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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Cufaude-Sectional-Preparing to win

Supreme Court set to Decide Historic Land Use Case

The United States Supreme Court will be deciding in June 2005 the case of Kelo v New London. The outcome of this case could affect the plans of cities nationwide, and Evansville, as they plan to convert residential real estate into commercial tax revenues despite the desires of homeowners.

Historically, TIF districts were used for "public benefit" projects such as nursing homes etc where there was a clear public "good." Very recently, however, this "good" has been simply defined as anything whatsoever that is built.

The history of the New London case is found at www.ij.org/private_property/connecticut. Quoting from the site, " In 1998, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer built a plant next to Fort Trumbull and the City determined that someone else could make better use of the land than the Fort Trumbull residents. The city handed over its power of eminent domain--the ability to take private property for public use--to the New London Development Corporation, a private body, to take the entire neighborhood for private development." The plaintiff in the Kelo case is the home owner who although he was offered assessed value for the home did not want to sell, and was forced out of his home.

The dance step moves of this process are that a city first makes findings of "unsightliness" and then grants the development corp the right to seize the land in eminent domain. Pretty neat. First call it "unsightly." Then buy it wholesale. Then develop it regardless of the property owners wishes.

City of Evansville managers and developers met months ago at J.C. McKenna Middle School and were given crayolas to color the areas of the city they thought "unsightly" and would like for development. Is your property one of those they deemed "unsightly"? Read the Comprehensive Plan at the Eager Library. Your comments must be submitted to City Hall by June 7, 2005.

Monday, May 30, 2005

EHS Jazz to Perform Isthmus Jazz Festival-Sat June 4

The EHS Jazz Ensemble will perform at the Isthums Jazz Festival on Sat June 4 at 10:30am in the Overture Center Lobby. It is a free event. The public is welcome. The Wisconsin State Journal for Sunday has a full schedule of jazz bands playing all day.

Memorial Day 2005 Color Guard

Memorial Day Fans

Memorial Day 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005

Joint Finance Committee Eliminates Smart Growth Funding

The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting today that the Joint Finance Committee has voted to kill a six year old program that provides the policy framework and financial aid to help local governments plan where developement should and should not occur.

The Wisconsin State Journal says, " the Joint Finance Committee did not stop with removing funding for the program. Committee members voted to kill the program entirely, indicating that they have looked at a good program and pronounced it bad". You can find the complete article on www. madison.com

EVANSVILLE Sends two to State in Track

Evansville's boys and girls track teams competed at the sectional meet at Marshall High School Thursday, May 26th. Evansville had two State qualifiers.

MARK CUFAUDE finished first in the Pole Vault with a vault of 14-03.00

AMANDA MCELROY placed third in the 800 Meter Run in a time of 2:26.21

Both Mark and Amanda automatically qualified for the State meet next weekend in LaCrosse.

There is a chance that some of the Evansville relay teams may also qualify once all the results are tabulated. Keep in touch with the Evansville Observer for the latest results.

ENERGY CORNER-- Truck Fuel Efficiency Targeted

The US Dept of Energy reported on May 18, 2005 (available at www.eere.energy.gov/news/ that the federal government has formed a partnership called DOE 21st Century Partnership to develop advanced technologies for fuel-efficient commercial vehicles.

About 25% of all vehicles on our roads are commerical vehicles. DOE projections show a doubling of commercial trucks by 2050. To reduce the growth in fuel use, the DOE partnership aims to increase the fuel economy by nearly 80% in the next 15 years. These new trucks will feature clean diesel and hybrid technolgy for trucks and buses.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT--RE: Inadequate prescription drug coverage? Now there is BADGERGold

This is an informational message that may be of interest to your friends, neighbors or anyone who does not have adequate prescription coverage. BadgerRX Gold is a program designed to help keep prescription drugs accessible and affordable for Wisconsin residents.

