 9:50 pm.

Evansville School Board meets Monday--

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gazette; Driver alert: Deer Season

Click on the post.

Evansville Finance Meets Thursday: Budget: Tax rate on agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Video; "Altered Breeze"; Jean Wyse

Video: "Altered Breeze" Jean Wyse: Windmill Antiques and Co; Evansville Windmills on Parade; October 3, 2009

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yahoo: Americans Will have to save more

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Mailbag; Jackie Writes; Shoe Donation

Hello -

There is a great opportunity going on during the month of October in Evansville to recycle and donate your used children and adult shoes. If you are a family like ours, with growing little feet, you have many pairs of shoes around the house that are gently worn, but don't fit.

Our friend Blase Strobl at Evansville Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists at 811 Brown School Road (just down from Ace Hardware) is collecting gently worn footwear for a great organization, Soles4Souls. You can drop off your shoes (rubber banded together is best) during their normal business hours throughout the month of October.

During my travels in India and the far East in the 1990s, I witnessed that there truly are millions of adults and children without a pair of shoes. There is lots of good information on the organization's website, http://www.soles4souls.org/ as to why this is a health and safety concern.

Donating shoes is a simple thing, but makes a big difference in someone's life.

Please pass onto families with growing children ... all these shoes are distributed to people in need in over 125 countries, free of charge. Thanks to Blase for sponsoring such a great program!

Happy Shoe Finding -

Jackie Liebel

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

WSJ: Five Wisconsin Dells schools closed for flu till Monday

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Video: Windmills: "Oz"

Video: Windmilss on Parade; Evansville, Wi: October 3, 2009: "Oz"

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Video; Windmills: "Kid's Wind"

Video: "Kid's Wind";; Windmills on Main Street; Evansville, Wisconsin, October 3, 2009

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Video: "Lighthouses of Wisconsin"

Video: Windmills on Parade; Evansville, Wi: October 3, 2009: "Lighthouses of Wisconsin"

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Video: "I Art Therefore I Am" :Windmills on Parade

Video; Windmills on Parade; Evansville, Wisconsin; October 3, 2009; "I Art Therefore I Am"

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Video: "Roosters": Windmills on Parade

Video: Windmills on Parade; Evansville, Wi: Oct 3, 2009: "Roosters"

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Evansville Finance Meets Thursday; Budget on the Agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Video: "Artists of Evansville"

Video: Windmills on Parade: " Artists of Evansville"; October 4, 2009.

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Evansville Plan meets tonight; Stoughton Trailers applies to divide land

Click on the post for the agenda.

Video: "Recycled Energy"

Video: Windmills on Parade; Evansville, Wi: October 4, 2009; "Recycled Energy"

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Minyanville; Who needs Newspapers?

Newspapers are thinking of becoming 501(3)c non profit corporations as a way to cope. Click on the post for an insight into the current news biz.

Evansville expenditures in Spotlight

(Ed.note: These figures are from the city website:)

Expenditures 2008 2009 change

General Government $ 564,575 $ 502,579 11.0%
Public Safety $1,107,113 $1,249,988 12.9%
Public Works $ 740,400 $ 770,948 4.1%
Health & Human Services $ 32,718 $ 32,848 0.4%
Parks & Recreation $ 269,507 $ 273,381 1.4%
Conservation & Development $ 79,261 $ 99,292 25.3%
TOTAL $2,793,574 $2,929,036 4.8%

Evansville Budget Hearing coming November 11, 2009

Click on the post for the details.

Video: "Whisper in the Wind": Windmills on Parade

Video: Evansville, Wis; Oct. 3, 2009; "Whisper in the Wind"; Windmills on Parade Art Auction

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Video: Windmills on Main Street: "A Moment in Time"

Video: Evanville Harvest Windmill Festival: Windmills on Parade: "A Moment in Time" October 3, 2009

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Video: Windmills on Parade: Auction: "UnPlanned Miracle"

Video: Auction: Windmills on Parade; Evansville, Wi October 4, 2009: "Unplanned Miracle."

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Video: "Winds of Time": Oct 4, 2009

Video; "Winds of Time": Windmills on Parade: Main Street, Evansville, Wisconsin October 2009

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Windmill Auction Tomorrow: Details: ECP

Windmill Auction Oct. 4th

Registration for the Windmill Auction begins at 1:00pm on Oct. 4th at the corner of East Main St and Hwy 14, across from the Citgo Station. You must register for a bid card in order to participate in the auction. We will need your Name, address, telephone number and your driver's license.

Bidding for the windmills will begin on the north side of east main at or near Wally Shannon's law office located at 24 East Main. We will continue up east main to first street, then cross over to the library ending back at the Harvest Festival Tent. Auction will take place rain or shine, please be prepared for any type of weather. The auction will help us to improve our festival each year and half of the proceeds will go to the artist. THE OPENING BID IS $100 FOR EACH OF THE WINDMILLS. Most important, have fun!

Observer salutes Gazette Blogger, John McPoland's courageous battle

Click on the post for the last post of Gazette blogger John McPoland---

I salute his courage and his lucidity of prose in describing the battle against cancer.

Many faced with this challenge would retreat and not reach out to share this pain---your blog posts have helped us understand. Your courage has shown us the way. Thanks.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Mailbag; I and E Meeting October 14, 2009; 6:30PM

Hello Everyone:

Here is your friendly reminder of our next meeting:

Next Meeting - Wednesday, October 14, 6:30 pm

This month’s speaker will be Mary Rajek, Economic Development Specialist at Rock County Development Alliance. Ms. Rajek will present information about the Business 101 Seminar Series now being offered in Janesville.

Come share resources, exchange ideas, and be mentored. The club welcomes not just inventors and entrepreneurs, but also established businesses, new businesses, and investors. Everyone is welcome! Keep in mind that invention is more than just creating new gizmos, it is innovation too. It can be creating a new service, process, concept, mind-set, message, or strategy which is better than the existing alternatives. You never know who you might meet and what you might learn!

Refreshments for the October meeting will be sponsored by Boo’s Pumpkin Patch.

Please invite friends and collegues! I've attached a printable announcement for you to hand out or post.

Don't forget to visit our group page and register on LinkedIn at:


See you on the 14th!

Cindy Hammer
Secretary, Evansville Area I&E Club

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mailbag: Jackie Writes: Children's Activities on Saturday

Hello -

Though it's not been in the papers, the Harvest Windmill Festival will be hosting Children's Activities from 9-12am this Saturday, October 4th, at the corner of Main and Hwy 14, either in the park or in the festival tent, dependent on weather.

If you have time between sports practices, bring the kids and come say hi!

The Children's Global Peace Project will lead Children's Dances of Universal Peace at 9am and then create a children's peace banner. Great chance to experience the Peace Dances if your kids have not done them at the schools yet!

Then Tammy and Tina from Magic Moments will have Playdoh, facepaint, art projects and a bean bag toss out for the kids from 10-12am.

Below is information with the full schedule for the weekend. Forward to your friends with children!


Audio: Bernanke: 6 mos ago (April 2008)

Nostalgia: Fed: Audio: Senator asks: Do you know more than they about CDO etc. The answer is telling.

MP3 File