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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gazette; Four Clerks cited for Underage violations

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Plan Commission to consider Condo Plat for 498 Water Street---HUH?

click on the post---498 Water Street is in the midst of commercial--as in Auto Repair. Where is the condo going?

Pioneer Press: Frat Row prepres for U of M new Stadium opening

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It is a tradition of the U of Minnesota Marching Band, dubbed the heart and soul of the University fo Minnesota, that the drum section do a drum routine at daybreak along fraternity row---just as a friendly reminder for the guys to get up for kickoff---a problem that has plagued many universities......

Click on the post for how the frats are preparing......


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The secret
sand castles
to dig

The moat
is the
ya just

the moat
the castle is
no excuses

is less
I have
both sides
My castles
I have seen
I know..........
the power
of the
the way
they change
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Twin Cities: Pioneer Press: Observer hometown news---Mahtomedi moves to approve wind turbine

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Alpha: Indepth Analysis: GM: As GM goes, so goes the nation------

Click on the post for an excellent article describing GM and the nation.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OpEd: What Bernanke said---What the press said---

The press recently seems to be saying what they want regardless of what the facts are. Recently in a meeting before Congress, Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke said that recovery would come in 2010 and might come earlier in 2009 if there were bold reforms enacted by Congress promptly. The news stories reported that Pres Obama had said recovery would come in 2009.

A simple consenss of what the President and Mr. Bernake have said is that it will take two to three years for recovery in the markets to occur. Plan on it. That is the way I see it. This would also be a good time to listen only to the original statements and to turn off the cable channels. During times of crisis, quiet action and not ranting is most effective. The American people have increased their saving rate--they are doing their part--government needs to do their part by enacting reforms of the past excesses of the last decade.

Yahoo: President Obama urges speedy reform of financial markets

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Yahoo: Mass: New Bedford City workers face layoffs

Because of declines in state aid, local municipalities in Mass face cuts---local public safety unions have voted to reject any voluntary type of cutbacks. Click on the post for the full story.

Hunter Safety Education Course Coming Soon

For Immediate Release February 25, 2009 Contact Person Sgt. J. Cowan
The Rock County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with Gander Mountain and the
Janesville Conservation Club, is offering a DNR Hunter Safety Education Course
March 10-26, 2009. It is recommended that all participants be at least 12 years of age,
or turn
12 shortly following completion of the class.
There is a class fee of $10 per student, which will be collected at the time of
registration. A parent/guardian signature is required for all persons under age 18 and
the underage student must be present with an adult parent/guardian at time of
Class size is limited to thirty (30) students and advanced registration for the course will
be held on Sunday, March 8, 2009, at 4:00 p.m., at the Janesville Conservation Club,
1230 South Read Road, Janesville, Wisconsin.
All Hunter Safety classes will be held at the Janesville Conservation Club, 1230 South
Read Road, Janesville, Wisconsin. Class dates are: March 10, 12, 17, 18, 24, and 26,
2009, beginning at 5:30 p.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m.
Any questions concerning registration or the course itself should be directed to Jim
Dilley (758-0250) Sergeant John Cowan (757-7946) or Bill Boyd (752-9109).

Pioneer Press: St. Paul College coming to Wasau----

Rassmussen College is planning a new facility in Wasau, Wisconsin---click on the post for all the details.

Business: New: Evansville Resident forms "Brainpower3"

Click on the post for info on this recently formed corporation by Evansville resident Chuck Barkow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

McGuires Irish Pub---the restrooms are unique


Click the pic to enlarge.

When using the restrooms at McGuires Irish Pub, it is important to read signs completely.
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McGruires Irish Pub---show me the money

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Panama City, Fl: McGuires Pub--$750,000 on the ceiling


This is a pic of the Observer at McGuires Irish Pub in Destin, Florida. One of the highlights of this pub is the $750,000 in one dollar bills on ceiling, walls, etc.
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Dateline Normal, Mn.: "Energy Team Meets"----FICTION

Click on the post for the latest from the Land of Normal, Mn.---FICTION.

Gazette: Milton Schools begin Robo Calls

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Panama City Views

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Doubleclick to enlarge.

Observer at the "Boondocks" Bar and Grill--Panama City, Fl.

