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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Minutes; Historic Preservation: March 2012

Evansville Historic Preservation Commission Minutes Wednesday, March 21, 2012 6:30 P.M. Evansville City Hall Present: John Decker, Steve Culbertson, Rich Modaff, Steve Christens, Betsy Ahner Absent: Rick Schuch Also Present: Mayor Sandy Decker, Vickie Arneson, Mason Barber The meeting was called to order at 6:31 PM by Chair Richard Modaff. Motion by Culbertson to waive the reading of the February 15, 2012 minutes and approve them as read. Second by Christens. Motion carried. Applications – Appearances 227 Garfield Ave - Homeowner Vickie Arneson was present to explain the dilemma she and her husband were facing regarding their home. The flat porch roofs on their home need replacing along with a railing that has been removed because of rot. In order to maintain eligibility for historic preservation tax credits, the Wisconsin Historical Society wants them to replace the railing with one built to original specs but if they do that it won’t meet the building code. City building inspector Dave Wartenweiler has told them he would allow an exemption to the code if the Historic Preservation Commission agreed to it. The Arnesons propose adding an extra slat in the railing design so that no space has a diameter of more than 6 inches. They will also be requesting permission to add more posts to help support the weight of the railing and increasing the height of the railing from 34 to 36 ½ inches. If the extra slat is not allowed by the State Historical Society then they will go with a design that just adds the extra posts and raises the height. Modaff asked if they were able to determine if this railing design was original to the house when it was built in 1940. Vickie said she was told by a home inspector that the railing was the original one. Also a neighbor has a 1950’s era photo showing the railing. Mayor Decker stated that several years ago she attended a seminar in Madison and the speaker stressed the importance of keeping water out of a home, so the roof repairs should be made as soon as possible. Motion by Decker to express that the sense of the Evansville Historic Preservation Commission is that either design, shown as C and #2, are historically appropriate and meet with our approval. Second by Christens. Motion carried unanimously. 119 East Main Street – Building owner Mason Barber was present to explain his plans for the building that he and his wife Karen own. This building previously housed Auto Transformers and has been vacant for over 5 years. The Barbers would like to operate an auto collision repair business in the building. Insurance agents in Evansville have told Karen that a business like this is needed by their policy holders. The volume they anticipate having will allow them to house all autos inside the building and they will enter and exit at the rear of the building. Parking places in front of the building will be open for customers to the downtown area. They plan to bring the 1926 aesthetic back to the building. The vinyl siding on the front of the building will be removed and the garage door will be replaced with an original looking but non-functioning door. Windows will also be replaced with more energy efficient glass and the trim will be cement board, an engineered product which will look like wood but require less maintenance, Lastly, the garage door will be an original-looking non-functioning wood door. Motion by Decker to approve the design presented as being historically appropriate and recommend the design to the Plan Committee in connection with the Conditional Use Permit. Second by Christens. Motion carried unanimously. At this time Chairperson Modaff vacated the chair and Vice-chair Christens took his place. Motion by Culbertson to accept the application for 103 South Third Street. Second by Decker. This is a placarded house. Modaff came before the HPC and explained that hail recently damaged his rubber membrane roof. If approved by the insurance adjuster he would like to replace the entire roof with 5 tab architectural shingles. Motion carried unanimously. Modaff resumed his seat as chair. Old Business a. Motion by Christens to allocate $500 for Rally Round the Flag 2nd Annual Civil War Living History Event, May 18-20, 2012. Second by Culbertson. Motion carried with Decker abstaining. Decker thanked the Commission and said the money will be used to cover expenses for the event, including $1,500 for the First Brigade Band, $500 for rental of Creekside, five reenactment groups at $350 – 400 each, and Frank Medina playing at both the Friday night cemetery event and Sunday morning church services. A major change in the event will be a school day which is expected to draw 2,000 middle school students. The Wisconsin Tourism Promotion office has said this event has the potential to draw regionally and even nationally. b. Motion by Christens to allocate $50 for a scholarship to the WAPHPC in Madison, April 2012. Second by Ahner. Motion carried. c. Antes Cabin – the Parks Committee is very close to moving the cabin. It appears they have found a contractor who will move it for $100 if Power and Light will elevate it. Administrative a. Grove Society – The front doors need refinishing again. The Old House Group will meet at 7 PM on Friday evening at 236 West Main Street. b. Nothing to report on document management c. Landmarks – the Walking Tour guides are being reprinted and expanded by 4 pages. This will allow several new properties to be added. The Historic Preservation ordinance will need to be amended to include the two new districts. Work on this will begin when the Leota Park application is approved. Other Business Modaff said it would be nice to have the WAPHPC meeting back in Evansville now that we have Creekside Place. Mayor Decker asked Culbertson and Christens if they would be interested in serving another term. Both agreed to do so. It appears the Rock County Heritage Group is getting back together. The Rock County Historical Society has offered Evansville a 15 ft x 30 ft painting showing a log cabin and woods, but they didn’t have any other information on it. Mayor Decker’s research shows that it was the backdrop for the 1939 Centennial celebration. Evansville Community Theater has agreed to store it. Motion by Ahner to adjourn. Second by Culbertson. Motion carried.

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