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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Star Tribune: Jellystone to Close?

Click on the post for the latest.

Stillwater: Memories of the old lift bridge

Click on the post for a classic.

Medical Corner: WSJ: Sleep Apnea--what you need to know

Click on the post for the latest from the WSJ.

Agenda: Town of Union Meets Tonight, 7PM

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Former New York Post Editor calls for agressive transition from Print to Web

Click on the post for an interesting interview.

Video; Town of Union: Plan: Wind Turbine: Set Back Discussed

Wind Turbine; Discussion of Set back: Evidence cited may lead to inference of larger setback as appropriate---finding ,evidence cited must match the ordinance language. For more details on this issue consult audio tape uncut.

Download File

Dateline Normal, Mn.: "The Public-Private Partnership-"-----FICTION

Click on the post for the latest from the fictional land of Normal, Mn.. A land of fiction,,,but other than that.... These episodes can be subscribed to at the end of the blog, the audio can be downloaded free from itunes, and the book is available. Enjoy.

Video: Town of Union: Plan: Wind: Begins Linking Findings to specific ordinance language

Town of Union Planning Commission reviews draft ordinance---aims to directly link evidence of health impacts to specific ordinance provisons. For full gavel to gavel of this topic see the uncut audio. For best viewing, right click and save to desktop and play in full screen in windows media player.

Download File
Public Works: 7-22-2008: Lake Leota: Mr. W asks Why do we need a referendum? Mason Braunschweig answers.

Download File

Video: Football: Are You ready for some Football?

Forget the politics. Forget the troubles. Forget the heat and mosquitoes----it's FLYOVER time. It's almost time for some football. Click on the post for a little pregame video sent by a regular fan of The Observer.

Gazette: Job losses in Janesville are among tops in nation

Click on the post for the story in the Gazette.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wind Corner; A Nation Listening

Naltional wind action web sites have covered the meeting at the Town of Union last Monday night, and they are listening in with Union citizens to the discussion of the draft wind ordinance.

click on the post for the national coverage.

Stay tuned. It was a long three hour meeting. However. It gets better as the dialogue gets specific about the details of the draft. Enjoy.

Dateline Normal, Mn.: "The Tale of Loon Lodge"---FICTION

Click on the post for a classic tale from June 2008.

Dateline Normal, Mn.: "Sheriff Shocks Normal"----FICTION

Click on the post for a post from June 2008.

Interest in Podcast for Evansville Meetings remains steady

Whether it is meetings, parades, or video of the Festivals, folks have been downloading from the Evansville Observer site for their records. I wonder how much of this was the Blooze Brothers?

Click on the post for the current graph of usage.

Podcast Popularity Grows: Interest in Fiction may beat Meetings

The audio version of the Tales From Normal has attracted national attention. I had thought it was just one listener from Slovenia, but no.....Faced with recession, foreclosure, rising oil prices, rising inflation and other woes, folks are turning to The Tales From Normal as a last resort....

Click on the post for the reported downloads.

RNC Convention: St. Paul: Southeray: "Welcome. Enjoy the Ordinary"

Click on the post for a little welcome note from Joe Soucheray to the Republican National Convention goers.

Media; James Clay Fuller: " If the media is us...we're dead."

It is true that the famous Stephen Colbert covered much of this ground in his famous Nationl Press Club presentation, but here it is in straight non satiric form. Click on the post.

Pre-Convention: Anti-War Rally at Republican Convention may attract 50,000?

A coalition of anti-war activists are planning a 12 hour demonstration at the Minnesota State Capital on the first day of the Republican Convention in St. Paul and then a march to the XCel Center. They say there may be as many as 50,000 people in attendance.

Click on the post for the full story in The Daily Planet. Stay tuned for the video from The Evansville Observer on the day of the event. Look to Google for street view maps---look to The Observer for street view video.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LaTimes; "W" trailer released; Oliver Stone film re Pres. George Bush

Click on the post for the trailer.

Obama 2008 Janesville Office: Open House: TONIGHT 6-8PM--1300 Milton Ave

The office is located at 1300 Milton Ave in Janesville. Parking is available in the Office Max parking lot. 6-8PM. Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Audio and Video Listing: Town of Union Wind Discussion

Click on the post for the complete listing of the various audio and video recordings covering the Town of Union. You can subscribe to this feed for automatic update, or just download selected items for your review.

Town of Union Plan: Wind Turbine draft ordinance refined: 7-28-2008

The Town of Union Planning Commission on Monday night, July 28, 2008, spent three hours reviewing with counsel, the text of the draft wind turbine ordinance. The purpose of the review was, as explained by counsel, to simply and forcefully connect the facts that were found in the evidence to the text of the ordinance. Thus, one of the most discussed topics was the factual evidence of damage that "noise" produced by wind turbines create---and whether the set back in the ordinance reflects the evidence cited in the appendix of evidence that has been gathered.

There was some discussion that the evidence listed in the study committee that is cited in the ordinance would lead to a set back greater than 1/2 mile. The study committee appeared to weigh the evidence and then "round down". This would not create any margin of safety. The decison was not made on what the set back should be, but whatever it is, the evidence cited will be most defensible, strong, and effective, if it matches the ordinance language.

The other discussion that took some time was the enforceability of the ordinance. If in fact, the committee envisions little ability to enforce the ordinance by forceful removal, it would be logical to add some distance to the set back, in light of the fact that sound modeling prior to erection of the turbines is fraught with error. The set back provisions are the only remaining element in the ordinance that can compensate for the frailty of the current technology that models sound.

The actual impact of the sound on humans was discussed. In some literature this impact is called "annoyance" but the actual impact may vary between different people at the same sound levels. One person may suffer anxiety, and the other some other element of a broad list of symptoms. The actual sound levels that are acceptable will be listed in the ordinance.

Finally the question of improving technology was addressed. The question of how to fashion an ordinance that would be able to address a new model of wind turbine in the future---without having to rewrite the one being drafted and thus incurring the huge expense of the drafting processing.

Because of the nature of the lengthy discussion, I have chosen to post only a few video cuts. I think it best for those interested to listen to the full uncut audio that can be downloaded to your ipod.

Click on the post for the entire audio of the meeting. 3 hours.

Overture Corner: Melissa Etheridge Performs Wed, July 30th at Overture, Madison

Click on the post for the details.

Gazette; S&P; Home Price Index Records record decline

Click on the post for the full story in today's Gazette.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Audio: Plan Commission: Town of Union: Wind: Draft Ordinance text revision

(Ed.note: This audio is three hours---the first few minutes are a bit garbled. Gets better as it goes. )

Planning Commission: Town of Union: 7-28-2008: Detailed discussion of draft ordinance and language revisions--

MP3 File

Agenda: Town of Union Planning: Wind Turbine on the Agenda Monday--July 28--6PM

Click on the post for the full agenda.
Video: 4th of July: the Warm up band for the Blooze Brothers.

Download File

Chasin Blog: Chasin Teases the Observer on Furniture video

Legendary blogger, Chasin the News, in Evansville has teased the Evansville Observer that the Observer's furniture video of our local furniture store needs to be more Up Tempo style----click on the post to see how Chasin would like to see the video go. Enjoy.
Citizen states the comments on the Janesville Gazette blogs comments section were misinformation. Free speech or Misinformation? Mason wants to speak to the Gazette.