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Down on the Bayou, on the Intercoastal Waterway near Panama City is the Boondocks Bar and Grill. I felt right at home. Right after ordering from the menu of fine fish entres, a busload of folks from Minnesota and Wisconsin arrived. The whole restaurant was filled with folks from the frozen tundra.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Video: Small Business Taxation: Richard Ginnaty Revealed

Richard Ginnaty CPA is a long standing contributer of the Evansville Observer. One of his students has sent this video of a recent class he held in Orange County California on the subject of Small Business Taxation.

Click on the post for the full video. It runs about an hour.

WSJ: Roubini: "Nationalize the banks"-----

Prof. Roubini says it would be better to do the nationalization sooner than later. Click on the post for the full story in the Wall Street Journal.

NYT: The Imaginery fear of a Brain Drain---the Wall Street fear revealed

The Smart guys that imploded the world with their concoctions, are now spreading the fear in the media that the sky will be falling if one would lose the services of these folks----a brain drain. HUH??

Click on the post for the latest.

Star Tribune: The Library of the Future will not be by the book----

Changes are coming----even for libraries. Click on the post for the latest.

Grant for Upper Lake Leota Watershed discussed

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dateline Normal, Mn: "Catch and Release--for Fish and for Felons"---Fiction

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Gazette: Milton High School Building plans on hold

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Hotair: Morrisey: China says "We hate you but we hate everyone else more?"

Will China continue to hold US treasuries? They answered the question last week. Click on the post for their answer.

Mailbag: Bear Trader: Answers the question why all the ReInsurers are in the Bahamas and Bermuda?

Certainly the credit worthiness of reinsurers generally has been a subject of much comment and speculation recently. The basic issue is what insurance industry people call the "solvency margin" of the various counterparties. In other words, push come to shove, will the reinsurers be willing and able to pay their contractual obligations?

Generally the reinsurer picks up more, or most, of the liability for "unlikely", "black swan" events. One can see that the original insurer is trading exposure to credit risk for insurance risk.

The reinsurer then reinsures his insurance risk, and the reinsurer's reinsurer reinsures his insurance risk, and often the original insurer ends up selling reinsurance to reinsurers that contain insurance risk written by the original insurer. This stuff goes around in circles, like a tangle of spaghetti, ending up in very much as seen in the interlocking derivatives markets. As in CDOs, CDSs, CMBSs, etc. one has the risk of companies becoming "too big to fail" as in dominoes falling creating a market collapse. A single reinsurer failure could easily result in insurance risk returning to an undercapitalized issuer, causing this insurer to collapse, returning insurance risk to other insurers causing them to collapse, etc.

Could a sufficient "black swan" event cause a collapse of the entire insurance industry? The question answers itself. Of course it can. Asbestos exposure claims nearly did the job. Only government intervention stopped collapse of the insurance industry.

Warren Buffett's GenRe has become such a power because people think Buffet creditworthy compared to alternatives. Buffett bought General Re at a Buffett like price because General Re was engaged in various financial hanky panky; in fact, former General Re chief executive Robert Ferguson just got sentenced to two years hard time for his part in an AIG accounting scam along with Christian Milton, Elizabeth A. Monrad, Robert D. Graham and Christopher P. Garand, all former General Reinsurance Corp. executive officers. Hank Greenberg, the now ex-Gen Re dictator, is considered an unindicted co-conspirator. Just the tip of the iceberg, this.

An entertaining and educational reinsurance blog is:


Many reinsurers, reaching for the "gold ring", got involved in the recently collapsed "investment banking" craze. One of the oldest and most respected reinsurance firms, Swiss Re, has been much in the news of late and is scrambling for capital. Swiss Re says it is not seeking government funds.

Lots of uproar about the insurance, reinsurance and banking firm Fortis in the news. Essentially the Belgian government tried to sell the profitable part of Fortis to PNB Paribas to avoid having to make bank depositors whole but didn't figure on the Chinese insurance firm Ping An, the largest Fortis shareholder, out manuevering them. (you are going to see a LOT more of this sort of thing). The Belgian government is going to have to pony up a lot more taxpayer money to get out of it's obligations. Need I point out that the insurance side is heavy into reinsurance. In the end the public always pays, or, more accurately, the "little guy" always pays, because that is what "little guy" means. Whover gets stuck with the bill, is, by definition, the little guy.

Of course, their is AIG. The taxpayer is out about $200 Billion so far on this "too big to fail" reinsurer and $ Many Hundreds of Billions at risk in guarantees.

