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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

Mailbag: Karate America:

News Release
March 30, 2007
Local Karate Students Compete at Tournament!
Recently students from Karate America Evansville competed at Wisconsin’s largest karate tournament, the “Southern Wisconsin Open”. Over 603 competitors participated in the spring tournament which was held March 24 & 25th in Verona, WI.
Twenty-nine KA Evansville students, from age 5 to 45, competed in team and individual events! These students choose to participate in order to test themselves, have fun and see top notch martial arts!
The Southern Wisconsin Open is held twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.
Contact for more information:
Susan Granger

Minutes: Economic Development: March 2007

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
5:30 p.m.

1. Roll call. The meeting was called to order by chair Wyse at 5:36 p.m. Present: Gene Bass, John Decker, Fred Juergens, Tony Wyse. Absent: Roger Berg, Cheryl Dickert, Dave Olsen, James Otterstein. Also present: Mayor Sandy Decker, City Administrator Dan Wietecha, Chamber of Commerce Promotions Director Bridgit Larsen, Judy Whalen.
2. Approval of agenda. The agenda, as distributed, was approved without objection.
3. Approval of minutes of February 20, 2007 regular meeting as printed. So moved by Juergens, seconded by Bass. Approved by voice vote.
4. Citizen appearances, other than on items listed below. None.

5. Update on City web site. The new City of Evansville web site is up and running. Fred Juergens has been doing most of the input, but will be shifting that work to City staff. A copy of the old web site software has been retained on CD.

Discussion was had as to adoption of policies for listing of privately-sponsored events. Fred Juergens will draft a proposed policy for the Evansville web site and bring it to the next meeting for consideration.

The City web camera has been installed at Union Bank & Trust Co., and will be in operation soon. Viewers will be able to acccess images via a link on the City's home page.

6. Economy Store CDBG update. Roger Berg has reported that the grants are pretty much in place.

7. Update on CDBG for additional streetscape funding. Foth has finalized the additional project costs, and will submit the grant request in the amount of $200,000.00.

8. Report from Downtown Reconstruction Task Force. John Decker advised that a second informational meeting will be held at Hagen Insurance to give business owners and operators an update on the project scope, sequence and schedules. The initial phase of the project, beginning approximately April 9, and running until approximately July 1, will entail underground construction only. Curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement, and street paving, will not start until after July, due in part to state funding restrictions. The overall project should be completed by November. Street and sidewalk segments will be kept open to traffic to the greatest extent possible.

The outdoor advertising program will begin April 1, and run through September 30. Four different billboard locations will be used. The direct-mail program will utilize the April, May and June Water & Light bill mailings (and possibly other means). The ad program has been paid for by the City's Economic Development Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, and various business owners.
The Task Force is meeting weekly, and is concentrating on detour route, signage and parking issues.

9. Discussion of business development summit. Judy Whalen presented a written proposal for facilitation of the proposed summit, including planning, preparation and follow-up services. The committee discussed the proposal and the advisability of having a professionally coordinated activity. Interrelationship with the anticipated Trade Market Analysis was discussed, along with potential project scope, timing and cost. Juergens moved, seconded by Decker, to have the City Administrator prepare a Request for Proposals and distribute same to potential service providers for a business development summit, with the proposals to be due in time for review at the next meeting of the committee. Approved by voice vote.

10. Review of Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund. Dan Wietecha informed the committee that the Revolving Loan Fund was initially established in approximately 1999, in connection with development of the Water Street Industrial Park. The fuund has not been used in recent years. He also distributed an undated document setting forth requirements for applications and permitted uses of funds. The committee will review the document in the interim, and have further discussion at next month's meeting.

11. Review of Allen Creek Redevelopment Master Plan. As an information item, Dan Wietecha advised the committee about the proposed plan, which would pertain to properties in the vicinity of the Main Street/Union Street intersection, and northward on Union Street.

12. Adjournment. Bass moved, seconded by Juergens, to adjourn to the next regular monthly meeting in April. Approved by voice vote at 7:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
John Decker, Secretary

Gazette Corner: Wayauwega School loses Open Record Lawsuit

Click on the post as The Janesville Gazette covers this classic open meeting law case.

Reflection Corner: "The Deciders Prayer"

(Ed. note: Click on the post for this rare find. I found it crumpled up in an old book at the St. Vincent DePaul store. Enjoy. )

Nostalgia: Sept 2005--

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Falling off the Bicycle--a true story; Reflections on the Evansville growth bicycle

For over a decade, my wife and I annually receive a brochure from UW Plattville about the European bike tour, that features a 10 day bike ride---Usually there are three different countries to choose from.As far as dreams go, this one has been on the back burner.

Now that two of the kids have finished college, however, we are facing a dream crisis of sorts---the bike trip requires being fit enough to bike 50 miles a day for a week. Yes, I did do the 56 mile Sugar River Trail roundtrip some years ago, but did take a week off afterwords. We do need to get the dream in our lifetime, so....

The other night we both went out to begin training again. I wore my yellow "Lance Armstrong" t-shirt just for the occasion. About the 5 mile mark, I got a little thirsty and noticed that my wife had forgotten her water bottle. Having watched the Tour de France, I knew just what to do. I yelled to my fellow peloton rider, wife, to bike beside so I could pass the water bottle. Just as she was reaching, or over-reaching for the bottle.....she crashed to the pavement.

My wife is a cadiac sonographer for a local hospital, and her arm and hands, and yes mind are the keys to her occupation. In a heartbeat, we both held our breath. .....Ok. no broken hips or arms. relax...

Sometimes in pursuing a dream, one can, in the frenzy of things fall off the growth bicycle. Sometimes in reaching too far and not being in touch, reality can come and readjust the dream big time.For me, it bought back my favorite Zen saying, " When you walk, walk. When you run, run. Don't wobble. " When you are on the growth bicycle it is important not to overreach. The pavement comes quickly.
Posted by Evansville Observer at 8:44 AM

Mailbag: Jim Bielke writes: City Dump Hours noted:


Welcome Beijing: Hello?

The Observer has two loyal readers from Evansville who just happen to be traveling in China and hence I am hoping that they will provide a person on the street down home travel update for our readers. Stay tuned.

Another loyal reader will be traveling to France shortly. I hope to get some photos and reports on this trip also.

Evansville Schools Enrollment Projection

Click on the post for the enrollment projection for Evansville Schools. There is now a link on the Observer sidebar to easily access this report.

Of note----On page 12 of the enrollment report there is an analysis of Rock County population by age from 2005 to 2030. In age group 15-19, there is a population of 11,485 in year 2005 and in the year 2030-----it is 11,363.

In age group 10-14--in 2005 there is a population of 11,679 and in 2025 it is 11,652 and only in 2030 does it go to 11,642.

The sole age group of increase====Age 5-9. In 2005 it has a population of 10,690 and in 2030 it has a populatin of 11,592.

This provides a good view of the profile of Rock County. The numbers are pretty clear. Growth of any kind presupposes continued birth rate holding constant, quality jobs holding steady and rising in Rock County, and citizens migrating to Rock County. To assume this, Rock county would have to defy the national pattern of declining birth rate, defy the pattern of decreasing manufacturing jobs, and defy the plunging pattern of building permits and housing construction resulting from a bust in housing due to overstimulation of home ownership and predatory lending practices of certain subprime lenders preying on the most vulnerable of loan applicants.