Download File
Mr. Turner Speaks: Public Works: Lake Leota: " Dredging the Lake is for the Grandkids"

Download File
Public Works: 7-22-2008: Tidbit: Humor: Is there a difference between Eirwigs and EARMARKS? Compare and Contrast. 25 points.

Download File

OpEd: Soucheray: Joe goes over the edge:" Those who believe in Obama could believe in anything"

Joe Soucheray, that cycle riding prose machine of the St. Paul Press may have hit a few too many potholes on his Harley. A prophet of prose, he sees ahead the doom of defeat of the Republican party, and rails at all belief, and yes belief in Obama. Click on the post for a classic. Just preparation for the upcoming Republican Convention in St. Paul. I wonder where Joe will be holding court after hours in the pubs. All the names have changed over the years. I'll check. I am looking for some serious pub video. No CBS or NBC or FOX, just downhome Observer video.

LA Times: Bikes take on Cars on LA Freeways

Click on the post for the latest.

Capital Times: Impeachment Town Meeting scheduled for Madison Tonight

Click on the post for the details.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pre-Convention: Witness against the War Speech at St. Bernards tonight, 5PM

Click on the post for the details.

Peace Marchers in Madison on Way to St. Paul for Republican Convention

One of the many groups that will be marching and protesting at the Republican Convention in St. Paul made a stop in Madison today and will be speaking tonight at St. Bernard's Church tonight at 5PM. Click on the post for their web site and the daily blog that describes their march.

http://www.madison.com/tct/news/stories/298020---Link of the story in the Captital Times.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

School Beat: St. Paul: Surviving the Demographic Storm

The decline in enrollment in St. Paul Public Schools is pretty graphic---click on the post for the full article.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Property Taxes: Wisconsin and Texas Lead the Nation

Click on the post for the nationwide study.

Video: Public Works: Mark and Mason on getting the impact on taxpayers detailed.

Mark and Mason reflect on importance of accurate information on what the impact of proposed dredging expense will be. Getting the details is the focus right now.

Download File

Gazette; Stoughton Trailers Evansville Plant--might be leased?

Click on the post for the story in today's Gazette.

Special Observer Award:

Yesterday something happened that was pretty unique----On the same day there was a meeting at City Hall, I received the minutes of the meeting---and the minutes were available to readers of the Observer as well as those subscribing to the city notification.

Click on the post to see the minutes of the Economic Development Committee. Short meeting. But still. The minutes were published even before the Observer audio version. I am impressed. My standard is still 24 hours. Same day turnaround is above the bar. Still it is a fact that all across the country, the pace of administration and information dissemination has picked up. Stay tuned.

Food Corner: Mcdonalds Dollar Menu to Change----

The sky is falling. Heaven forbid. An attempt to change the price of a double cheeseberger. Time to stock up. The times they are a changing. Click on the post for the full story.

Brodhead Municipal Court Report--July 22, 2008

Click on the post for the latest.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Resume of Ben Ladick---4th Ward Alderman Candidate

(Ed.note; Double Click to enlarge)

Sunday Menu---Real Coffee---Evansville, Wisconsin

Ed.note: Double Click to enlarge:

School Beat; Evansville School to sell home on August 11th

Click on the post for the agenda.

Video: Public Works: City Engineer describes plan for Southgate Pond

Evansville City Engineer Dave Sauer describes plan for Southgate Pond

Download File

Public Works: 7-22-2008: Citizen requests fence around pond at 6th and Vision: Cites health and safety hazard

Citizens requests fence around pond at 6th and Vision to protect children; cites health hazard

Download File

CapTimes; Wisconsin Ranks High on Booze---Low on Workforce Development

Click on the post for the article in the Capital Times.

Public Works: 7-22-2008: Prospective Timeline for Referendum on Lake Leota

City Administrator Dan Wietecha discusses the prospective timeline for any referendum on Lake Leota

Download File

College Corner: The New Look

Doubleclick picture for largest version.

College "move in" day comes early in our home. Our musician leaves in two weeks for "spat camp" or marching band "basic training." Move in day looks different for the musicians than it does for the regular college student. One student described it to me as follows: "My mom drove up to the dorm on her way to work and let me off. Six trombone players unloaded the car in seconds and took my stuff up to my room. It was great."

Yes. That is the legend of the brass section. We are expecting to see those six brass players in just two weeks when "spat camp" begins. What has begun already, and what is very unlike my days at the U of M is the emails, the facebook, the communications from current students in the band to the new freshman---buying and selling shoes, chat about what to look forward to. As the Observer I am on only a need to know basis.

I hope to have some snazzy film of the first home game of Minnesota in September when the new freshmen get to show their stuff with the first string marching band. Stay tuned. Even John Phillip Sousa would have been excited about the upcoming season. And the football? Not clear. The bands will be great however.

Convention Corner: St. Paul: September: Planning for Peaceful Demonstrations?

Click on the post for the latest. The Observer plans on some coverage of these events---not the ones inside, but outside. Streetview. Everyday citizens and their concerns. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Public Works: Communications from City Engineer:
Main Street Bridge--Public Open house July 10 Report

CMAR Report----(Re sewage plant quality report)

Plans for Southgate pond (Vision and 6th)

MP3 File
City Engineer review and updates: Main Street Progress,County trunk M, Capstone Ridge, Westfield Meadows and Madison Street Progress.

MP3 File
Discussion of timeline for possible action regarding the future of Lake Leota--referendum, etc.

MP3 File
City of Engineer Dave Sauer discusses Plans for Greenway re-grading on Sixth Street

MP3 File

Public Works: Tidbit: On Streetsweepers

The purpose of streetsweepers is not to make streets beautiful. The purpose of streetsweepers is to prevent dirt from going down stormwater drains and clogging them and thus making the stormwater system ineffective.

While it is true that there are regular taxable code accounting classifications for streetsweepers in uniform accounting systems, is is very commonplace for this to be classified and paid for in stormwater utility budgets paid for by a separate stormwater utility. This is the way the City of Evansville is handling this and it is normal.

After some comments recently on the streetsweeper for Evansville, I did some checking and was surprised to learn these facts. Enjoy.

Dateline Minn: Vikings dream of new stadium: Will it be Open Air?

Click on the post for the latest from the Mpls. Star.

Monday, July 21, 2008

WSJ: Midwest Air cuts flights out of Madison

Click on the post for the latest fromt he WSJ.