Simply use this link: http:// www.badgerrxgold.com/, to review the list of medications covered through BadgerRx Gold to determine if your drug(s) or equivalents are listed. The list is comprehensive. Then call BadgerRx Gold Customer Service toll-free at 866-809-9382 to obtain cost information for covered medications. If BadgerRX Gold is right for you. you can enroll via phone or the web.

The background: Launched on March 31, 2005, the BadgerRx Gold is a public-private sector partnership between Navitus Health Solutions and the State of Wisconsin to bring affordable prescription drugs to the uninsured and underinsured. The program has no age requirements and no screening for pre-existing health conditions. It is ideal for Wisconsin residents without health insurance, those who have health insurance that doesn't include a prescription drug benefit or those in a plan with high coinsurance or that doesn't cover the medicines they need. Currently BadgerRx Gold has 4,700 members. Memebers pay an annual enrollment fee of $25 per person or $75 per family. Local participating pharmacies provide discounts, drug manufactures offer rebates on covered medication and BadgerRx Gold passes the combined savingts to members at the point-of-purchase, where they save 25-40% on these medications.

WATERCOOLER: Movie Review--Star Wars-Revenge of the Sith

The big news last week in movies was the release of Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith. You have been to the movie. You have strongly held views about favorite character, the deeper meanings of whatever, and whether this episode is in fact the best. This is your chance. Click on the comment line and write YOUR REVIEW. Be prepared to defend your thoughts from attack.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WATERCOOLER: Let the Public Decide on Lake Leota Restoration

In 2001 a focus group of Evansville citizens met at the historic Masonic Temple to reflect on the "Identity" of Evansville. In the end, the top two choices were "The Grove" and preservation of Lake Leota and the special green space of Evansville.

In the current Evansville Plan to be approved on June 15, 2005, there is only the statement that preservation of Lake Leota is consistent with the goals of Evansville, but that it appears that the taxpayers do not want to pay for the restoration. The truth is that the community has never been asked the question.

Because of a flawed community survey that failed to survey the entire community but only chose to "select" a few "elect" people, there was a flawed result that always happens in small sample surveys. The current Strategic plan document to be approved on June 15th says that the restoration which would cost about 3 million, would not solve the problem. It is the observers understanding that the dredging would only leave a yearly maintance at the upper end of the Lake.

Lake Leota has a long and rich history. In the 1920's a group of women met in the upper park as part of the Lyceum movement preparing themselves for the right to vote. Wisconsin was one of the first states to vote for suffrage for women. Since then Evansville has met at the Park and it has become a space beyond school or government where all can socialize. This is unlike many communities of this cities size.

It is time for the public to decide. Not by city council vote but by referendum. What are your thoughts on this issue?

New Covered Bridge-Lake Leota

Lake Leota Ducks

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The top 4 finishers in each event qualify for Sectional at Marshall on 5-26-2005

Evansville Sectional Qualifiers:

Girls 200 Meter Dash: Heimerl, Erin 4th 28.9
Girls 400 Meter Dash: Kopp, Alicia 3rd 1:04.2
Girls 800 Meter Run: McElroy, Amanda 3rd 2:28.2
Girls 1600 Meter Run: Thornton, Emily 3rd 5:43.5
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 4th: Schoenenberger, Kaia; Kopp, Alicia; Rucks, Morgan; Wells,A.
Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 1st 10:12.2 Scheonenberger, Kaia;Kopp, Alicia;Thornton, Emily;McElroy, Amanda
Girls Pole Vault: Diedrich, Annelise 1st 9-00.00
Girls Triple Jump: Heimerl, Erin 4th 32-05.00


Boys 200 Meter Dash: Boltz, Lylor 2nd 23.8
Boys 800 Meter Run: Verkuilen, Adam 2nd 2:01.6
Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 2nd 1:35.3--Kundson, Erik; Boltz,Kylor; Voss, Cody;Doverspike, Josh
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: 3rd 3:37.4--Allen, Pat;Paquin, Tyler;Cufaude, Mark;Verkuilen, Adam.
Boys High Jump: Mills, David 3rd 5-10.00
Boys Pole Vault: Cufaude, Mark 1st 14-00.00
Boys Long Jump: Brummond, Sam 4th, 19-07.50

Congrats--Good Luck on Thursday at Marshall. May the Force Be With You.