We have covered the travails of the reinsurance industry as has been reported in the mass media. To keep the insurance industry from going belly up has taken a lot of money so far.

About Bermuda.

Bermuda domiciles fourteen of the largest twenty five reinsurance firms in the world based on gross premiums written. This has come from zero in fifteen years. These are "class one" firms. There are five "classes" of Bermudan reinsurance companies, one through five, with five being the lowest. Most of the "five" rated firms are post-Katrina.

After a lot of digging I find the Bermudan reinsurance business fully opaque. The two year end statements I could find are useless. My judgment is that a lot of them function as SIVs, Special Investment Vehicles (remember Enron?) for various enterprises. I have no evidence that any of the torrent of money coming into the reinsurance business there is laundered. Need I say more?

It does appear that legitimate reinsurance can be purchased there however. Reinsurer's reserves were sufficient to weather Katrina. Somebody has deep pockets.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Video: Dr. Carol Scovotti: 6 Killer Mistakes in Marketing Small Business

Download File
Video: Dr. Carol Scovotti; "Killer Mistakes in Marketing Small Business----

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School Beat: February 2009: Evansville sets goal objectives 2008-2009

Redesign of high school is on the agenda----and how curriculum will be changed to match the 21st century is a timely discussion. Success in out of school work study as well as construction courses plus mobility due to on line courses has made review timely.

Click on the post for the school goals per their report

Evansville Energy Team to Meet----Monday Feb 16, 2009

Time to get the team together. Design plays. Click on the post for the full agenda.

Yahoo: Retail Sales January Surprise: Up1%

Click on the post for the latest.

Markets: America falls in love with Free Shipping---Valentine's Day

This ad captures the nationwide obsession with FREE SHIPPING. If one puts free shipping plus Valentines Day plus tough work clothes---this is the logical ad.

Click on the post for the full catalog.

Yahoo: Finance: Credit Cards--Use em or Lose em?

Losing sleep over your FICO score? Ya might have to spend to keep the plastic. Click the post for the latest.

Yahoo: CEO of Swiss RE Resigns----Warren Buffet Invests in firm--Loss announced on investments

Swiss Re is the world's second largest reinsurer. Click on the post for the full story.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brodhead Municipal Court Report: February 2009

Click on the post for the court report.

Audio: I and E: Dr. Carol Scovotti: " Six Killer Mistakes to Avoid In Marketing Small Business"

Audio: "Marketing for Small Business": February 11, 2009; Evansville, Wisonsin: I and E Club. Six Killer Mistakes to Avoid.

MP3 File

Insurance Corner: State Guaranty Funds

In light of several insurance companies asking for TARP funds, I have posted the link for the State Guaranty Funds---click on the post and you can see the various state guaranty amounts.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Yahoo: The Debate over "Stimulus."

Click on the post for the full story.

It is of interest to the Observer that the review this week brought back memories of the controversy historically about what exactly brought us out of the Great Depression. Was it the war? Was it the programs of FDR? Was it spending?
The causes and the solutions of the Great Depression are still a hotly debated item.

My take on it is that the cause was correctly described by John Kenneth Galbraith in his book "The Great Crash" where he named the disparity of wealth as the major cause, and....... this disparity is matched by that of the last ten years.

My take on the spending is that the programs of FDR alone did not bring the US out of the depression, but the transformation of the US in its technology ---think of the inventions---sonography, aerospace, medical innovation, construction and computers...etc. Out of the code breakers came the computer industry as we know it.

We need the same sort of transformation today. And Congress is wrestling with program proposals---some of which are NOT innovative and transforming but rather the usual lists of political interest groups. It is difficult work---trying to fashion a list of the NEW.

Yahoo: Insurers are Next for TARP funds-----

Insurers have suffered from erosion of capital. They are going to become bank holding companies in order to access the TARP funds. Stay tuned.

Star Tribune: Madoff Scheme will affect Minnesota State budget

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Evansville, Wisconsin Flooding Files: 2005-2010: Audio/Video History

Click on the post for the history.

Evansville, Wisconsin Flooding Files: 2005-2010: Audio/Video History

Click on the post for the historical audio and video files.