Agenda: Public Works: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 6PM---Lake Leota, Stormwater Utility on the Agenda

The regular meeting of the Public Works Committee for the City of Evansville will be held on the date and time stated below at Public Works Garage, 535 South Madison Street, Evansville, Wisconsin. Notice is further given that members of the City Council might be in attendance.
Public Works Committee
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.
Public Works Shop, 535 South Madison Street, Evansville, WI
1 Call the meeting to order

2 Roll Call

3 Motion to Approve Agenda

4 Motion to Approve minutes of the following meeting; June 24th, 2008.

5 Citizen appearances

6 Lake Leota –

A Discussion and possible action(s) regarding the future of Lake Leota

7 Site Plan Reviews

8 Construction Updates
A Main Street Progress Report
B County Trunk Highway M Progress Report
C Capstone Ridge Phase 2 Progress Report
D Westfield Meadows Progress Report
E Madison Street (TH 59) Progress Report

9 Communications from City Engineer –
A Main Street Bridge – public open house July 10 Report
B J Lindemann and Highway 14 roundabout update
C CMAR Report
D Plans for Southgate pond (Vision & 6th)
E Plans for Greenway re-grading
F WWTP Facility plans

10 Communications of Public Works Director –
A Discussion and possible motion regarding the procedure currently used to notify property owners when lawns are not in compliance with local ordinances
B Discussion in regards to issue at 17-19 South 1st St. (Ken Nelson email)

C Public Works Budget

D Storm Water Utility Budget

11 New Business

12 Old Business
A West side water issue (to remain on agenda indefinitely)
B Community Rating System (CRS) – site visit July 10 - REPORT

13 Parks and Recreation Report

14 Adjourn

Mason Braunschweig, Chair, Public Works Committee
Please turn off all cell phones while the meeting is in session. Thank you!

Mailbag; Evansville Youth Center: Tracy Schroeder writes:


It is with deep regret to inform you that I have given my resignation at the
youth center and will be leaving soon. It will be very hard for me to leave,
but my children will be attending public school in the fall and I wish to be
home with them after school. Since, that directly interferes with the youth
center hours I was forced to make a decision. Ultimately, my family won :o) I
will be facing some new challenges!!
I will be working with the YMCA to make a smooth transition and hiring a new
director. I will be actively involved in ensuring the continuing quality of the
program and services for the kids!!
I will miss everyone here and I thank you for all your support over the 6+ years
that I've been here.

Thank you!!
Tracy Schroeder
Evansville Youth Center Director
YMCA of Northern Rock County

LaCrosse Tribune: Wisconsin Unemployment Funds faces Insolvency--Needs loan from feds.

A symptom of the very thin safety net in the current situation. Click on the post for the article in the Lacrose Tribune.

Free Concerts at Monona Terrace: Thursday-----Queenie and the Blue Cats--Blues---Electric


Menu Specials:
Santa Fe Turkey Wraps
Avocado & Cucumber Wraps
Garlic Pita Chips w/ Roasted Eggplant Dip & Hummus

In case of inclement weather this concert will be moved inside.
Please call 608.261.4000 after 2 p.m. for concert location.



Madison: Cap Times; UW Madison is the place for immersion in South Asian Languages

Interested in lanuage immersion? A South Asian language? Madison is the place. Click on the post for an article in the Capital Times.

Gazette; Milton, Janesville, Whitewater move to study transportation links

Click on the post for the latest from the Gazette.

Friday, July 18, 2008

T Boon Pickings Speaks on Energy:

T. Boon Pickens, the oil man, the speculator, speaks on how to get America out of the energy mess it is in. Click on the post for his website.

School Beat: Levi Leonard: July 2008

(Ed.note: This report is from the school web site. It has been posted unedited. )

Levi Leonard Elementary School
School Board Report
July 14, 2008
BOARD THEME/CURRICULUM TOPIC: End of year goals report

1. Student referrals to the office for behavioral reasons will decrease by 10% in comparison to the
2006-7 school year.
This goal was met. We achieved an 18% improvement in the referral rate. This can be credited to our
school-wide character education program, increased awareness on the part of teachers and support
staff, and implementation of morning meetings in all classrooms. Students are well aware when I talk
with them of the steps to take in a problematic situation. They often use the language Mrs. Brink and
their teachers use in connection with our character education program. Students also seem proud to
have their picture in the entryway and their certificates for their week in the True Blue Character Club.
While I am pleased that we have had a decrease in referrals and the amount of hitting, fighting and
physical issues, I am concerned that there has been an increase in teasing and some bullying
behaviors. Since most instances occur in the lunch room and on the playground, we will address this
area next school year with more consistent expectations and consequences.

2. 80% of second graders will reach their MAP growth goals.

This goal was not met, and may have been too lofty in nature. In reading, 59.7% of our students met
their growth targets. In math, 66.2% met their growth targets, and in language arts, 51.5% met their
growth targets. Overall, The Spring means and medians in RIT score (the reporting method for this
assessment) are above or near the national scores:

Evansville 2nd Grade National
mean/median mean/median
Math 194.9/196 190.6/191
Reading 187.6/190 188.2/190
Language Arts 192/192 191.4/193

We will consider how our instruction can improve in language arts in particular. There will be some
restructuring of our resource room and the time our resource teachers spend with students since we
need to consider how Response to Intervention (RtI) can be implemented in 2009-10. This, as well

School Beat; Evansville Schools outlines strategy for attendence

(Ed.note; This is a portion of the recent School Reports of the Evansville School District.)

Planning for Student Success

When you do well, it is often harder to show progress. On the surface, our school attendance rates look
good. We will discuss later in the agenda, what we find when we dig below that surface. In the majority
of cases, if students have poor attendance, their learning suffers and often their attendance rates get worse
as they try to avoid situations where they feel unsuccessful. The table included in your packet shows how
attendance rates drop off sharply at middle and high school. A portion of this change is simply tied to how
absences are counted in the system. A middle school student absent for 4 or more of 9 periods is
considered absent for the whole day and a high school student is counted absent for the whole day if they
miss more than 2 periods. We are preparing a spreadsheet that focuses on students with 15 or more
absences last year, their WKCE and MAP scores, qualification for free or reduced lunch, and special
education status. We will look at these results as a K-12 team to identify families where more than one
student appears on the list. We will identify students and families we want to intervene with proactively
with this year, not simply wait for the numbers in the attendance policy to kick in. We will plan a series of
interventions, school/ student/family conferences and resources we can bring together to help these
students and, in some cases, whole families increase the likelihood for success in school and preparation
for the world they enter after high school.

St.Paul: Pioneer Press: Roseville; City cited for Open Meeting Law Violation on email slipup

Click on the post for a case from Minnesota.

An email to one member was not shared with the rest of the council and not made available to the public prior to the meeting with one copy of the agenda and all supporting documents.

People occasionaly wonder why an email sent to one member of government, such as a school board, would be sent on to all board members. It is required and is necessary for all to be on the same page. I just wonder if physical copies of or at least one copy of this email traffic has to be available to the public prior to the meeting. The laws do differ from one state to another slightly.

Why is Roseville important otherwise? Snelling Ave runs through Roseville, and Snelling avenue is about the only north south street that one can use to avoid the freeway traffic in getting to work.

Gazette: Janesville: BID, Business Improvement District, on the table

Click on the post for the info on the Business Improvement District that has been proposed for Janesville.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Days of Our Football Lives----Tampering or Restraint of Trade or just confusion

I am waiting for Jon Stewart of The Daily Show to weigh in on the Favre-Packer vs. Viking matter. Here is what mystifies me:

How can someone who is washed up, retired, not valuable enough to play first string if he did return, ......be also a threat if he was released?