WSJ: Sports Funding Theory----the latest

T. Boon Pickins is a famous name. His novel method of funding his alma mater has got the attention of The Observer. He is a real role model. Click and enjoy.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse Goes Green--Featured during Energy Fair

PRESS RELEASE: Evansville Business Uses Green Energy
CONTACT: Robin Lopez-Grignon, Coordinator, Evansville Community Partnership, 608-882-0598 ecpi@eishome.com
DATE: March 29, 2007
RELEASE: 1 page

ATTACHED: 1.) Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse Solar Panels & Kirk the official greeter
Area Greenhouse Uses “Green” Energy
Free Tour of Solar Panels …
Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse will offer free tours of their solar panel operation during Evansville’s Earth Day Energy Fair on April 27th. A free tour bus will leave the intermediate school at 5:00 pm to Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse, 16907 W. County Trunk C and return to the fieldhouse at 6:00 pm. The Energy Fair and Solar Panel tour is free and open to the public but children should be accompanied by an adult. The greenhouse will also be open for tours on Saturday, April 28th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
The Journey to Green Energy….
Going to green energy started when Kendall Wethal’s daughter, Kate, worked on her 5th grade science project about solar energy. The project was exhibited at Evansville’s annual earth day energy fair. After helping his daughter make a homemade solar energy collector to heat water, Kendall wanted to explore ways to run his greenhouse business on solar too. Kendal says, “First I built my own 4 x 8 solar energy collector. It worked so well we now have a five-panel commercial solar evacuated tube collector.” The solar panels capture the sun’s energy, heat up the solution, pump it into a storage system and then reuse it for heating during the night. Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse has been producing green electricity since October 2006 with the help of local contractors Albright Electric & Solar and Aire Serv Heating.

Future Plans….
“Our next step will be capturing wind energy using a small wind turbine and installing biofuel boilers,” says Wethal. “Our mission is to produce healthy, beautiful plants while making and using green energy to become more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.” The 5th annual Evansville Earth Day Energy Fair is on April 27th from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the fieldhouse, 320 Fair Street in Evansville. The fair is sponsored by Evansville Water and Light, the Evansville Community Partnership, the Evansville Initiative, and the Evansville Community School District. For more information, contact Robin Lopez-Grignon, ECP Coordinator, at 608/882-0598 or http://us.f318.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=ecpi@eishome.com.

Strong Mercury Rule Coming?

For Immediate Release: Contact: Matt Wallace
March 28th, 2007 (608) 256-9144

DNR Opens Door for Strong Mercury Rule

Cost effective technology available to achieve 90% reduction by 2012
The Natural Resources Board today authorized for public comment a range of options for proposed
changes to the state’s mercury rule.
“With cost-effective technology for 90 percent reductions already available, there’s no reason our lakes
and streams should wait for power plants to get their act together,” said Matt Wallace, WISPIRG
Environmental Associate. "Illinois is on track to reduce statewide mercury emissions 90% by 2009, and
at each individual plant by 2012. Our public health and beautiful waters are too important to let Wisconsin
lag behind our neighbors."
WISPIRG, along with other environmental and sports groups, has submitted a citizens petition to the DNR
requesting that the state implement rules to achieve a 90% reduction in mercury emissions by 2012.
Already, Wisconsinites have overwhelmingly expressed support for such a rule.
Mercury is a serious public health threat in Wisconsin, and is especially dangerous for children and
developing fetuses. Mercury exposure can damage the central nervous system, causing attention and
language deficits, impaired memory, and impaired visual and motor function.
In Wisconsin, most mercury pollution comes from coal-fired power plants. Once in our environment, it
often falls into our rivers and lakes where natural bacteria convert it to its most toxic form. This mercury
becomes more concentrated as it moves up the food chain, until humans consume it through sport and
commercially caught fish. The pollution is so widespread that the DNR has issued fish consumption
advisories for every body of water in the state.
The public comment period will likely entertain comment on a range of policy options, with public hearings
around the state expected to occur no later than June.
"We need to solve this problem, and there's no reason to delay," said Wallace. "We know the source of
the threat, and we have the technology now to stop it. When Wisconsin's kids catch their first fish from
our beautiful lakes, their parents shouldn't have to think twice about serving it for dinner."
WISPIRG is a statewide nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest organization dedicated to environmental protection,
consumer rights, and good government.

Dateline EauClaire, Wi: 3M to close plant

Click on the post for the full story in the Leader Telegram.

Dateline Monroe: Promotional Expenses of City of Monroe detailed

Click on the post for a story in the Monroe Times that details the expenses that Monroe plans on making to promote Monroe this summer.

Evansville Planning Commission meets Monday night--6PM

Click on the post for the agenda in the Evansville Observer Agenda blog.

Monroe Times endorses Monroe School Referendum

Click on the post for the full article in the Monroe Times.

Gazette Corner: On Wisconsin Income Growth

Click on the post for the article in the Janesville Gazette that shows that Wisconsin is in the low grouping for income growth. However, it is better than its model--Georgia, and Michigan, which was the lowest in the nation. So much for setting the standard high. I do wish the article had explained why Georgia is the standard. Stay tuned.

Reflection Corner: The Myth of "Connected"

Click on the post for the reflection of the day.

Union: Planning Commission meets Tonight at Eager Library--7PM

Click on the post for the full agenda. It's the Evansville Observer Agenda Blog. What's on your agenda? Subscribe to the agenda by scrolling down to the end of the blog and clicking on "subscribe." Brought to you by the elves of RSS feed at The Evansville Observer.

WSJ: Blogs: "The Daily Briefing"-----Feels like 1973?

Click on the post for a thought provoking article about similarities......

WSJ: Business: "Wage Management Initiative"===Fired/Rehired for Less---Rare?-Circuit City

Click on the post for the story in today's Wisconsin State Journal about the "rare" Circuit City management move to fire and then hire new at lower wages for some Madison employees. In the article, it is described as a very rare practice, and one that may backfire for Circuit City as it tries to compete with Best Buy and others in the electronics business where the all important customer service is one of the areas that they had hoped to compete in.

The trivia question for the day: Where have you seen this "rare" management practice utilized before in Evansville?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lake Leota Park Bridge

(Ed. Note: Click on the post for further info. Double click photo for largest version.)

Gazette Corner: Magnolia: Wind Test Tower Approved

Click on the post for the latest from Gina Duwe of the Janesville Gazette.

The Observer Store Is now Open

Click on the post for "The Observer Store"----the latest in products from The Observer. A link to the store is on the right link listing. In addition to the current Observer designs, take time to explore thousands of products, and even custom design your own---- click marketplace. There are political gifts from A to Z as well as other necessities. Enjoy.

School Beat: Madison School Board rules out 36 Million referendum at least for now

Click on the post for the article in the Wisconsing State Journal . The School board decided to review some other proposals and then delay the referendum a year. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On Mercury: On recycling fluorescent light bulbs

Just when we were about to throw all the old light bulbs away, there is a concern among scientists about mercury in the fluorescent bulbs that may necessitate recycling them. Click on the post for the full story in yahoo news.

Earth Day Energy Fair: Schedule of Events

5th Annual
Evansville Community
Earth Day Energy Fair
Living Energy
April 27th
4:30 pm—8:30 pm
320 Fair Street
Intermediate School Fieldhouse

Schedule of Events

4:00 pm Community 5 Mile Bike Tour of Windmills-meet at Levi Leonard Elementary School Parking Lot.