2007: Half Day Kindergarten: "Mr. Steve" spoke at Eager Library:

(Click on the audio icon to listen for a moment of yesteryear as "Mr Steve" spoke to parents at the Eager Library in 2007. Reviews some things for parents to consider.

Half-Day Kindergarten meeting at Eager Library on January 21st, 2007 --Mr. Steve reviews features of Half-Day

MP3 File

Minn: Pioneer Press: DFL says education must share the cuts

Click on the post for the latest.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Parent Led Half-Day Kindergarten Information Session: February 10th--6:30PM to 8 PM Eager Library

Parent Led Half-Day Kindergarten Information Session

February 10th

6:30 - 8pm

Upper Room, Eager Free Public Library

Open to all parents interested in comparing the half-day and full-day kindergarten options for the 2009-2010 school year.

Mr. Steve Hoffenberg attending, along with 2 parents who have had multiple children in half-day kindergarten.

Any questions to Jackie Liebel 608-882-6383 jacquelineliebel@hotmail.com

Gazette: UW suspends payments from 30 endowments

Click on the post for the latest.

Agenda: Evansville School Board Monday, Feb 9, 2009---alteration of school boundaries

Click on the post for the latest.

Mailbag: I & E Club Writes: Election of officers next Wednesday night

Hello fellow I & E Club Members:

Just a quick reminder of our meeting next Wednesday, February 11 at the Eager Economy Building (downstairs), 6:30-8:30. We will have a wonderful speaker again, Carol Scovatti D.P.S., Associate Professor, UW-Whitewater, "Marketing Mistakes that Cripple or Kill Small Businesses and How to Avoid Them."

After Carol's presentation this month the Evansville Inventor's and Entrepreneur's Club will have our election of officers. Our goal is to have nominations and vote for each position and leave time for networking afterward. As we mentioned at prior meetings, the advisory committee has gotten the ball rolling for the club, and is just a temporary committee until we elect officers. We feel that it is in the club's best interest to get officers in place sooner than later in order to plan and implement ideas for the future. The advisory committee has come up with officer positions and duties for each position. Note that the duties for each one-year term position may change slightly once the officers are in place. Please consider nominating yourself or someone you feel a good fit for one of these exciting positions. There are no experience requirements; only that you have an interest in sharing your energy and creativity for this stimulating new group. Here is a list of officer positions and a tentative list of duties for each position:

? President-Facilitates monthly club meetings and meetings with officers. Advises on guest speakers, club policies and decisions, marketing of the club, strategic planning of the club. Additional duties include participating in monthly SBDC conference call to discuss topics with other surrounding club leaders.

? VP-Facility-Responsible for procuring meeting place (this will probably be sort of set in stone soon as we eventually hope to find a permanent meeting place); coordinating set and clean up after each club meeting (chairs, tables, arrangements for all audio/visual/etc). Also provide refreshments and snacks (the club will reimburse you for these expenses). Develop a refreshment sponsorship program and follow buy local initiative.

? VP-Speaker-With advice from other club members and officers, you will procure speakers for each meeting. Using our speaker evaluation form the VP Speaker will communicate with the speaker the logistical details for our meeting (location direction, time & date, AV needs, handout reproductions, etc). Duties will also include greeting the speaker as well as preparing a follow-up thank you letter.

? Secretary-Maintain club contact list. Responsible for writing, emailing/sending communications to club members; writing or assisting with writing press releases, ads, etc.; main contact with newspapers or other media for press releases, marketing, ads. Produce/print/distribute club feedback forms, contact sign-up sheets, signs, and any other forms, memos, etc.

? Treasurer-Responsible for maintaining the Club books, receipt of monies, payments for club expenses, ads, marketing, speakers, etc. Additional duties include preparation of annual budgets, maintain membership payments, and assist in financial decision making.

The success of our club depends greatly on involvement of our members. The duties have been distributed among the officer positions to minimize the time and effort to be put in by each officer. Each position requires only a couple of hours per month, so please help make our club a huge success by nominating yourself or a friend for one of these rewarding positions.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, February 11 at the Eager Economy Building, 6:30-8:30.


I & E Club Advisory Committee

"I Only buy American Made Clothes"-----a true story

Recently I had a chat over some coffee with an older gentleman---when right in the middle of the conversation, he asked me about jeans. He said, "I only buy American made clothes," and then went on a long rant about he just found out that his favorite jeans were made in China, and asked me, as a font of wisdom in the fashion area, if I knew of an American made brand that he could buy.