Is there such a thing as a contract between Favre and the Packers that would say that he will not play, and will not be released...would that contract have no consideration or money involved? Favre is not being paid according to his interview.

Thus----unless we have reinstated indentured servitude---it appears to me that unless the Packers want to pay Favre, they have to release him. If they do not release him, he rightfully should show up to training camp and expect to be paid. Right?

The only thing I can think of is if the Packers say that in consideration of the money they have paid him in the past and his covenant not to compete with them, thus even though he is not of value to them, they insist that he not compete with them in any event. How strong of an argument do you think the Packers have?

What are your thoughts?

Nostalgia: Trash Talking and the "Uptick Rule"--Feds now listening?

If you click on the post you will see some commentary from The Observer from March 2008, as well as a video of Jim Cramer that was on a crusade to reinstate the "uptick rule" but concluded by saying that ultimately it was up to the government to reign in this type of manipulation. Five months later they have acted. Stay tuned.

Fitch: Background: Wisconsin financial position Jan 2008

If you click on the post, Fitch rating service provides a nice overview of the state of Wisconsin budget situation going into the current period. Enjoy.

Congress overrides Bush Veto on Medicare payments

Click on the post for the latest.

Gazette; It's Buyout Time

FEMA provides money to cities to buyout homes that have been severly flooded so the cycle of disaster, rebuild, disaster, rebuild can be broken. It is cheaper in the long run. Something to consider.

Click on the post for the story in today's Gazette.

Twincities.com: Packers file tampering charges against Vikings.

Click on the post for the latest in the Favre saga.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Background: Evansville: Economic Development Plan: Final Report--draft of 7-17-2008

(Ed.note: This is the text of the Economic Development Plan that will be reviewed in the Economic Development meeting next Wednesday for final approval.)

√£Whalen & Associates, Inc. - 1 - Evansville Economic Development Summit
Evansville Economic Development Project

DRAFT 7-17-08 (D4)dbw
Economic Development Plan
Final Report
Prepared by:
Whalen & Associates, Inc.
June, 2008
15626 West Holt Road
Brooklyn, WI 53521
Fax: 6084552087
Email: judy@whalen.com
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 2 Evansville Economic Development Plan
TABLE OF CONTENTS........................................................................... 2
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ....................................................................... 3
BACKGROUND ................................................................................... 3
THE PROCESS .................................................................................... 3
KEY STRATEGIC ISSUES ...................................................................... 4
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES ...................................................................... 4
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN ......................................................... 7
KEY STRATEGIC ISSUES ...................................................................... 7
ACTION PLANS .................................................................................. 7
OUTCOME MEASUREMENT ................................................................. 9
Special recognition and thank you to Rebecca DeMarb,Evansville Economic Development Committee
and James Otterstein, Rock County Economic Development Manager for the their efforts in drafting
and editing this document.
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 3 Evansville Economic Development Plan

The Evansville Economic Development Committee (“EDC”) contracted
Whalen & Associates, Inc. in June, 2007 to design and facilitate a process that
would result in an Economic Development Plan (the “Plan”). The project
fulfills an action item of Evansville’s Smart Growth Plan. The Smart Growth
Plan on page 133 states that Evansville “needs more commercial and industrial
development to permit the City to reduce its relatively high property tax rate
without reducing services.” (The related action item is #9 on page 213.) The
project’s planning team consisted of Mayor Sandy Decker, City Administrator
Dan Wietecha, Chamber of Commerce Promotional Director Bridgit Larsen
and consultant Judy Whalen.

§ EDC used a series of information gathering activities to provide data
from which the Plan would be developed including:

· Focus Groups – Five focus groups were conducted involving 26
representatives of agribusiness, manufacturing, retail, service and

· Phone Survey - 135 businesses were identified to be contacted by
the UW-Whitewater Small Business Development Center (SBDC.)
Thirty-three phone surveys were completed as of January 20,

· Summit – The Economic Development Summit was conducted
January 12, 2008 to provide business representatives the
opportunity to provide further input into the topics that should be
addressed in the Economic Development Plan. 94 people
participated in the Economic Development Summit. A total of 58
local businesses were represented. The Economic Development
Summit identified the strategic issues for the next step, the Task
§ EDC appointed five Task Forces, composed of 32 community volunteers,
to develop the goal, objectives and action plans for the five key strategic
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 4 Evansville Economic Development Plan

· Workforce Development
· Downtown Revitalization
· Intergovernmental Relations (This topic was later changed to:
Business, Community and Government Relations).
· Marketing
· Entrepreneurial Environment

§ The Task Forces presented their recommendations to the Economic
Development Committee April 17, 2008.

§ The Economic Development Committee met three times to review the
task forces recommended action plans, met with selected task force
representatives to gain more clarity, and also met with representatives of
the Evansville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors before finalizing
the Economic Development Plan.
§ The Economic Development Committee approved the Plan on July 23,

Five key strategic issues are addressed in this Plan. These are: (no priority
assigned to order)
1. Workforce Development
2. Downtown Revitalization
3. Business, Community and Government Relations
4. Marketing
5. Entrepreneurial Environment

The goals and objectives for each key strategic issue are:
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 5 Evansville Economic Development Plan
§ Workforce Development

Goal: To develop and nurture co-operative working networks to secure
the resources to build an adaptable and skilled workforce with a positive
work ethic and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

Objective #1: Access and utilize existing business networks

Objective #2: Maximize the use of existing education-based networks

Objective #3: Maximize the use of community-based organizational

Objective #4: Maximize the use of government networks
§ Business, Community and Government Relations

Goal: To develop a cooperative, intergovernmental, straight-forward, and
clearly defined process to reach out, attract and retain a broad
economic base for Evansville.

Objective #1: Research options that would enable Evansville to form
a “stand-alone” Economic Development Alliance.

Objective #2: Improve Web internet tools for use by the members of
the Economic Development Alliance.

Objective #3: Expand outreach between governmental bodies, i.e.
local, county, and state.

Objective #4: Review city regulations so the regulations and process
of adhering to the regulations are streamlined, simple,
user-friendly and communicated in an easy to
understand manner.

§ Downtown Revitalization

Goal: To create a healthy, vibrant and walkable downtown by expanding
and attracting employment, shopping and social activities
Objective #1: Host a downtown retail start-up fair to connect
entrepreneurs with information on maintaining an
existing business and opening a new business and
acquiring funding.
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 6 Evansville Economic Development Plan

Objective #2: Develop a pilot business for the principle objective of
creating a template for new business start-ups.

Objective #3: Form a steering committee to develop a user-friendly
manual for city government and the public that lists a
menu of low-cost tools and strategies for revitalizing
Evansville’s central business district.

Objective #4: Create a green business initiative to form the “Allen
Creek Collective,” a green business mall in
downtown Evansville.

§ Marketing
Goal: To promote Evansville’s businesses, services and recreational
opportunities to residents, non-residents and businesses.