4:15 pm Biodiesel and Veggie Vehicles arrive at field house

4:30 pm Exhibits Open-Field house
Bat Exhibit-Community Center
Dan Capps Insect Exhibit—Library
Student Science Fair begins-Field house
Food Service begins: Cafeteria

5:00 pm Tour of Pleasant Prairie Greenhouse solar panels
Bus leaves at 5pm in front of school. Returns at 6 pm

7:00pm Neil Rettig Presentation-featuring Emmy Award Winning
Filmmaker and his live Harpy Eagle

8:00pm Food Service Ends

8:30pm Exhibits Close

Free Event—Everyone Welcome
Sponsored by: Evansville Water & Lig

Nostalgia: Classic AudioObserver: Dateline Normal, Mn.: "Twisting by the Pool"---FICTION

A serious examination of the civic process in Normal, Mn. , where all business is conducted in the local pool. Where everyone has a pool, the school, the seniors and yes even the Boy Scouts. All because of the excitement of the Travelling Willburys coming to town and singing their famous tune, "Twisting by the Pool."

MP3 File

Gazette Corner: Motel? Hotel?

Click on the post for the story by Gina Duwe on the possible motel coming to Evansville.

Memories of Bob Dylan--1967--"Just Like a Woman"

I wonder if this was at 7 Corners in Mpls. Looks familiar. Enjoy.

Will UW Code of Student Conduct be Upgraded?

Click on the post for a story from Milwaukee detailing the changes in many schools re the code of conduct.

River Town News: Property Tax increase ahead

Click on the post for one analysis of the impact of the current Doyle budget on property taxes.

Yahoo Finance: 34% of Americans clueless about their mortgage

Ignorance is bliss---except in the case of one's mortgage. Click on the post for the article in yahoo this morn.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Gazette Corner; New Evansville Web site touted

Click on the post for the article today in the Janesville Gazette on the new Evansville web site. I spoke to Alderman Fred Juergens today right before the shovels were dug at the biodiesel plant, and Fred mentioned that the web cam on the bricks will NOT be saving those images for posterity.

There had been hopes by entertainment types that one could belt out a few songs in front of the web cam and this type of achievement could be kept forever, hermetically sealed in a mayonaise jar for posterity. Fred assured me that this was just a budget decision. The funds available would not have allowed such a sophisticated application. Fame will be short. Just 10 minutes or so folks. Sing under the web cam and if someone notices you....so be it.

Stay tuned. The Evansville Observer. We cover the news. And some little things that the main stream news would never dream of.

Gazette Corner: NIH Study links Child Care and Problem Behavior

Click on the post for the article today in the Janesville Gazette.

Gazette Corner: New Home Sales continue slide

Click on the post for the latest from the Gazette.

Blogs and elementary school?

Click on the post for the latest from the Janesville Gazette.

Gazette Corner: Magnolia Wind project looks positive

Click on the link for the article by Gina Duwe.

This Magic Moment: The North Prairie Productions Ground Breaking

(Ed. Note: Double click on picture for largest version.)

Click on the audio icon on the post below to hear the entire program at the historic groundbreaking in Evansville this morning as Prairie Productions broke ground for the largest biodiesel plant in Wisconsin, and set the stage for a possible soybean crushing plant to sit next to it.
The Observer remembers well the first meeting at Planning Commission when the president of Landmark rose to introduce the principals of Prairie Production to the Evansville Planning members. He said that Landmark was involved in many TIF projects throughout Wisconsin and that they saw the biodiesel project as a win-win transaction for the citizens of Evansville and the project investors. He promised they would to be a good neighbor as they had been in the past. Then he mentioned the investment as 50 million. Everyone in the room saw that this was what Evansville had been waiting for. Today was another step to the day of plant production. Enjoy the audio.
Gov. Jim Doyle in his remarks carved out the position of the State of Wisconsin as in the lead---on the point of attack of making Wisconsin the nation's leader in alternative fuels. He spoke of the committment of replacing the Mideast with the Midwest as the source of our energy.
If there was a key word in the speech of Gov. Doyle it was the word "committment." The state of Wisconsin will stand side by side with communities as they work to develop these fuel alternatives-----and he brought along a check for some of the infrastructure needed to upgrade Hwy M. The question of this infrastructure improvement and its costs were one on the lingering questions to be answered. So----committment and check. Two big words. A big beginning for Evansville and Wisconsin.

North Prairie Productions Groundbreaking-

Groundbreaking Ceremony for North Prairie Productions Biodiesel plant on March 26, 2007 in Evansville, Wi. Featuring Keynote remarks by Gov. Jim Doyle and Mayor Sandy Decker, and Michael Robinson, President of North Prairie Productions.