Relax I was gentle with him.

I suggested that most apparel is made in Asia these days, and that one should not make dogmatic statements about apparel, lest one might only have a fig leaf to wear....that is if even fig leafs are made in America.

A short check on the content of most goods in America, including cars, reveals that the parts come from all over the world.

Make a note of it.

ABC: New York CEO's and ABC News Whine

CEO's are Presidents too. It's not fair. And ABC agrees according to the way this artice is written. Click on the post. It seems that Wall Street still does not get it.

Bloomberg: Volker Frustated, Ignored

Will Paul Volker resign?? Is Pres. Obama listening to the rookies that got Wall Steet into this mess rather than the seasoned pro Paul Volker? Clic on the post for the latest article.

yahoo: Finance: Minyanville turns bullish

Click on the post for the opinio of Minyanvile.

WSJ: The Madoff Cutomer List

Click on the post for the customer list of Mr. Madoff----the long list raises questions of whether one man could have carried off this scheme alone---stay tuned.

Gazette: Changes coming at Woodbridge Corp. --Brodhead

Click on the post for the article in the Gazette today.

DOT: Law of the Month---"Undivided Attention"

Click on the post. Your undivided attention is required.

WSJ: Will Deflation eliminate state aid for municipalities due to deflation?

What a difference deflation makes. Click on the post for the story in the Wisconsin State Journal. Since state aid to municipalities is contingent on cities spending increases being less than the rate of inflation----some cities may find it impossible to meet this objective. Therefore no state aid. Stay tuned.

WSJ: Foreclosure for Overture?

Click on the post for the latest.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ECP meets TONIGHT---Fiscal Services Agent on agenda

Click on the post for the latest.

Gazette; Brodhead Schools face cuts

Click on the post for the latest.

Star Trib: Minn House Bill would give HS students $$ for early graduation

Click on the post for the story.

OpEd: What Pres. Obama told retailers------

Recently President Obama made the comment: "This will take years.....not months."

This comment was important in that it set the expectations in focus for all Americans---and for retailers also. Brick and mortar as well as internet retailers that have a business model that relies soly on the Christmas frenzy were warned that next Christmas may also be flat by historical standards---and that therefore it is of the essence if they plan on surviving to change their margins, change the discount codes etc if they wish to survive. Period.

If you look at some brick and mortar stores and review their pricing and promotions, you can see that some are responding....and some are not. Stay tuned. There is drama in the advertising---who will make it? who will not? Stay tuned.

Public Safety Meets Tonight----

Click on the post for the full agenda.

Wall Street Journal: Coupon Web Sites---Never Pay Full List Again

Click on the post for the latest.

Mailbag: OpEd: "Bear Trader Writes---sees a way out of the banking mess----

Go after banks, establish all "hard to value" assets, put a market value on all such (there is a functioning market for this stuff, just the bid prices are too low for the holders' tastes), establish a "worst case" net worth for each bank, and have the FDIC close down any bank technically insolvent. Start with the biggest banks first. Act as rapidly as possible. Liquidate the assets including, especially, credit default swaps. If an asset has zero value, it has zero value.

Subtract any assets from the balance sheets due to TARP or other programs, go with the actual assets, not the federal loans, repos, asset value guarantees, all that stuff. Very important not to count federal dollars as bank assets.

This would close Citicorp, Bank of America, Goldman (now a savings bank, remember), JPMorgan, and probably the rest of the big names and their stockholders and bond holders. Interest rates will go up. Tough.

I honestly think that getting the walking dead banks off of life support would fix things very quickly, like this year. Worry about pension funds, insurance companies, and all that later. This will cost a trillion dollars or so but there is plenty of time, months and months.

Replace Geithner and Summers. They are Rubin's disciples and coat tail riders. Put in somebody with some seriousness.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Minn: Pensions: Star Tribune: Mpls Pension Fund seeks merger to avoid .........

Click on the post for what could be a fairly common story in the upcoming year.

Pioneer Press: Minn: 10 Million $$ cut for Lakeville Schools Slated

Click on the post for a familiar story from Minnesota as it faces the decline in state and municipal revenue.

Senior Corner: Pioneer Press: The New Co-ops----

The baby boomers are ageing---and banding together in cooperatives to meet the challenge---click on the post for the story in the Pioneer Press.

