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Monday, June 22, 2009

"The Disappeared"----a true story.

Recently I purchased some handmade parchment cards and envelopes made in the Philippines---they were distinctive with pressed flowers on the covers. They were obtained from the Missionary sisters who used them as a revenue source to help the "Widows of the Disappeared." It was that last phrase that got my attention.

I inquired about it. In the Philippines there is a segment or branch of AlQuida that kidnaps men, holding them for ransom, or just killing them for their political beliefs. In primitive cultures, as well as our own, to lose the breadwinner is devastating for the family.

On Fathers Day, I received a letter from Michelle Obama about the importance of Fathers in our life....and how she and Barack differed in their history.

On Fathers Day 2009 I salute all you fathers out there, and also recommend purchasing the parchment cards from the Widows of the Disappeared---It's just a little reminder for me each day to show up and not to be disappeared myself.

Click on the post for some pictures of these cards.

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