Minutes: March 2007 Park Board

City of Evansville, Wisconsin
Park and Recreation Board Regular Monthly Meeting
Evansville City Hall Council Chambers
March 19, 2007
Draft Minutes
1. Call to Order at 6:0 PM and Roll Call: Chair Juergens & members Carlsen, Farnsworth, Jacobson, and Krueger present. Staff members Anderson and Hamacher present. Member Carlsen excused. Member Merritt absent
2. Minutes of February 19, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved on a voice vote.
3. The agenda for this meeting unanimously approved without alteration on a voice vote.
4. Citizen Appearances.
a. Tom Calley of Evansville Community Partnership presented a tentative schedule of events for the Fourth of July celebrations. A large number of events is proposed from July 3 through July 8. July 5 is reserved for events related to the Evansvile Youth Center. He requested that lights and temporary fencing near the upper diamond be provided as they were last year. He reported that ECP is seeking a Parade Coordinator; right now a committee is serving that function.
b. Ben Kraus, 19 W. Church Street, reported that his plans for the Evansville Duathalon on June 2 are proceeding, that he has been in contact with the Public Safety Committee to ensure that runners and cyclists are given appropriate protection on the public streets, etc.
5. S.O.LE. Committee Report
Gib Wiedenhoeft of SOLE reported that the creek through the lake bed is staying in place, not soaking the rest of the bed. SOLE has funding requests in to both Senator Kohl’s and Congresswoman Baldwin’s office.
He also reported that the next SOLE meeting would take place on Wednesday, March 28th, 6 PM at the Library. He invited PRB members to attend.
6. Discussion of Summer Baseball-Softball Policy
a. Melissa Hammann, 250 Eager Ct., had filed a “Citizen Action Request/Complaint” with City Hall on February 28th. This request was referred to the Chair for action. Hammann is dissatisfied with the Little League’s position on 10-year old girls placement. Prior to this meeting, the Chair called Hammann to get more information, and also spoke with Jenny Katzenmeyer who directs the Little League (baseball), and Kathy Hermanson, who directs A League of Their Own (ALTO)(softball). He invited all interested parties to this discussion.
b. The chair recognized Hammann to present her concerns to the PRB as a whole.
i. Hammann has a 10-year old daughter who wishes to play in the American League (AL). The “summer registration and league information flyer” states that American League is for 8,9 and 10 year olds. It does not state that 10-year old girls are to be assigned to ALTO, while boys may play in the AL. Only when Hammann went to register her daughter was she told there is such a requirement, which is noted on the registration form.
ii. Hammann claims that ALTO and AL do not provide equivalent experiences for their players. Only once a week in ALTO, vs. twice a week in AL; many more teams to play against in AL than ALTO; the co-ed nature of AL allows coaches to address gender relationships in a positive manner, and clearly: baseball vs. softball. Further, Hammann claims that the city could be opening itself to possible legal action if it appears there is gender discrimination for 10 year olds in AL. Hammann reports that her daughter tried ALTO in 2005 and had a bad experience, so in 2006 she returned to AL. In 2005 most of ALTO activity was devoted to practice and very little to actually playing games.
c. The chair recognized Kathy Hermanson of ALTO. She provided the Board with a “welcome” notice given to parents and girls who join ALTO. ALTO accepts girls ages 8-11. She also stated that she took over ALTO in 2006 and that the volunteers who assist her are trying to improve the program. She says they are trying to develop softball-specific skills in the girls in anticipation of their going on to competitive softball in a traveling league for older girls and in high-school competition, where girls play only softball. She stated that more time will be devoted to games this year. She also stated that ALTO organizers are committed to providing an experience that is based on feedback from parents as to scheduling and relative emphasis on practices and games. Other ALTO assistants also addressed the board, mostly reiterating points already made.
d. The chair recognized Julie Hermanson (no relation to Kathy) of AWARE. She provided a bit of history of how ALTO was begun with financial support from AWARE. AWARE has a stake in wanting to see ALTO succeed, which can only happen if enough girls are involved.
e. The chair recognized Jenny Katzenmeyer, director of the Little League program, including four leagues for kids of various ages, including AL. She has been directing the program for 13 years. She stated that most boys at age 10 are ready to play in the National League (10,11,12), which is for boys only. So they do. However, some are assigned to AL if they’re new to the program so they don’t have to face live pitching right away. AL uses a pitching machine. She also said that she wants to encourage the growth of ALTO by having as many girls as possible play in that league.
f. There were many questions and answers among board members and citizens concerning the issue of 10-year old girls. Member Farnsworth pointed out that because of possible legal issues involved that perhaps our city attorney’s opinion should be sought before making any decision on this issue. The chair said he would seek such an opinion. With that, the discussion closed, and the chair thanked all the parties who came and spoke.
7. Discussion with representatives of the McKenna School group regarding the skate park.
a. The chair recognized Brandon Frank, a staff member at McKenna Middle School. Frank reported that he was taking on organizing a group of students to revitalize the Evansville Skate Club, with the express goal of creating a healthy skate environment for Evansville youth. This has the support of the school principal, Bob Flaherty. He provided a hand-out to members of the Board, describing possible functions of the club.
b. Frank introduced the officers of the club, who each addressed a particular issue that is of concern:
i. Hunter Brown, President, stated that adult supervision would be an important factor in controlling vandalism, profanity, substance abuse and littering. All of these have been cited as problems at the skate park in 2006. The club wants to establish a contract for skate club members, spelling out rules and consequences of unacceptable behavior. This contract will be approved by the PRB.
ii. Adam George, Vice President, James Cothard, Treasurer and Hunter Palmer Secretary further discussed proposals to deal with specific problems of littering, vandalism, etc. These appear in their handout and are made a part of these minutes. Copies will be available to the public to read at City Hall.
c. There was question/answer and comments among members of the Board, members of the Skate Club, and several other interested parties in attendance, including parents of Club members. Discussion centered on how adult supervision might be provided. It’s going to be volunteers, probably mostly parents, for this season, as there is no city money appropriated to pay any staff. An increased police presence was suggested. David Rossmiller pointed out that parents don’t currently have any “authority” to deal with kids other than their own in a public park. Farnsworth mentioned a general “bullying” issue. It was suggested that use of the park be split up with times for older kids and other times for younger kids. Another idea was to speak with people supervising skate parks in other localities, such as Oregon, where it doesn’t appear that problems such as Evansville is experiencing exist. Tom Cothard, City Council President, pointed out that he had not been in favor of opening a skate park, because he anticipated the problems that in fact have occurred.
d. During the discussion it was clear that members of the Skate Club and their advisor want to address the problems. What is not clear is if they can be successful. No action was taken by PRB on when to re-open the Skate Park this spring. The chair will discuss with Frank further action that the McKenna group might take before a decision is made. This will be on the agenda for the April meeting. The chair thanked all interested parties for coming to the PRB meeting and participating in the discussion.
8. Chair’s report on any actions of City Committees and Common Council on items of interest to PRB:
a. Council adopted by resolution the recently drafted Park and Recreation Board Five Year Plan on March 13th. The Chair will file a copy with the DNR to regain eligibility for grant applications that may be submitted to that agency.
b. At a recent meeting of the Plan Commission, Member Hammann noted that there is a detailed plan, drawn up sometime in the 1990’s, available for a trail along Allen Creek from Leota-Leonard Park to the Main St. bridge over the creek. This plan will be sought out and considered in the future as a possible amendment to the Five Year Plan.
9. Reports/Updates on Pending Park Projects & Maintenance: Park Maintenance Supervisor Ray Anderson
a. Lake Leota Park: improvements to the press-box/concession stand area by the upper diamond are planned. Old refrigerators, etc., have been removed. Replacements are likely to be provided by Evansville Community Partnership. Painting and other refurbishments will be part of an Eagle Scout project organized by Ryan Ammerman.
b. Franklin Park: Discussions are being held with Mr. Kostroun on possible ways to construct the shelter/gateway. Trees and fence already designated for removal will be handled when weather permits.
c. Countryside Park: Restroom construction still on hold because of weather.
d. West Side Park: none
e. other projects, if any: A tree inventory is being conducted in Lake Leota Park. About 60 trees have been removed over the last dozen years, while only 12 have been replanted. Public Works intends to plant about 50 trees this year. Symdon Chevrolet has offered to donate $500 to assist in the cost of some of these trees, specifically those that will be planted to block the view from the swimming pool area to Symdon’s back lot. There was a discussion of possibilities of transplanting trees due to be removed from Main St. during the coming construction. The Chair will discuss this at the next Public Works meeting to determine feasibility.
10. Aquatic Report: Pool Director Rick Hamacher
a. Report on solar-panel project for 2007: The city engineer is in contact with the supplier of the solar panels in order to design the necessary panel supports adequate for the weight of the panels. Project is lower priority than engineer’s work on Main Street reconstruction. Little has changed since the February meeting
b. Summer staff hiring should be complete by March 26th. Lifeguard training for those hired will occur soon.
10. Old Business
a. The chair provided a report concerning the Evansville Soccer Club on its general structure and activities during the previous year for review by the Board prior to the next meeting.
11. New Business
a. The chair provided copies of an email from Jon Frey of Home Talent League Baseball concerning possible short-term and long-term improvements to the upper diamond. Ray Anderson is working with Frey to implement most of the short-term improvements this year, those which will fit within his established budget. Some of the suggested improvements are already done on an annual basis. The long-term improvements involve substantial costs and are not part of the PRB’s existing 5-year plan. Possible amendments to the plan can be considered in early 2008.
b. The chair reported a contact with Primetimers. The organization is considering establishing a garden club. The chair will discuss possibilities of such a club cooperating with the Park Board to enhance and maintain some of the plantings in parks around the city and report back to the Board at the April meeting..
12. Motion to Adjourn (Jacobson, Farnsworth) approved at 7:50 pm.
Minutes drafted by Fred Juergens on March 25, 2007. Minutes are not official until approved at a subsequent meeting of the PRB.