Travel: Fashion; Preparing for Paduka


Recently these two young folks dropped by Observer headquarters on the way to Florida, via Paduka, Ky. As they headed off, concerned about the ice storm they faced, I gave Don the ultimate weapon----a ball cap ear band and a firehose cap from Duluth Trading Co.

They arrived safely, but did text that Paduka was cold, dark and scary.

Two lessons for us younger folks----guys are sensitive in the ear lobes....and yes....Never underestimate the power of a Ball Cap Ear Band!!! Click on the post to order one of your own.
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Monday, February 02, 2009

USA: Lead and SAT Scores----

Click on the post for the latest.

Gazette; Paul George Remembered

Click on the post for memories of the late Paul George. May he rest in Peace.

Gazette: Schools: Open Enrollment Begins TODAY

Click on the post for the article in the Gazette and the link to enroll online.

Evansville Plan Commission Meets Today---Another Car lot on Agenda

Click on the post for the latest.

Mailbag: Rep. Brett Davis Writes:

Action Taken in Assembly this Week
It has been a busy week in the State Legislature. Governor Doyle gave his annual State of the State Address, and the State Assembly approved legislation that focused on jobs and unemployment benefits. As a state, we need to continue doing all we can to get our economy back on track while ensuring appropriate oversight and accountability of taxpayer dollars.

Governor Doyle hit the right tone in his speech on Wednesday night. The economy is weak, and families and businesses all over the state are facing much tighter budgets. Like many states across the country, Wisconsin is facing an extremely large deficit in our state budget this session. If we work together we can enact responsible policies that will speed up our state’s economic recovery and not shift huge amounts of debt on to our kids and grandkids. When families and businesses are facing smaller budgets government must prioritize its spending and not look to the taxpayers’ wallets for additional help.

The Legislature must act aggressively in approving legislation that will help create jobs in the private sector. Just this past week the Assembly approved three job related measures:

Assembly Bill 1 – The Wisconsin First Act
This bill tracks state spending and recommends the state purchase at least 20% of all goods and services from Wisconsin businesses.

Assembly Bill 2 – The American Jobs Act
This bill requires state contracts to be awarded only to those companies who do business in the United States. Purchasing from businesses located within the United States will put more money in our economy and create jobs at home rather than overseas.

Assembly Bill 5 – Extending Unemployment Benefits
This emergency legislation allows the state to access federal money to help pay for extended unemployment benefits. This is similar to actions taken in past economic recessions to help our unemployed workforce in tough times. The bill allows the state to access nearly $40 million in federal funds, set aside for just this purpose, to help pay for the extended unemployment benefits instead of increasing taxes on Wisconsin businesses.
In addition, I supported Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 3 authored by Representative Mark Gottlieb (R-Port Washington) that would ensure the money Wisconsin receives from the federal government in the economic stimulus package is spent in a way that is appropriate, affordable, transparent, and aimed at creating and attracting jobs to our state. AJR 3 was sent to an Assembly Committee for review, but I am hopeful it will be taken up and approved quickly by both the Assembly and Senate.

Estimates are that Wisconsin will receive around $3.2 billion from the federal government. My concern is that this one time money will be used to pay for projects with major ongoing expenses. The problem is that the government doesn’t have the money to continue paying for the ongoing project costs, and will be forced to go back to taxpayers to foot the bill. This is the wrong approach. We all need to keep in mind that money from the federal government is not “free” money, it comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket. I believe strongly that the federal stimulus money should be directed towards growing the economy and creating jobs, not simply the size of our government.

If you or your family are being impacted by the economy in a negative way and you think I can help, please contact me. I have already assisted many people throughout the 80th District and will continue working hard to do all I can serve you.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dateline Normal, Mn: "Generalized Hope is NOT an Action Plan"----FICTION

Click on the post for the latest. It's a land of FICTION, but other than that.....

Star Tribune; KY Residents in Cold and Darkness

Click on the post for the story in the Star Tribune. I have received calls from Ky from relatives driving through to Florida---they just have said it is totally dark in Padukah----I am having a difficult time imagining going 2 weeks without heat....

Click on the post for the story.

Yahoo: Davos: Don't let Crisis mean spread of more corrpution

In desparate times, desparate people and corporations do desparate and corrupt things---at Davos this was discussed...briefly..Click on the post for the full article.