Objective #1: Improve marketing to local and surrounding

Objective #2: Make Evansville a “destination location.”
§ Entrepreneurial Environment

Goal: To facilitate the interaction of entrepreneurial people, ideas, and

Objective #1: Create a better networking environment for local
Objective #2: Develop greater access to high speed internet services
Objective #3: Create a Business Resource Center for the City (both
web and brick & mortar)
Objective #4: Develop incentives for existing and start-up
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 7 Evansville Economic Development Plan

Five key strategic issues are addressed in the Economic Development Plan.
These are: (no priority assigned to order)
1. Workforce Development
2. Downtown Revitalization
3. Business, Community and Government Relations
4. Marketing
5. Entrepreneurial Environment
The following action plans are the outcome of the work of the task forces and
the review and discussion of the Economic Development Committee.
One theme is common across the Task Forces and points to the obvious area
for the EDC to focus to accomplish the goals of the five Task Forces in the
most efficient and comprehensive manner. Evansville needs a funded,
centralized entity to direct economic development activity and move this Plan

EDC believes that its primary action must focus on creating the structure for
some kind of partnership with the City of Evansville, the Economic
Development Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, the Redevelopment
Authority, Evansville Community Partnership and/or others (identified as an
“Alliance”). The goal of the Alliance will be to reduce redundancy and
inefficiencies in the action being taken already within the community and to
focus community leaders on a shared vision for Evansville’s economic future.
This Alliance would include a person or, perhaps, entity who would be a
centralized resource and who would be responsible for implementing many of
the Task Force objectives. For example, the Alliance would coordinate retail
fairs, market Evansville’s economic opportunities, work as a conduit between
the City of Evansville and prospective businesses, work to promote
Evansville’s community development as a way to attract businesses and
develop incentives for businesses.
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 8 Evansville Economic Development Plan
Other communities have this type of centralized person or entity in place
including Main Street Programs, Economic Development Corporations, and
hybrid actions such as in Milton, Wisconsin. EDC does not have the
information necessary to decide what structure would work best for an
Alliance in Evansville. Therefore, EDC’s first action step is to explore and
identify various options and make a recommendation to the City Council by
December of 2008.
While researching Alliance structures, EDC will undertake the following
strategic actions immediately:
1. Workforce Development: EDC will work with the Evansville Community
School District to investigate opportunities for a RISE Grant program to
parallel the framework of the Department of Public Instruction’s
Framework for 21 st Century Skills program. EDC will prompt this
investigation by October 1, 2008.
2. Downtown Revitalization: EDC will work with the Chamber of
Commerce to collect an inventory of available store fronts downtown.
EDC will request that the Chamber of Commerce complete this inventory
by October 1, 2008.
3. Business, Community and Government Relations: EDC is taking on the
work necessary to make a recommendation to the City Council for an
Alliance, as described above. This process is central to achieving the
goals of this Task Force.
4. Marketing: Improved signage in Evansville, primarily “way-finding
signs,” is in progress. The signs are expected to be installed by October,
5. Entrepreneurial Environment: EDC will work with the Chamber of
Commerce to start an Inventors & Entrepreneur’s club in Evansville, with
the goal of holding the first meeting by October 1, 2008. In addition, the
Chamber of Commerce is working with the Eager Free Public Library to
inform the community of the business resources available at the Library.
A public meeting regarding these resources is scheduled for September,
These are the first steps for implementing the Economic Development Plan.
Full details are included in the Appendix. EDC expects to charge the
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 9 Evansville Economic Development Plan
Alliance, once it is active and empowered, with the primary responsibility for
implementing the full Economic Development Plan. EDC anticipates that the
Alliance will be composed of a variety of community organizations and that it
will operate with the assistance of EDC, as needed. The Alliance will be
accountable to the EDC for implementation of the Economic Development
The Economic Development Committee will lead the progress review process
of the Plan by:
§ Requesting quarterly progress reports on the various strategic issues.
§ Meeting with selected “champions” or others involved with
implementation of the goals, as needed, to more fully understand progress
or adjust action plans as needed.
§ Discussing the overall progress of meeting the Plan’s goals and objectives
at least once every six months.
§ Reviewing the overall strategy at least once a year.
§ Using the Action Plans as a guide for topics for agendas for the Economic
Development Committee meeting agendas.
§ Requesting measurement assessments from the appropriate parties.
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 10 Evansville Economic Development Plan
§ Focus Groups Report
§ Phone Interview Report
§ Summit Report
§ Task Forces Report
▲ _______________________________________________________________WHALEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
©Whalen & Associates, Inc. 11 Evansville Economic Development Plan

Economic Development meets July 23rd: 10:45AM Approval of Development Plan on Agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Town Of Union Plan Commission Meets July 28---Wind on the agenda

Click on the post for the agenda.

St.Paul; Republican Convention: "Wallflowers" will not be playing for Ag party

The party for high end ag producers attending the Republican National Convention will not hear the "Wallflowers" band featuring Jacob Dylan. Alas. The party will be held in Minneapolis. The pattern here seems to be, convene in St. Paul, and party, party in Minneapolis.

The Observer, not invited to the high end ag producers party, will be staying in St. Paul and reporting from more mundane regular citizen haunts. Stay tuned. Street View coverage. Coming in September on The Evansville Observer.

Click on the post for the full story from twincities.com

St.Paul: Preparations Pick up Pace for Republican Convention Sept 1-4

Click on the post for the official view of the coming Republican National Convention in St. Paul on September 1-4. The excitement and planning process has picked up pace.

The Evansville Observer in cooperation with experienced news outlets in St. Paul, hopes to provide "streetview" coverage of the convention----the down to earth audio and video and print coverage that you have come to expect on the Evansville Observer. Distributed by RSS or podcast, stories will be distributed on The Observer network of blogs as well as affiliated print media. I am looking forward to introducing some fresh writers as well as photojournalists to my readers.

As far as concern whether we will be able to adequately cover the nightlife of St. Paul and all of it's rich Irish heritage. Relax. If I can handle the Blooze Brothers, I can handle some Irish bands. Stay tuned.

Nostalgia; October 2007: Markets:

Click on the post for a nostalgic look back to October 2007.

Nostalgia; Orange Alert: Reflection: What a difference a Year Makes

Click on the post for a reflection from a year ago.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nostalgia; November 2007: Bernanke Speech; Unsettling questions

Click on the post for an OpEd from yesteryear.

Twin Cities: Rake Magazine: The Most Beautiful People at the Capitol Awards stirs controversy

Click on the post for the article in Rake that has the Twin Cities buzzing. Imagine a contest like this in Madison. Photos by Denis Jeong. Nice Work Deni.

SEC moves to ban "Naked Shorting."---make a note

Click on the post for the full story in Yahoo Finance.

WSJ: Janesville GM to accelerate closing plans

Click on the post for the article in the Wisconsin State Journal.

It appears that a key area of cutting will be the retired health benefits of salaried employees. GM chairman called this a strategy to "win" and not merely survive.

It would be interesting to compare and contrast the outcomes of GM going into bankruptcy and the current process----at least in a bankruptcy procedure the executive bonus arrangements and stock options would be considered along side with retiree health benefits---I would surmise this is why GM dreads speaking of a bankruptcy procedure. Maybe someone out there, a bankruptcy specialist, would weigh in on that question.

Stay tuned.

WSJ: Madison Faces Difficult Budget Cuts.

Click on the post for the latest.