As the World Turns: Welcome Germany: China Next

The Observer wishes to welcome our regular visitor from Germany. I assume this a local Evanville resident who is serving in the military and is staying in touch. Welcome.

Next week The Observer hopes to set a new record as one of our regular visitors, WXMAN is traveling to China and has promised to check in with us. Stay tuned.

OpEd: Politics: School Beat: Dictionary: Webster Slick: "Recycling the Housing Stock"====

Years ago, a former neighbor boy, Ray, from Minneapolis came to visit us in Evansville. He had just turned 22. We took a break one night to head on over to the Coach House for a brew, mano a mano. As we settled in at the bar, the bartender came over to take our order. At first Ray seemed a little startled. The bartender was a white haired little old grandmother type. She said: "Whatal it be, sonny?" He replied with an exotic German type of brew label. Once the name came out of his lips, the whole bar quieted.

Then she smiled slightly and said: "Sonny, in these here parts we just have Bud or Miller lite. Whatal it be?"

"O.K., " he said, "I'll take a Miller lite."

Over the years I have remembered that moment. The reason.---- In Evansville, not in the uptown regions of Metro USA, we can have all ages of our citizens in all areas of our community life. Seniors play a huge role here. As volunteers. In Non-profits. In schools. This has been the case for the past 100 years.

Recently in a school buildings and grounds meeting, an official was heard to comment, and you can hear this on the movie on this blog: "There will be some recycling of Housing stock." Those are only eight words. They are dynamite words for seniors. And they mean an earthquake for our community. Here is WHY.

If you are a senior and in your home how much revenue do you provide to your school district? $800? O.K. Let's just say that for example purposes, a young family could buy your home from you and have two kids of school age, 7 and 9. How much money would that family provide to the school district in terms of per pupil state aid? $16,000.

When one considers why an organization that does not foresee a necessity for additional building for 10 years would desire to build schools totaling 44 million dollars in today's dollars, or 100 million dollars in 2017 dollars---the question is what is the motivation for leading with DEBT first. What is the motivation? The debt will translate into higher taxes and the Seniors will be forced to sell their homes. Period.

Behind the "slick" recycling the housing stock phrasing is a very lethal weapon against seniors. Rather than grow by adding quality homes, it sees "recycling" as a strategy.

This is one case where "recycling" is not a "Green" or human friendly process. This is a warning for all seniors. Poor school planning can be hazardous to your health. Beware.

This morning we celebrate in Evansville the groundbreaking for the new biodiesel plant. All the politicos will be there. This is the healthy growth that we need in Evansville that can bring good jobs.........It is good GREEN. Recycling the soy to make fuel to make us fuel independent. It is the opposite of recycling the housing stock. Make a note of it.

Dateline Sun Prairie: Bray Associates proposes 1 million in school security improvements

Click on the post for an article in the Sun Prairie newspaper about the improvements to security that have been recommended by Bray and Associates. The study cost $2800. Some schools are using a study like this to forumlate a 5 year plan for security. Others are hiring a person for $100,000 per year and adding a half a million in overhead over 5 years. If you scroll down and read the details, you will note some of the same security elements that have been discussed in buildings and grounds at Evansville schools, such as a secure entrance etc. , cameras.

Greenspan seems to need lots of attention: Media craving roils Wall Street

Click on the post for the full story on the recent speeches from Alan Greenspan in which he takes positions opposite to those he took while in office. Some of his comments have had a big effect on wall street daily swings.

Wall Street is torn. Yes. Alan does have freedom of speech. Someone needs to tell him that sometimes "grandstanding" and "manipulation of markets" are harmful and that there are other ways to get attention. The problem of course. Who will tell him.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just a few signs left----call 882-6481 to get your own sign--while they last

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Grumps Corner: On Executive Priviledge and Sgt. Schultz

Click on the post as the legendary "Grumps" hits the bulls eye.

Mailbag: Former Evansville Administrator Jennifer Petruzello Endorses Hammann, Woulfe for Evansville School board

Evansville School District Residents -

I am writing today to express my support for School Board Candidates Melissa Hammann and Richard Woulfe, and encourage you to vote in the April 3rd election for these fine individuals.

Melissa and Richard have the best interests of students at heart. Both are hard-working, dependable individuals with strong knowledge of the Evansville Community and our schools. However, both of these individuals have different strengths which I believe will make them great assets to the Board.
Melissa is a passionate woman who has spent the last year educating herself about issues impacting our schools. She has been actively involved in her children's education and has first hand knowledge of the issues each school is facing. It is clear to me that she will challenge the administration and work towards solutions that have the most positive educational impact for our children given the financial dollars available. Her desire for information will facilitate better decision-making for the entire School Board.

Richard is interested in a long term view for our schools. I think he would bring a focus to the school board where decisions are based upon an identified set of priorities and goals. He has demonstrated a personal commitment to informing citizens about school issues through his work on The Evansville Observer. He is interested in learning the opinion of others and maintaining options for families.
I hope you will join me in supporting Melissa Hammann and Richard Woulfe in this critical election.

Jennifer Petruzzello

Woulfe for Evansville School Board--Vote April 3rd.

Richard Woulfe for Evansville School Board
Remember to Vote on April 3rd.

Committed to Long Term Sustainable Plan not short term
Committed to Priorities------Needs Before Wants
Committed to the very Best in education for each student consistent with fiscal limits of the District.
Committed to asking the right questions and not assuming I know the answers.
I have a history of engaging this community in a full range of issues through my work at The
Evansville Observer, www.evansvilleobserver.blogspot.com I have written on most all the issues facing our district.
I am the father of three daughters that have attended Evansville Schools, two have graduated from college, one is a junior at EHS.
I am committed to our current daycare providers and opposed to enlarging the role of schools at a time of limited space and resources, and money.
I am committed to the half day kindergarten option and the school board policy of requiring a certain level of enrollment. Options are good. One size does not fit all.
I am committed to identification of and providing service to those children required to be served in pre-K.
I am for open government, in schools and civic life. You can hear the recent school board forum and the answers to key questions at www.evansvilleobserver.blogspot.com Also, look for detailed coverage of the school forum in the Evansville Review.
The answer is clear----Vote Woulfe for school board.

Paid for by Richard Woulfe for Evansville School Board

Richard and Susan Woulfe
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Covered Bridge: Lake Leota Park, Evansville

Covered Bridge--Sugar River Trail

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WSJ: Sales of Existing Homes Rise: Median Price continues decline

Click on the post for the analysis of the housing situation in the Wisconisn State Journal this morn.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Breaking: Badger State: Motel Coming to Evansville?

Badger State confirms the rumors that the Observer has heard about a motel coming to Evansville. Click on the post.

Stay tuned.

WSJ: U.S. House votes for Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Click on the post for the latest from the Wisconsin State Journal.

(Orig Post 9/2005) ------That Vision Thang; Or, Right Dreaming; Or, Separating Beef from Baloney

(Ed. note; This post goes back to Sept of 2005----some of the dream thang has seen some progress--the war has been another matter. Stay tuned.)

I've been thinking a lot lately about "that vision thang." You remember. Pres. George Bush Sr. was criticized cause he said going further into Iraq "wasn't prudent." We ridiculed him big time for being less than macho. He didn't have the vision thang.

His son, Pres. George Bush Jr. had the "vision thang." He was bold, forthright, and honest, not like his Democratic predecessor. Even if his dad told him Iraq would not be "prudent," son had the "vision thang."