No Fishing Private Pond

Wall Street Faces Long Hot Summer

In another month, investors will be getting their six month report from their investment advisors. 2005 began with the S&P 500 Index at 1210 and today it is at 1193.86. There is no joy in zero returns for anyone.

Thus, it is no surprise that the USA today on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 is reporting a large rise in interest in real estate investment clubs by the general public. It does appear that the public is voting with their feet and it is away from financial investments into cold hard real estate.

My brother and I have a standard routine on investment in the summer. He always calls and asks what is hot. I tell him "bathing suits." Volume is always low in the summer on Wall Street and many of the players are away at their summer homes. This year one must wonder since the public is getting tired of zero returns whether it may be hotter than ever and slower than ever on Wall Street. What do you think?

Wednesday is EHS Scholarship Awards Night-7:00PM

Celebrate with the seniors of Evansville High School their Scholarship Awards on Wednesday, 7PM. This is always a special night of the seniors making their future plans known and letting everyone see the rewards for their hard work over four years.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Schultz announces POPA Summer Schedule

Dale Schultz announces the summer schedule for the Power of Positive Athletes:

June 13- July 22

Middle School (entering grades 6,7, and 8)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00-9:00

High School(entering grades 9-12
Monday-Friday weights boys/girls 10:00-Noon
Monday, Wednesday, Friday H.S. Boys speed/agility 9:00-10:00
Tuesday, Thursday H.S. Girls agility/pylometrics 9:00-10:00
Monday-Friday 11:00-Noon H.S. Boys/Girls Basketball skills/shooting

All Participants must pay a fee of $10.00 to participate
Money payable to Coach Schultz by end of week 1.

Kyle Schultz sets two new personal best weightlifting records

Kyle Schultz recently participated in an Olympic Weightlifting Competition in Niagra, Wisconsin. He broke two personal best records. His snatch was 187.5 lbs; his Clean and Jerk was 259 lbs. (personal best) for a total of 445.5( personal best.) His next competition will be the AAU Jr. Olympics in New Orleans on August 1.

East Main Trash Pick up Change

Residents on East Main are asked to put out the trash before 7am on Wednesday so the garbage haulers can avoid the construction equipment.

Memorial Day Parade Route Changed

Due to the construction, the Memorial Day Parade will begin at the Post Offce, and then proceed on First Street to the park and end at the Army tank memorial. The time of the parade is unchanged.

Friday, May 20, 2005

WATERCOOLER: Should high schools ban military recruiters on campus?

The Christian Science Monitor(www.csmonitor.com) reported on May 18, 2005 that a Seattle High School, Garfield High School, has voted to ban military recruiters on campus.

The Military claims access due to provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act that require any school accepting federal funding to give the military the names of its students, unless the students specifically opt out at the beginning of the year. They also claim freedom of speech.

The parents of the students claim that military recruiters are misrepresenting the real obligation of the sign up. The military states that the recruiters are just giving information and not making promises and in fact on the sign up documents the recruit signs state that he/she understands that any promises of the recruiter are null and void.

What is your position on this issue? Sound off! Click the comments button and let your voice be heard.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

POPA Weight Room sets summer Hours

The community hours for the Weight Room will remain the same for the summer. M-F 6-7am, 4-9pm, Sat 10-12am, Sun 4-6pm. The weight room is supervised by volunteers and is supported by community donations. Contact Dale Schultz with donations. News on the weight program for middle and high schoolers will come in the Observer later.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Real Coffee- Speak Out Nite--Thur,May 26th 6pm

Real Coffee announces its next Speak Out Nite---May 26th 6pm.

Speak Out Nite is the opportunity for all Evansville residents to gather at the Real Coffeehouse and when the lights dim and the spotlight shines, step up to the mike and present their favorite poem, dramatic reading, comic bit or even song either original or not. Join the relaxed setting and sip on your favorite espresso or nibble on your farorite pastry and watch others do their thing. No reservation is necessary.