Minutes: Park Board: 6-27-2008: Re: Error in Ads re instructor certification

Click on the post for the minutes of this special park board meeting.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Video: Ozee Cars: Electric Cars: Stoughton, Wisconsin

Ozee Cars, in Downtown Historic Stoughton, Wisconsin. Contact Lucy Zweep at 1-608-1020 or lucy.zweep@ozeecars.com or web site at www.ozeecars.com

Tell her The Evansville Observer sent you. click on the post for the website

Download File

"The Quarterback"-----the poem

(Ed.note: I found this rumpled up and tossed aside in a restroom at Exit #4 at River Falls, Wisconsin. I have faithfully reproduced it as best I can.)

visibility is
the quarterback is
looking to throw----
rolling out to his left
looking to
now rolling the other way
moving to center now
seems unsure
what to do
looking down the
now he's in the
no..now he's out of the
looks like a Packer
no maybe
it's a Viking
both ways now
seems unsure
in fact
may not
be a
the field is real
vision bad
maybe this
is just
a dream
a bad

Evansville Police Commission----April 2008 Minutes

Click on the post for the complete minutes.

Reflection: Dream: Should I "Securitize" the old 89 Lincoln?---FICTION

Some time ago, I was confronted with the dilemna of what to do with my old beloved 1989 Blue Lincoln Towncar. It was the minister's car. With the high end stereo...a sign of the cloth of modern times.

My brother had advised me to just "junk it for $50." That seemed just too simple of an idea. Then I had a dream of what to do next: Here is the dream.

I decided that I would emulate the model of Enron, and securitize it. I first took the starter, alternator, and wheels and sold them separately, netting $100. Then I divided up the Lincoln into ten separate "traunches", various parts of the steel and parts. I did not specify in the documentation the state of the rust in each "traunche", but rather just separated it out and when it added up, it totalled $1000.

At that point I was ready to market these wonderful securities, but instead felt that I should join with others in possibly packaging these items in an elegant "basket" of delicate automotive mortgage securites.

At just that point in the dream, I woke up. Hence as far as dreams go, I do not know what would have happened if a purchaser of one of these delicate morsals of "automotive mortgage securities" was unable to pay the long term mortgage monthly payments due, and what would happen if someone wanted their money back. Frankly, I got my money out of that old beast and I could not care less.

Anyway. Just a wild and crazy dream.

Bloomberg: Rogers; Rescue of Fannie Freddie an "Unmitigated Disaster"

Click on the post for the comments of Jim Rodgers.

Markets: BKX: The Bank Index

A picture is far better than a thousand words.

Click on the post for a graph of the BKX---more affectionately called "The Bank Index." It is a "basket" of bank stocks and the graph reflects the state of the bank stocks.

After viewing the graph---a friend showed it to me at a local church picnic on Sunday----- I went for a double ice cream sundae, with lots of chocolate topping and whipped cream. Different people respond differently to these type of charts. My dad for example when viewing key charts like this would order an order of pancakes----and "make that a double order," he would say. We knew what that meant. Enjoy.

Historic Preservation Met in June:

Click on the post for the minutes.

Rededevlopment meets Tuesday---

Click on the post for the agenda.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Upcoming running events:

07/19/2008 - North American Tenshug Games - Middleton - Basketball
07/26/2008 - 30th Annual WaunaFest Run - Waunakee - Running
07/26/2008 - JUST TRI YOUTH TRIATHLON - Monroe - Triathlon
07/27/2008 - The 2008 Capitol Mile - Madison - Running
08/02/2008 - The Knight Run - Beloit - Running
08/07/2008 - ACT 6 - The Wisconsin AIDS Ride - Madison - Cycling
08/09/2008 - 2008 Oregon Kids Triathlon - Oregon - Triathlon
08/09/2008 - Belleville Community Fun Run and Bike Race - Belleville - Running
08/09/2008 - Book'n It - Sun Prairie - Running
08/09/2008 - Java Jog 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run - Stoughton - Running

Click on the post for additional events search.

Viking Corner: Star Tribune: Mixed feelings in Minnesota

Die Hard football fans are beset with mixed emotions about the possiblity of Brett Favre coming to Minnesota. Such anguish about such a long shot.

Click on the post for the scoop from the Star Tribune.

St. Paul: City and Port Authority Sue Brokers on Investment loss

Tip of the iceberg. This story is one of many of cities and schools that have invested large sums of money for short term higher interest return, only to find out that the investment was a high risk, and possibly illiquid investment that is inappropriate to investment grade type of vehicles that are appropriate for governmental entities.

Click on the post for the full story from the Pioneer Press.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nostalgia: White Bear Lake, Mn.: The Johnson Boat Works ...a parking ramp?

After debating almost seven years about what to do with the old Johnson Boat Works on the West side of White Bear Lake, scene of where the Observer and father bought a Melgis C boat in 1960, and a classic spot for all sailors, there appears to have been a decision to make it a parking lot?

Click on the post for the full story.

Original Post: 11-27-2007: Public Works

MSA: Joe DeYoung: (3 of 3); "It's exactly what we expected."

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yahoo: Sports; Favre asks for release from Packers

Click on the post for the latest.

All Spa Hot Tub Repair

Jon Folk of All Spa speaks: 20 plus years repairing motors and pumps for spas and pools; 24 hour phone service; Monthly or Bi-weekly maintainance plans available; Insured; Visa, Mastercard accepted; Phone 1-608-755-1996

Download File

If you call him, tell him that the repair he did for the Evansville Observer still is working great. Thanks Jon.

Pioneer Press; Median Home price off 12% in Twin Cities

Click on the post for the full story in the Pioneer Press.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal: Wis in spotlight as campaign ads begin

Click on the post for the issues identified in ads by both campaigns here in Wisconsin.

St. Paul: Pioneer Press: Courts Might "Rock Around the Clock" to deal with mass arrests

In the event that as many as 50,000 people come to St. Paul for the Republican Party Convention to protest, St. Paul courts are planning on an around the clock legal process to deal with the arrests.

Stay tuned to the Evansville Observer. I hope to provide some coverage of this event. Click on the post for the story in the Pioneer Press.

Economc Development meets Tuesday---draft action plan in focus

Click on the post for the agenda.

Evansville School Board meets Monday---Truancy, contracts, goals on agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

NewsBiz: Superior paper mirrors CapTimes: Adjust to Web

Click the post for the latest news of a paper that has adjusted to more web mix.

Union Town Board Meets Tonight----Eager Library---7PM

Click on the post for the agenda.

OpEd: Trends: "Be the Hub"

Recently I was visiting with LondonFlyGirl who mentioned that her trips from London have been to Washington now rather than to Chicago---the airlines are consolidating their routes and their employees in an effort to survive the rise of gas prices. On Ch 21 recently they were talking about how this looks to the small towns that used to have thriving airports, the example was Gary, Indiana, and the impact has been devastating as airlines exit leaving them with empty facilities and plunging economic prospects.