Thinking back, it seems we have been real tough on our real visionary leaders---think of Pres. Jimmy Carter in his button down sweater, telling us to turn the lights off and turn the temps down and to get the alternative fuels program ready. We simply laughed at his vision thing, and are paying for our laughter today.

Even in Evansville, I occasionally have trouble with the "vision thang." As my readers know, I believe that the four walls of the house that is Evansville, are School, Library, Park, and Public Safety. Hence, I have urged a combined facility for EMS, Fire and Police. Maybe in some spare space. We have lots of it in the TIF district.

I have been reading Freud on Dreams, tring to get the dream just right. I have been thinking real hard about the objectives of Public Safety. However, no matter how meticulously I plan the sleep, I NEVER wake up with the dream of the Community Center in the Ceramic Shop, the Police in the Dean center, and the two ambulances of EMS packed right to the walls of the City Hall Basement.

Maybe one of my fellow bloggers can help me with the dream procedure. I must be doing something wrong! There is right thinking. I am just trying to have RIGHT DREAMING.

Reflection: Politics: OP Ed: "Errors Cost You Money"-----a true story; On Planning; On Errors; Why Full Community Input Matters

Many years ago, I was a financial consultant for a major Wall Street firm. Shortly after passing my Series 7 Exam, I was working a public offering for a new series of bond funds, which were in fashion at the time. It was just before lunch. I had a stack of "tickets" or orders and carried them to "the wire", which is what we called the teletype operator that sent the orders to New York. As I presented the orders to the operator, I noticed on the very bottom of each ticket the words:

"Errors cost you money."

Just then the branch manager, who was excited about the effort of everyone during that week, offered to buy lunch at the local pizza place. I thought that was a wonderful idea. On the way over to the pizza place, I asked him, " What's the deal with the "Errors cost you money," on the bottom of every ticket."

"Well," he smiled, "If there is a stock symbol error or quantity error on the ticket, and the stock has to be sold out to remedy the error, the difference due to the error is taken from your paycheck. Also, if someone promises to pay for something.....and then does not.....and the stock or bond has to be sold......the difference is taken from your paycheck."

"What if someone lies," I asked.

"You have to hear and know the customer," he replied. "That is your first responsibility. Don't worry; You will learn quickly."

He was right. When lies cost you money, and the money comes out of one's paycheck....one learns quickly....to hear quite precisely.

This is what all bankers call the "Know Your Customer Rule." It is the very first rule of banking. In a small town, it is pretty easy. On the telephone it gets harder.

In the recent Evansville School Board Forum, Tris Lahti was heard to remark that "Who cares if we built a few too many sports facilities and the numbers are a little out of line with our peers."

Who cares?

One has to care because errors in planning cost everyone---taxpayers....students...parents...business....and teachers.......

The reason that it is important to involve the community in any decision about our schools is that we have a huge stake in the plan. Conflict of interest, whether it is in the form of an architectual firm who gets fees for building doing the planning..........or in the form of board candidates who have relatives on the school district payroll....is a detriment to objective review of our community needs.

Now more than ever, we in Evansville need experienced citizens who are committed to avoiding conflict of interest to run for our Evansville School Board. That is why I am running. I do need your vote on April 3rd. Every vote will count. It is spring break. Don't forget to vote.

Parking Noted for Upcoming Construction Downtown Evansville

Last night I attended a meeting at Hagen Insurance where the plan for the downtown reconstruction that begins April 2nd was discussed with business owners. I will have some audio of this meeting on the Observer later. The parking situation was reviewed and the info shared was as the city web site describes:

"FREE Parking available downtown!
During construction of Main Street, the city's four "behind Main Street" parking lots will still be open.
* behind the Grange building
* off the 100 block of W. Church Street
* off Maple Street, just south of Main St.
* off Montgomery Court, just north of Main St.
Even though you can't park on parts of Main St., you'll have easy access to downtown businesses.
Please patronize local businesses! "

Mr. Tom Pfefferkorn of Foth Infrastructure and Environment, LLC, went over the phases of the project as well as the communication plan. Dan Wietecha went over this plan in city minutes recently. Here are his comments from the recent redevelopment meeting:

"Main Street Construction. Wietecha stated that the contractor for the underground utility work would begin mobilizing the week of April 2 and construction would begin April 9. Sidewalks would remain open throughout the construction. The construction would be sequenced with three distinct phases: west of Madison, Maple and west of Maple, and east of Maple to the bridge. Each phases would be finished and re-opened to traffic before proceeding to the next phase. The project is scheduled for completion July 2. Laying the brick street and replacing the sidewalks would begin shortly thereafter and is expected to take all summer. The Downtown Task Force will continue promoting the downtown businesses during the construction. "

I believe that although this will be difficult for local businesses, Evansville has the right contractors, the right supervision, and a communication plan that will work. The advertising plan for the parking is being worked on as far as traffic coming by Evansville. Foth has proven themselves very effective in both the Hwy 14 project as well as the recent downtown project.

The Observer will be drawing attention to relevant news from the city web site as we proceed. Stay tuned.

WSJ: Biodiesel for School Buses

Click on the post for the story from the Wisconsin State Journal on how a program has been established to burn biodiesel rather than diesel in school buses and for the schools to be paid the cost difference.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Minutes: Partial: New Business Common Council: March 2007

(Ed. note. This is the new business portion of the March 2007 Common Council minutes.)

New Business
Motion by Juergens, seconded by Braunschweig, to recommend to Common Council the approval of Tax Incremental District #7 Development Agreement between the (1) City of Evansville and (2) North Prairie Productions, LLC and Landmark Service Cooperative. Mr. Wietecha reported that Landmark Service Cooperative needed more time to review the agreement.
Motion by Juergens, seconded by Braunschweig, to table the motion. Motion passed.
Al Willimovsky led the discussion on 2005 Personal Property Tax bill for Turn 2 Construction in the amount of $454.07. He questioned the total assessed value on his business personal property and claimed a hardship case in regards to paying his bill. The Committee refused to write off his bill and instructed Mr. Willimovsky to set up a payment plan with the city clerk.
Mr. Wietecha led the discussion on the Purchase Order Policy and Procedures and Accounts Payable Policy and Procedures. He is reviewing a new procedure requiring the use of purchase orders to facilitate the accounts payable process. The Committee stated they reviewed this matter with the previous city administrator and the department heads were instructed to use purchase orders then. Mr. Wietecha will continue to review this matter with the Accounts Payable Policy and Procedures.
Mr. Wietecha led the discussion on Budget Amendment Policy and Procedures. Currently, the city reviews budget amendments whenever the need arises. He is recommending the city review budget amendments once every six months. Thus, instead of dealing with budget amendments every month, the city will deal with them in June and December. The Committee concurred.
Mr. Wietecha led the discussion on the appraisal for the Police Department building. The appraised value was $178,000. The preliminary plan is to use these funds towards the purchase of the current Fire Station, 10 W. Church Street, and move the police department into that building. The Fire District is discussing the option to build a new station early next year. At that time, the city can continue exploring the option of buying the old fire department building and moving the police department into it.
Mr. Wietecha led the discussion on the Economic Development Committee Revolving Loan Fund. The City has a balance of approximately $71,000 for Economic Development Loans, which has been dormant for many years. Because of the long dormant period, Mr. Wietecha thought it would be prudent to obtain Finance and Council approval before using these funds again. The Committee instructed staff to draft policies and procedures for the Economic Development Committee Revolving Loans.
Mr. Wietecha led the discussion on Department Head Contracts. Mr. Wietecha reported that Wisconsin State Statutes give specific property interest in municipal officer positions, such as, the Chief of Police, Clerk, and Treasurer. Upon consultation with labor attorney Tom Crone, it appears that existing language in the Municipal Code could be interpreted as granting the same protection to other city officials. Thus, Mr. Wietecha recommended maintaining the current Code with adjustments to the department head contracts to make clear that they are given “for cause” protection. Also recommended were eliminating compensation time and mandatory attendance of the Common Council meetings. Additionally, he recommended extending contracts for a multi-year period. The Committee discussed the idea of a rolling three-year contract and instructed staff to draft department head contracts for their review next month.
Mr. Jepperson led the discussion and possible motion on 2007 Bond Issues. He reported that staff will be meeting tomorrow with Ehlers and Associates, our Financial Consultants, to discuss borrowings for Tax Incremental Districts and Capital Projects.
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens to convene in closed session pursuant to Sec. 19.85(1)(c), Wis. Stats, considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governing body has jurisdiction or authority, and will not reconvene in open session. Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote at 6:34 PM.
Motion by Cothard, seconded by Braunschweig, to adjourn at 6:47 PM. Motion passed.

