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Monday, August 29, 2011

Eager Library Board of Trustees Meets August 30th

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The Dying Heart of America: A true Story

Two weeks ago on the 15th of August I was preparing to go fishing---and looking at the stock market and the charts of the Standard and Poors 500. My wife had taken the day off, and I was showing her the chart of the S&P that had a huge "W" in it, with the wild swings of the prior month.

She said:" That looks like a dying heart. " What is the "W" supposed to mean. I responded that the "W" was a danger sign and that the right shoulder could either go up or if it did not hold, it means a plunge.

She said that the wild swings resembled ventricular tach and that there would be a move to shock the heart if this was a medical case. Then she said---"It's time to sell."

After a couple of weeks away fishing, I have to admit I have witnessed what I call the "Unravelling"----Whether it is politics, family, finances, investments, employment or just business in general, there has been an unravelling of an onion so to speak, and there is nothing but pain. And with the new "Austerity" it has just begun.

Audio: Evansville Planning Commission Review of 119 East Main: Dejavu: Will feature Location, Hazards, Enforcement problems of the past:

Click on the audio below to listen in to the discussion in August of the preliminary discussion of reusing the site of the old Auto Transformer site at 119 East Main St for a auto body and repair operation.

It appears that the applicant is qualified and competent and I expect no questions about the sincerity or ability of the applicant. However, if you review all the other auto operations in Evansville, and for that matter in any city, you will see at least 10 parking spots that customers need, first to tow their vehicle to await repair, and for customers visiting the facility for estimates etc. The lack of parking in the 119 East Main location has been a prior enforcement sore point as cars have spilled over to interfere with neighbors etc. Typically the conditional use permit has been a poor mechanism in the renewal for enforcement of agreed conduct, and it has been a nightmare for local officials in enforcement and avoidance of complaints.

In the matter of hazards---some time ago I visited with an auto body shop out of town, and questioned if they would consider moving to Evansville. I mentioned that I had once worked in a paint spray line for Whirlpoor when I was 21....so years ago....He smiled and replied that there is nothing nostalgic about paint spray operations, and the new safety requirements are not the old days. He said a new auto body shop could cost a million to construct and equip with all the modern equipment.

Thus, if the thought is to "grandfather in" the safety requirements at 119 to the "old days", this would not be acceptable once the neighbors considered what the impact could be.

Thus----I hope the City of Evansville can suggest some site for this applicant that would be affordable and work for them. They have a dream for a business in Evansville, and I think it is best that it not turn into a nightmare by having it at the wrong location. I hope to have video and audio for the meeting....Stay tuned.

Audio: Unedited: Preliminary discussion to rezone 119 East Main St ( Old Auto Transformer site) from B-2 Central Business District to B3 Community Business District.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

OpEd: Bachmann Knows Waterloo: Would Take USA there.

Certainly was interesting watching the news from the Iowa Straw Poll. Michelle Bachmann said she was proud to oppose the recent debt agreement and was still firmly for a default---nice.

Her supporters in Iowa loved her.

She grew up in Waterloo, and indeed she has the capacity to take all of America to its Waterloo. Stay tuned.

Evansville Municipal Court: July 2011

Click on the post for the full report.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Evansville High Junior Prom Court Pt II

2nd part of 2 of Evansville High School Junior Prom Court, May 12, 2007, plus presentation of Queen and King.

Wall Street Wild Sends Chills to Pension Funds and Employees Future: Yahoo

The failure to reform Wall Street could be deadly for the future of pension funds and those who plan on retiring someday. Click on the post for the story in yahoo Finance.

Audio: Mike Mccabe: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Mike Mccabe: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: Presentation at Wisconsin Progresssive Grassroots Festival: "Action to Restore Our Democracy" Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Evansville Junior Prom Court, I

Evansville Junion Prom Court, Saturday, May 12, 2007. First of Two parts.