This movement to the "HUB" has also been going on for folks in the suburbs--click on the post for an article from the Star Tribune. Turns out that lots of folks are looking at the new condo living on the light rail as a possible model for how life might be. However....there would be some changes. Rather than just go out for a bike ride, one would walk to the nearby athletic club. Rather than walk down the street to the Chinese eatery for takeout, one would go the upscale sit down award winning restaurant. And finally, rather than getting in the car, one would call the garage and have the valet get the car ready. O.K. A little dreaming is good.

Still. America is moving to hubs. And we are seeing this in Evansville also as businesses that were previously in smaller towns are choosing Evansville as a larger town to be the hub and counting on transportation links to Madison and Janesville. Hence our van pool links to Madison are important. And likewise, improving these links makes sense for those who would wish residential development---people need to get to work and they are not going to drive---by making bus, van, or rail connections possible.... possible future residents find communities attractive.

Recently in the Janesville Gazette, Gina Duwe has written about the situation of seniors and stark facts of their lack of income to meet their needs. The national media has predicted a huge decline in cars on the road. Clearly, as the population ages, they are not going to be driving. And they are going to be moving to hubs. Can we be an attractive hub? Can we improve our transportation resources for citizens to remain stable and growing? Stay tuned.

Blogs:Rock NetRoots: Zero Sum Development

Click on the post for a timely reflection.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Audio: Town of Union Plan Commission: Special Meeting reviews details, amendments to draft wind turbine ordinance

Audio: Town of Union: July 9, 2008: Special Meeting: Planning Commission: Detailed discussion of revisions to draft ordinance on wind turbines--approx 3 hours.

MP3 File

(Ednote: If you right click and download this audio to your desktop you can then upload it to your ipod. Nothing beats running to planning meetings. )

Town of Union Planning Commission Meets TONIGHT--Eager Library 6PM

Town of Union
July 9, 2008

The Town of Union Plan Commission will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at
the Eager Free Public Library, 39 W. Main St., Evansville, WI at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be
held in the lower level meeting room. The topics of discussion and action will be:
I. Review, discussion and possible modification of the Draft Large Wind Turbine Siting
Ordinance. During the current moratorium the Large Wind Turbine Citizens Committee
has developed a recommended ordinance to protect the public health and safety of
NOTE: There may be a quorum of Town Board members present; however no Town Board business will
be discussed nor decisions related to such business made.
Requests from persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting should be
made to the Clerk by calling 608-882-0285 prior to the meeting date.
Posted July 1, 2008
Regina Ylvisaker, Clerk 608-882-0285

The NEW Evansville Furniture: Video Tour of the Store: Meet Dennis Childs and Jeff Patchat---4th of July Specials

Dennis Childs and Jeff Patchat give you the tour of the new Evansville Furniture at 605 East Main St. Evansville. Tel 882-0315 or 882-0551, Toll Free 1-866-928-5575

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Gazette; Janesville School District to raise fees not taxes?

Click on the post for the story.

yahoo: Finance; Wall Street discovers consumers cutting back

Click on the post for the latest.

NYT: Book Corner: "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"

Click on the post for the New York Times article about this best seller.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Star Tribune: A New Kind of Walk

Click on the post for a remarkable story.

Mailbag: Wind Turbine Corner: Lynda writes:

The latest wind news came yesterday in a slightly confusing article out of Milwaukee about the passage of Magnolia’s wind ordinance. (it’s today’s post on the website) The good news is a spokesperson from the PSC said that the half a mile setback seemed “pretty safe” and “acceptable to us” -- this should help Union move forward with the ordinance. I haven’t been able to understand what the foot dragging is about--

The bad news is that the wind developer might try to force the PSC’s hand when it comes to Magnolia because it’s a 67 turbine project. Weirdly, if a project is 67 turbines and over, the PSC can take away local control and give permission for the project to be sited as the PSC wishes. At the moment they are using the Wisconsin draft model ordinance which has a 1000 foot setback and a 50 dB noise limit even though no one seems to be able to say where those numbers came from.

There is something really wrong with this kind of thinking and my hope is the law will change before too many towns go the way of Byron in Fond Du Lac. That whole area is destroyed. The PSC approved the project with the 1000 foot setback. The wind farm Gerry Myer (he testified at Union) lives in has over 80 turbines

Video: Blooze Brothers: Evansville,Wi: 7-5-2008: "Living in the USA"

Classic Blooze Brothers: Patriotic Segment of program: "Living in the USA". For full screen viewing, download to desktop and run on windows media player. ....and turn up volume real loud.

Download File

Evansville Common Council Meets TONIGHT; 7-8-2008--Stormwater Utility on Agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Video: Blooze Brothers: "Soul Man"; 7-4-2008: Evansville, Wi.

"Soul Man" was one of John Bulushi's favorites and performed on Sat Night Live. Enjoy.

Download File

OpEd: 4th of July: The analysis: The gold standard

Nothing but volumes of praise for the many volunteers who made the recent 4th of July festivities possible. It was the perfect storm. Perfect weather. Perfect music combo. And fans that proved they could party till the end. Four days of music is big and Evansville fans proved they could go the distance. It may be that 2008 will go down in the record books.

I have taken some ribbing that the Observer coverage did not cover EVERYTHING about the Blooze Brothers concert and only covered the highlights. I plead that my film ran out after the second set. That is my story and I am sticking with it. And besides, I wanted to leave some of the story for the other media.

Thanks to Greg Ardisson who allowed me to video the highlights---and to the Blooze Brothers who gave a wonderful performance. I can still hear the parole officer singing "Chain, Chain, chain....." I was standing too close to the speakers. Remember the golden rule----always stay for the third set.....and always walk home. Only in Evansville can one easily do so.

St. Paul: Pioneer Press: Viking Fans dream of Favre

Click on the post for the latest.

Daily Reporter: Wind: Magnolia:

Here is some comment from the Daily Reporter on the recent action by Magnolia. Click on the post.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Video: Blooze Brothers: 7-5-2008: Evansville, Wi: "Aint That America"

Classic Blues Brothers--"Patriotic tribute section of the program at Evasnville, Wisconsin Lake Leota Park, July 4, 2008

Download File

Video; Blooze Brothers: Evansville,Wi: 7-5-2008: Parole Office Sings: "Chain, Chain, Chain"

Blooze Brothers: Evansville, Wi; Parole Officer in the spotlight: "Chain, Chain, Chain..."

Download File

Video: Blooze Brothers: 7-5-2008: Evansville, Wi: "Mustang Sally"

Classic "Mustang Sally" Blooze Brothers style.

Download File

Video: Blooze Brothers Band Rocks Evansville 4th---the Grand Entrance

Blooze Brothers: The Grand Entrance of the Blooze Brothers accompanied by their parole officers; Turn volume up loud for best results

Download File

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Classic "Party Girls" ----from Friday, July 4, 2008 Mel Ford and Andy Band at Evansville, Wisconsin

Download File
Survey of music fans at the music gig Friday night at the park----

Download File

Blooze Brothers Band Arrives TONIGHT: Watch for the "Blues Mobile." 8PM to Midnight!!!!