CNN: Mortgage Crisis Overwhelming Counselors

Click on the post for the story from CNN news.

Minutes: Redevelopment Authority: Tuesday March 20, 2007

Evansville Redevelopment Authority
Board of Commissioners
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, March 20, 2007, 7:30 pm
City Hall, 31 S. Madison Street, Evansville, Wisconsin


Call to Order. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Chair Chris Eager. Present: Chris Eager, Bill Hammann, Betsy Ahner, Tony Wyse, John Decker, Tom Calley, and Roger Roth (left at 8:00). Also present: Executive Director Dan Wietecha, Greg Ardisson, and Norm Paulson.
Declare Quorum. There being a majority of the commissioners present at call to order, a quorum was declared by the chair.
Approve Agenda. Bill Hammann moved, seconded by John Decker, to approve the agenda as distributed. Motion approved unanimously.
Approve Minutes of February 20, 2007 Meeting. Bill Hammann moved, seconded by John Decker, to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion approved unanimously.

Old Business.

Night Owl proposal.

Greg Ardisson with Norm Paulson (Bob Kimball Construction) gave an update of his proposed renovations. The cost estimate is simply too high, so he has wholly revised his plans. He intends to restore the Main Street façade, possibly including the two buildings to the west. He said he intended to install siding over the third floor windows on Maple Street, allowing someone else in the future to uncover and historically restore them. The siding and roof repairs would weatherproof the building and prevent further damage. Interior renovations would be limited to the main floor, including a larger kitchen and a backdoor fire exit. The earlier proposed deck on Maple Street would instead be an enclosed three- or four-season porch, presumably cantilevered over the sidewalk. He acknowledged the project would no longer qualify for historic tax credits.

The redevelopment authority said it remained an important project in helping a local business, meeting a service need for the community, and enhancing the historic nature of a critical downtown block. They appreciated maintaining the historic façade on Main Street and said Maple Street did not have the same visibility. They indicated a preference to have the Maple Street windows replaced than covered and asked Ardisson to have his architect provide elevations showing the proposal with and without the windows. An air space lease would still be required for a porch over the sidewalk. They indicated they would likely be willing to use TIF and asked Ardisson and Paulson to work with Wietecha on financial projections for the proposal.
Allen Creek Master Plan. Dan Wietecha distributed a draft request for proposals (RFP) prepared by City Planner Tim Schwecke. Bill Hammann moved, seconded by John Decker, to approve the RFP and to solicit proposals from several planning consultants. Motion approved unanimously.

Promoting TID #5.

The board noted that the east end of downtown is in difficult condition with the Angus Haus burned down. It may be possible to consolidate several smaller parcels into one larger property for development. The city should also acquire public right-of-way between Main and Church Streets in this area. There was a consensus that the area needs to be a priority because of its prominent location.

New Business.
Main Street Construction. Wietecha stated that the contractor for the underground utility work would begin mobilizing the week of April 2 and construction would begin April 9. Sidewalks would remain open throughout the construction. The construction would be sequenced with three distinct phases: west of Madison, Maple and west of Maple, and east of Maple to the bridge. Each phases would be finished and re-opened to traffic before proceeding to the next phase. The project is scheduled for completion July 2. Laying the brick street and replacing the sidewalks would begin shortly thereafter and is expected to take all summer. The Downtown Task Force will continue promoting the downtown businesses during the construction.
8 Railroad Street. The property has recently been purchased by Mark Cash who is reportedly interested in developing the site. Wietecha will contact him.

Adjournment. Betsy Ahner moved, seconded by John Decker, to adjourn the regular March meeting. Motion approved unanimously at 8:40 pm.

WSJ: Identity of Anti-Clinton ad identified: No rookie; Links to Obama

Now that the creator of the anti-Clinton video has been identified, there seems to be the conclusion that such a slick ad could only be the production of a seasoned political operative working for vast sums of money for Obama. Is this so?

The Observer is doing a little research project as to the slick video capabilities of folks of all ages. A little research on UTube will suffice to be evidence.

Stay tuned for my report coming.

The 2007 Energy Fair: Exhibitors registration now

The Evansville Energy Fair 2007 will be April 27th, but the deadline for registration for exhibitors will be April 5th.

The theme for this year is "Living Energy."

Click on the post for the registration materials for this years event.

Evansville launches new web site

Click on the post to visit the "new" look for the city of Evansville web site. There is some additional info on the very first page concerning the upcoming road construction.

There will even be movies of the road construction. The Observer finds this very encouraging. Soon....maybe...there will even be movies of important meetings....on cctv or web. After all. Bricks....and people....both historic here.

Stay tuned.

Mortage Corner: Senators Probe a pattern of neglect?

U.S. Senators are probing the oversight of the agencies supervising the "sub=prime" mortgage industry and some are alleging a pattern of neglect in oversight. Click on the post for the story in Yahoo news.

"Badger State Blog" Corner: Downtown Changes Begin April 2

Click on the post for a summary of the construction sequence by Badger State.

Over 20 years ago, as a shopkeeper I faced a month of sub-zero and blizzard conditions that interferred with traffice to my storefront. I have not forgot the feelings involved. Nor the sales lost. I also urge residents to help our local business get through this difficult period.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Politics: Video: New 74 second anti-Hillary video has folks clicking

Click on the post for the short anonymous anti-Hillary video that has raised larger questions on how the media game will be played in the upcoming election.

School Beat: Parkview: Gazette Corner: Enrollment decline of 71 motivates 4K choice for Parkview

Students are leaving Parkview in open enrollment--- a net loss of 71 next year. Click on the post for an article by Gina Duwe of the Janesville Gazette covering the details. Rather than face layoffs and leave space empty, Parkeview has chosen 4K.

Gazette Corner: Fontana Schools face cuts, declining enrollment

Click on the post for the story on Fontana and their review of options.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Biodiesel Ground Breaking --March 26th; 10am

You are cordially invited to the North Prairie Productions Groundbreaking Ceremony in celebration of Wisconsin's largest biodiesel project to date.