Audio: Finance: Fred Juergens speaks re: Eager Library

Audio: Evansville Finance Committee: Fred Juergens speaks regarding the financial situation of the Library, the need for budget support for operational expenses that are far beyond the scope of volunteer fundraising.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mar 2007: Supr.Carvin - Planning Commission

Planning Commission meeting of Monday, Mar. 5, 2007. Supr. Heidi Carvin reviews enrollement data and projections, reviews building permits for Evansville and Union; Answers questions

MP3 File

Audio; Nostalgia: "The Trellis Manager": Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Click on the post for a step back to 2007.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Mortgage Rates at Historic Lows: WSJ

Click on the post for an article in the Wisconsin State Journal quoting rates from August 4th. I cannot wait to see the rates from today, August 8, 2011 when there was such a rush to purchase the safety of 10 year treasury notes. I hope this translates into an even lower rate for the 15 years mortage.

Sometimes when there is disaster in the markets, there might be an opportunity elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Classic Observer: "Sipping Ice Water"

Click on the post for a classic from "The Traders Little Book.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lee Enterprises, Parent of Madison Newspapers, Reports Loss

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Video: 2007: Evansville Economic Dreams; Decker Speaks

2007: Video: Then and Now: Mayor Sandy Decker begins the 2007 Evansville Economic Development Conference

Eager Building: Sounds of "Undercover"

"Undercover"---featuring Rock and Country covers, played at the Eager Building ---Click on the icon for "Living on Tulsa Time."

Nostalgia: Memories of Bear Trader---MAY 2010.

Bear Trader was right. Was he too optimistic? Click on the post and you decide.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nostalgia: Downtown Street Opening Ceremony-11-16-2007: Mayor Decker

Mayor Decker spoke at the official ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday 11-16-2007, with the Evansville Band, politicians and citizens in attendance.

Video: Gov. Walker Opens State Fair to Protests

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Friday, August 05, 2011

StarTrib: Standard and Poors Downgrades US Debt

Click on the post for the details.

Mailbag: Wireman Writes: Re: The Recent Battle v Walker: Strong Unions give workers a Voice

My letter posted at the Wisconsin State Journal Please share (can tweet,facebook from journal site)

since then I have learned about a Harvard study (Bruce Western & Jake Rosenfeld) saying that the loss of unions between 1973 and 2007 accounts for between 20 % and half of the 40 per cent rise in private sector wage inequality in those years.

Peggy Wireman: Strong unions give workers a real voice
| Posted: Sunday, July 31, 2011 4:00 am

Without a strong union movement, all workers probably will lose pay and benefits.
Strong public sector unions set an alternative market for workers who have lost pay and benefits since they lost their unions over the last decades.

The fight against Gov. Scott Walker's union busting was never about paying higher health benefit costs. It was always about having a voice not only about pay and benefits, but also as an advocate in both the workplace and in society.

Unions protect you from being cared for by an exhausted nurse forced to work overtime. Without a union, an individual social worker fired for advocating too forcefully for a client or for sexual harassment by a boss, has no alternative but to personally hire a lawyer.

Without unions, there is no organized group strong enough to protest letting chambers of commerce write the laws governing safety in our workplaces, funds for our schools, protection of our air and water and whether tax laws benefit workers or the wealthy.

The recall elections are not about benefits for public servants. They are about protecting us all.

Peggy Wireman, Monona

9/07: Finance: Ehlers and Associates

Discussion of TID#6, TID 8, Financing of Fire Station and GO promissory notes for Post Office Acquisiton

MP3 File

OpEd: Markets: The secondary lows

If you click on the post, you can see the charts in Wikipedia of the Crash of 1987----and if you note, it was not just the plunge of October 1987, but also the secondary lows later that took its toll. I remember December of 1987 well---to have a little optimism on the rally after the Crash totally twisted and wrung out of you as the lows hit for December 1987. It was not a happy Christmas on Wall Street.

Also, back in 1929, the most difficult time was in mid-thirties when the administration decided to tighten money supply.

So....beware of the secondary lows...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Memories of the 1987 Crash: A true Story

On the afternoon of the Stock Market Crash of 1987, the market maven, the stock chartest who was the smartest guy that everyone wanted to know what he thought----was on the afternoon " call" that went world wide to all the EF HUtton offices....

One of the representives asked him:

"Where do you see some market support here?

He responded:

"In a PANIC all the theory of market charts is of no use. I cannot say where support is."

I never forgot his words.

Put Your RALLY Caps on: Only a BIG 30 minutes till Wall Street closes.

