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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OpEd: "The Get Back Rule Does not Work in Politics"

Whenever there is a loss....stock loss, divorce,....anything...there is a human need to get back...to be made whole...to be repaired..it is a natural thing...and if you take just a moment, and are older than thirty(30) and have taken any losses that you are dimly aware of, you will agree that the get back urge is powerful indeed. One of the things I have noticed in the speeches of the candidates in the Recall Walker campaign is that they assume that there was not a problem, and that Walker fixed it....the case is that there WAS a problem, and Walker DID NOT fix it. Recently at a city meeting, Evansville City Adminstrator Dan Wietecha was asked what the prospects were for a cut in state aids mid biennemium---he replied that there would not be probably mid term cuts, but that the cuts would be years to come from then on. He said that BOTH political parties had been part of the structural imbalance that the state was dealing with... I find it curious that Democratic party candidates phrase the cuts as Scott Walker cuts when the reality is that CUTS were necessary, but the CHOICES that Scott Walker made were not the ones that worked from anyones point of view--they did not increase jobs, and devastated every sector of the Wisconsin economy. CUTS will come...and politicians need to talk about it.

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