Full coverage of this popular event will be in The Evansville Observer on Friday nite shortly after the event. Real fun for real people at Real Coffee.

Comprehensive Plan Meeting set--June 15,2005, 6:30PM

A Public Hearing on the new Evansville Comprehensive Plan will be held on Wed, June 15, 2005 at 6:30PM at City Hall. Copies of the plan can be obtained at City Clerks office or at the Eager Library.

Comments on the recommended Plan can be submitted to Sandra Hart, City Clerk, 31 S. Madison, Evansville 53536. Please submit these comment by June 7th.

An Open House will be held on June 15 from 5:30PM to 6:30PM during which the public can view large reproductions of maps from the plan and ask questions.

Barb Dorsey Honored for Library Friends Service

The Friends of the Eager Library have recently honored Barb Dorsey for her many years of service as Treasurer. The role of the Friends has grown over the years and purchases last year totaled over $7000.

The friends are looking for a successor Treasurer. If you are interested, contact Chris Eager at 882-5200 ext 1112 or Bridget at 882-2278.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Library Ice Cream Social--July 1--Be There

Every year it gets better----the Eager Library Ice Cream Social slated for July 1 will feature great ice cream, wonderful homemade cakes, games for the kids, the auction of donations and this year a special appearance of the barbershop quartet, "Four Other Guys."

It takes a lot of volunteers to make this happen. If you could bake a cake, make a donation, help serve or help setting up, please contact Bridget Rolet at the library or Andrea Gray at 882-0772

Voluntary Simplicity: New Class at Eager Library

In the fall of 2005 the Eager Library will feature a Voluntary Simplicity Class. Throughout the fall, participants will meet for eight 90 min sessions about many aspects of Voluntary Simplicity. The themes include: Living More With Less; How Much is Enough; and The practice of Simplicity. Want more info? Call Bridget at library(882-2260) or Denise J. Eager at 882-6854.

Library Summer Program--DinoQuest: Mystery of Jane

The 2005 Summer Library Program theme is DinoQuest: The Mystery of Jane. This year's program will be done in conjunction with the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, Ill. They have recently discovered a tyrannosaur they have named Jane. The program offers children an opportunity to see Jane and to learn about her through science activities, crafts and other creative programs. Bridget will hand out brochures during her annual school visits in late May and early June. Program sign ups are on Sat. June 4th. You must sign up in person to participate.

The Case of the Forged Appendix

In a case right out of the Nixon Watergate files or a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mystery, local residents of Evansville are examining whether the current construction of a driveway at the Francois Oil site at Union and East Main was in fact the case of a deliberate violation of zoning and an insertion of an unapproved site modification in violation of law. Lawyers have been contacted to review whether a stay in construction can be court ordered till the matter is resolved.

Sanitary Sewer Installation Begins--E Main Closed

On Monday, May 9th, City contractors began installation of the Sanitary Sewermain and the water and sewer service laterals beginning at 255 East Main. As a result, East Main will be totally closed since the depth of the new sewer necessitates a larger and deeper excavation. It is estimated that this total closure situation will last until the completion of the city's portion of the project on July 5th, 2005.

In cases where the contractor is working in front of a residence, the work site may remain excavated overnight and residents will not have access to their driveway but will have to park elsewhere. The contractor will make a best faith effort to minimize this inconvenience.

On July 6th, the contractor for the Wis Dot will begin the completion of the roadway on East Main Street.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Construction Begins-"Grove" to become Truck Route

Construction has begun in earnest on Highway 14 in Evansville that will transform "The Grove", a little spot of trees amidst the prairie into a modern truck route devoid of all tranquility. A year ago, residents felt this was going to be ok since it "only really affected the citizens of East Main Street. " Now with town life and business survival in play, residents are reviewing whether in fact a bypass for truck traffic might be necessary for all. As one gentleman at a planning meeting stated," There has never been a quality city in Wisconsin that has had a truck route running through it."