Grim Day on Wall Street. Will it rally to the close? Put your rally cap on

Mailbag; White House Responds to Rep Paul Ryan

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Audio; City rules on Gifts and Donations Discussed

Audio; July 2011; If you give a gift of money or item, does that mean that the receiving agency can spend it?

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Evansville Finance Committee Meets Thursday: August 4, 2011

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The Proposal for Auto Body at 119 East Main: Planning Commission: 8/1/2011

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"Audio: Ace Hardware revised CSM re pond

Audio; Discussion at Planning Commission about how to revise the drainage area and pond so no confusion in the future as to who is paying fo the costs of cleaning the drainage area--shifting to ownership of the City of portion etc.

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Premium Audio: Does Auto Body Repair belong in historic disrict downtown? What will Evansville planning Commission decide?

Click on the post for the full discussion at the recent Evansville Planning Commission meeting on Monday, August 1, 2011

Audio: Plan: Intro of New City Planner

Audio: Evansville Planning Commission: Introduction of NEW Evansville City Planner, Ben Zellers, with Vierbicher Associates,

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RKM Studios Update: The latest

Click on the post for the latest form Ryan McNeal, former intern of the Evansville Observer.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Video: Yahoo Finance: S&P approaches the "danger zone"

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Mailbag: I and E Club Meets Wed August 10th: Free Legal Aid Will be discussed

Aug. 10: Budding Lawyers Offer Budding Entrepreneurs Free Advice

The University of Wisconsin Law School’s Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic provides free legal services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners realize their potential.

These services and how to access them will be presented at the next meeting of the Evansville Area Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club. The meeting, free and open to the public, begins at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10, at Creekside Place, 102 Maple St., Evansville.

An entrepreneurial venture itself, the clinic enables law students to gain practical experience with supervision from co-directors Eric Englund and Anne Smith, who are members of the U-W law school faculty. Assisting them are private practice attorneys who offer consultative advice on a pro bono basis. Englund will present information about the law clinic as well as the Entrepreneurs’ Resource Clinic at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

Networking is always offered after presentations, giving guests an opportunity to mention their businesses, inventions, and questions. Guests also are invited to linger over refreshments, sponsored in August by Evansville Floral. A full-service florist, Evansville Floral can keep track of your significant dates, create unique floral and gift arrangements, and deliver them to your special someone. No event is too large or small for Evansville Floral and its dedicated staff.

Sponsors like Evansville Floral and donations enable the club to keep meetings free and open to the public. For exclusive sponsorship opportunities, or general club information, contact Sue Berg, club president, at 608-882-0986 or suebergsolutions@gmail.com, or John Gishnock III, vice president of programs, at 608-314-6656 or john.g@formecology.com.

Looks like a "Double Dip" Coming: Whitney; CNBC

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Public Safety Meets Wednesday: Budget, Concealed Carry on the Agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Audio: Evansville Plan: 8/1/2011:

Audio: Evansville Plan: 8/1/2011: Discussion
of Potential Modification to the Zoning Ordinance to Allow Zero Lot Line Duplexes.

MP3 File

Proposal for Auto Body Shop at Old Auto Transformer Site Discussed: Plan commision schedules Public Hearing in Sept

An applicant appeared before the Evansville Planning Commission on Monday night and asked for some guidance as to whether they would be favorably disposed toward an auto body business at the old Auto Transformer location.

In an informal written presentation, the applicant indicated that they did have extensive experience in this field, and in light of the lack of economic devleopment downtown with many buildings vacant, having a proposal for this business was better than vague dreams of others.

Mason Braunschweig, President of the Common Council, indicated that since the role of the Planning Commission was "quasi-judicial" their mind could not be made up till the public hearing was completed and the public had a chance to weigh in, and that thus, while they could schedule a public hearing it would be improper for the commission to speak ahead of all the evidence being presented, and the public input was part of that evidence.

There was some discussion in that some planning commissions do offer guidance prior.

Click on the post above to listen to this unedited discussion. The city planner did indicate that this proposal could be controversial in light of its location.

Stay tuned to the Evansville Observer as we follow this story. Subscribe today so you do not miss a word of the discussion.