The Blooze Brothers, America's #1 Blues Brothers tribute band, will charge through town in their 1974 Dodge Monaco 'Blues Mobile' and take the music stage. Nationally known for their high-powered, choreographed shows, Joliet Jake, Elwood, and the rest of the 12-piece show band will cover Jump Swing, R&B, Motown, and Classic Rock & Roll hits in characteristic Blues Brothers' style. Routinely booked years in advance, the Blooze Brothers have shared the stage with major acts, including: The Supremes, Doobie Brothers, Oak Ridge Boys, and ZZ Top.

Gazette; Magnolia Passes Wind Ordinance

Click on the post for the story in the Janesville Gazette.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Business Alert: Click on the video for a virtual tour of Sugar River Motors in Evansville at 498 Water Street----882-1213

Click on the video to tour the new Sugar River Motors in Evansville and meet the owners Paul and Amber; For more details call them at 882-1213 or fax at 1-608-882-1214. 498 Water Street. Full Service Auto Repair has arrived.

Download File
Catch the spirit of the Mel Ford Band and fans rocking at the July 4th Bandshell in Evansville.

Download File
Catch the excitement of the 4th of July in Evansville, Wisconsin. It's not the 4th till the sirens blare and the fire trucks honk their horns.

Download File
Video Scenes of the 4th of July 2008 of Evansville Wisconsin---the Romano's----thanking the community for 23 years of business

Download File

July 4th----the Calendar of Events----

Click on the post for the calendar for today through Saturday.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wind Corner; Dateline Magnolia: Decision Time

Click on the post for the latest.

4th of July---Evansville Music Line Up

CONTACT: Robin L. Grignon, Evansville Community Partnership608-882-0598, ecpi@eishome.com
DATE: June 27, 2008
RELEASE: 2 pages

Live Music Every Day for 4th of July Weekend!
Evansville, WI, June 27, 2008—The community of Evansville is known throughout the area for it’s July 4th festivities. This year the celebration committee has pulled out all the stops once again to bring quality live music to the event. This year’s festival in Lake Leota Park (just off of Hwy 213 and Hwy 14) begins Thursday, July 3, and keeps going until the evening of Sunday, July 6th.

On Thursday, July 3rd at 8pm The Blue Olives bring their smooth sound to the main stage with their own brand of soul. For 13 years the band has entertained in 6 states, doing over 1900 shows, sharing the stage with great artists like Sting, James Taylor, Los Lobos, Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana, The Yellowjackets, Bare Naked Ladies, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so many others! With over 150 songs to choose from covering everything from the dance hits of the 70's to Steely Dan to BB King to Bob Marley, Their motto is "adapt, conquer, and above all else . . . entertain".

On July 4th, Rolling Rock opens for Westside Andy and the Mel Ford Band. This band will get the party started with dancing rock and classic roll. From 5:00 pm until 9:00 p.m. area favorites, West Side Andy & the Mel Ford Band, will take the stage. An Evansville July 4th tradition, Andy has toured with and jammed with most of the great blues players of our era.
On Saturday, July 5th starting at 4:30pm, Wild Heart will bring rockin’ country to the Saturday night crowd. WILD HEART is a five piece top 40 country band from Madison, Wisconsin. The band has been together for over 10 years playing club dates and festivals all over Wisconsin. During that time we have shared the stage with many national acts. WILD HEART plays most of our favorite country hits as well as some classic rock gems.

Then, the Blooze Brothers, America’s #1 Blues Brothers tribute band, will charge through town in their 1974 Dodge Monaco ‘Blues Mobile’ and take the music stage at 8pm. Nationally known for their high-powered, choreographed shows, Joliet Jake, Elwood, and the rest of the 12-piece show band will cover Jump Swing, R&B, Motown, and Classic Rock & Roll hits in characteristic Blues Brothers’ style. Routinely booked years in advance, the Blooze Brothers have shared the stage with major acts, including: The Supremes, Doobie Brothers, Oak Ridge Boys, and ZZ Top.
Local band ,Mattom Pipestorm, will rock up the crowd from 1pm to 4pm before the big karaoke competition on Sunday, July 6th. Mattom Pipestorm covers bands like Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, CCR, Eagles, Great White, Green Day, Iron Butterfly, Iron Maiden, Johnny Cash, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Nirvana, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, Ramones, Tom Petty, Twisted Sister, Van Halen, White Stripes, 7 Mary 3, ZZ Top as well as originals. The 3rd annual Evansville Idol competition will wrap up Evansville’s four day 4th of July celebration from 5pm to 8pm. We are proud to announce our three judges for this year: Kari Dray from 105.9 The Hog and Kathy Romano and Rosie Moscato who host weekly Karaoke events at Romano’s Restaurant in Evansville. Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure a spot in the competition.

For more information, visit http://www.evansville-wi.net/ . Individuals may also contact Robin at the Evansville Community Partnership office at 882-5131 with questions.

Yahoo: Treasury: Paulson: "U.S. homes prices to fall"

I have written about the excitement for first time buyers----that in a bear market, the affirmation is: "Every day.....in every way.....things to purchase on a 30 year basis get....cheaper...patience...."

Secretary of the Treasury, Paulson, has said the same: click on the post.

Athletics: Music: "Chasin" has the latest.

Click on the post for the latest in the music and running scene. Personally, I no longer run to "the Boss"-----I need something more upbeat than those dark "edge of town" type of songs---after all when I run I get plenty of end of times feelings anyway, so I like to have something more rah rah like the Rolling Stones maybe, "Start Me Up."

Click on the post for the latest.

Channel 3000: Housing: No Remedy for fraud?

Interesting decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The two elements essential to contracts used to be mutuality of obligation and mutuality of remedy. If both were not present, there was no contract. However the Supreme Court imagined this decision, it is bad for consumers. Maybe another argument not to buy. Thus it might be caveat, caveat emptor X10.

Click on the post for the full article on Channel 3000.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

CNN: Money: What Enron taught us about company stock in 401K plans

Evan after all the tragic losses in 401K investments in failed companies such as Enron, it appears that about one third of assets in 401K plans are in company stock.

Click on the post for an article in CNN Money about the value of diversification ---a timely article in a season of plunging markets.

Housing: OpEd; Wonderful time to buy; Better time to rent

In almost every news market are gushing news stories, written by mostly young and inexperienced journalists, about what a wonderful time it is to buy real estate. Usually, since the writers do not have any time to produce their stories or to any research, they let some real estate professionals write them for them. How convenient. The story begins by pointing out that new first time home buyers are in a special situation of goodness since they have no "baggage" of the past to deal with. Translate. Real estate currently is quite illiquid, but since the writer sees this perfect present moment as the market bottom, by imagining the future as moving ever upward, things will be better.

There is no necessity to do extensive research---just ask members of your own family around the country how they are doing with trying to sell their property, or how they are doing looking for a job. In bear markets.....things go down. In other words, every day and every minute bargains are getting better. Rushing is not necessary. Patience is. Wait.

Here is a way to judge when the market is safe to enter. In our own news market, two news reporters are looking at homes and dreaming of buying. I propose that when the wages of these two young talented reporters have risen to the point where they qualify.....and where the prices of homes in the market have fallen to the point where they qualify, and where banks using traditional ratio analysis approve them---then the housing crisis will be over. OK. Not to put too much pressure on you, "G" and "S" but we are watching and waiting.

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