March 26th, 2007
Networking to begin at 9:30 a.m.
Ceremony to begin at 10:00 a.m.

North Prairie Productions Construction Site, Hwy M, Evansville, WI (Directions are attached)
Join our honored guest, Governor Jim Doyle, and other dignitaries as we come together in Evansville to celebrate this important step forward in Wisconsin's pursuit of energy independence and economic development.

RSVP by March 22nd to Liina Keerd at 608.283.4424 or lakeerd@michaelbest.com.

We look forward to seeing you next Monday!****************************************************************************

Economic Development meets 3/20/2007: Web site plus Economic Development summit on agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda of this Economic Development meeting.

Mailbag: Can I receive Observer video on my cell phone? Chris writes:

(Ed. note: Some day you will be able to send short blips of video---maybe ads for your business or even....heaven forbid....news stories.....to the cell phones of some of your closest friends. O.K. I will have to shorten up some of the Observer video. Anyway------that someday is NOW. Chris answers my inquiry. Stay tuned. )

Of course you have to own the latest gadgets and pay for the multi-media services (don’t worry you can sell the house)
but yes, this is possible.

How can I send a multimedia message to a handset from my e-mail?Simply send it to your friend's multimedia messaging e-mail address. For Cingular subscribers, this address is theirnumber@mms.mycingular.com. Your friends will receive the picture and the attachments on their handsets if they subscribe to Multimedia Messaging.

Why won't my video message go through?Some video phones record up to 10 minutes of video. However, you will only be able to send short video clips through the Cingular network, roughly 300 KB or 30 seconds. To ensure that your video can be sent with Multimedia Messaging, go into the settings within the video recorder option on your handset and change the setting to the shortest option.


Minutes: Common Council: March 2007

Common Council
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, March 13, 2007, 6:30 PM
City Hall, 31 S. Madison Street, Evansville, WI
Council President Cothard called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Present were: Alderpersons Wyse, Roberts, Hammann, Cothard, Sornson, Juergens, Braunschweig, and Wessels. Mayor Decker was excused. Staff present: Dan Wietecha, City Administrator; Mark Kopp, City Attorney; Scott George, Water Light Superintendent; Kathy Buttchen, Assistant EMS Coordinator; Scott McElroy, Police Chief; David Wartenweiler, Public Works Superintendent; and Jim Beilke, Clerk/Treasurer.
Approval of Agenda
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens, to approve the agenda as printed. Motion carried.
Approval of Minutes
Motion by Hammann, seconded by Sornson, to waive the reading of the minutes of February 13, 2007, regular meeting and approve them as printed. Motion carried.
Citizen appearances - None
Evansville Community Partnership Report
A written report (Attached) from Heidi Carvin was distributed to the Council
SOLE Committee - None
Plan Commission Report
Motion by Hammann, seconded by Braunschweig, to adopt Ordinance #2007-1, amending Chapter 130 of the Municipal Code by allowing signs for nonconforming commercial land uses in residential zoning districts. Motion passed.
Motion by Hammann, seconded by Roberts, to adopt Resolution #2007-9, Adopting the City of Evansville Park and Outdoor Recreation Plan 2007-2011. Motion passed.
Motion by Hammann, seconded by Juergens, to adopt Resolution #2007-10, Designating Locations for Placement of Sandwich Board Signs during 2007 Main Street Construction Projects. They identified the locations as follows: (1) Main Street between Second Street and Union Street, (2) Madison Street between Water Street and US Highway 14, and (3) Union Street between Franklin Street and the northern city limits. Motion passed.
Finance and Labor Relations Committee Report
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens, to approve Water and Light bills and authorize their payments of $540,168.42. Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens, to approve the City bills and authorize their payments of $2,434,599.58. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens, to approve Tax Incremental District #7 Development Agreement between (1) City of Evansville and (2) North Prairie Productions, LLC and Landmark Service Cooperative. Mr. Wietecha reported Landmark asked for more time to review this agreement. He asked Council to table this motion and consider a preliminary agreement, so that the City may recoup soft costs for the work already done.
Motion by Hammann, seconded by Braunschweig, to table this motion. Motion passed.
Motion by Cothard, seconded by Roberts, to approve the preliminary agreement between (1) City of Evansville and (2) North Prairie Productions, LLC and Landmark Service Cooperative. Motion passed.
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens, to adopt Resolution #2006-8, amending the adopted 2006 city budget to increase the appropriation for the youth center for equipment. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.
Public Safety Committee Report
Motion by Sornson, seconded by Roberts, to adopt Ordinance #2007-2, amending the Municipal Code relative to Truancy. Motion passed.
Public Works Committee Report
Ald. Hammann gave an update on connectivity agreement with Rock County regarding County Road M. The city will assume road maintenance responsibility for County Road M from the intersection of US Highway 14 to Landmark’s south boundary.
Motion by Hammann, seconded by Sornson, to adopt Resolution #2007-11, Authorizing Application for a Grant from the Safe Routes to School Program. Motion passed.
Hammann reported on Main Street Construction and distributed report from City Engineer Dave Sauer (Attached).
Water & Light Committee - None
Economic Development Committee Report - None
Evansville Redevelopment Authority Report - None
Parks and Recreation Board Report - None
Historic Preservation Commission Report
Ald. Wessels reported they will host the fall meeting of the Wisconsin Society of Historic Preservation Commission.
Fire District Report - None
Unfinished Business - None
Communications and Recommendations from the Mayor
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Juergens, to waive the seven-day notice requirement on mayoral appointments. Motion passed.
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Roberts, to approve the mayoral appointment of Carolyn Uren, 443 Meadow Lane., to the Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)/Residential Design Committee. Motion passed.
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Roberts, to approve the mayoral appointment of Brad Fahlgren, 14016 W. North Ridge Drive, to the Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)/Residential Design Committee. Motion passed.
Communications from the City Administrator
Mr. Wietecha gave an update on Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. State Statutes now allow electric vehicles to operate on local streets. Our Public Works and Water and Light Departments are interested in using electric vehicles to perform their jobs more efficiently. These electric vehicles will use county or state roads, and the city needs agreements with the County and State. Rock County will enter into an agreement, but the State Department of Transportation (DOT) will not sign an agreement because the electric vehicles cannot be registered under current laws. Legislators are reviewing this matter to change the current laws. The consensus was to wait until the laws change before pursuing an agreement with DOT.
Mr. Wietecha led the explanation of re-organization of Public Benefits Committee. Because the minutes and records that recorded the initial organization of the Public Benefits Committee are lost, he recommended starting over by having a re-organization meeting, which would set up their Charter and members. Mr. Wietecha raised this issue to answer any questions or concerns from Council.
New Business - None
Introduction of New Ordinances
Ald. Hammann read the first reading of Ordinance #2007-3, amending Chapter 130 of the Municipal Code by adopting a digital map as the official zoning map [sponsored by Ald. Hammann and Ald. Braunschweig]
Closed Session
Motion by Braunschweig, seconded by Roberts, to convene in closed session pursuant to Sec. 19.85(1)(c), Wis. Stats., considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governing body has jurisdiction or authority, and will not reconvene in open session. Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote at 7:08 PM.
Motion by Cothard, seconded by Braunschweig, to adjourn the meeting at 7:51 PM. Motion carried.
Prepared by:

Karate America Launches AED (Defibrillator) Fund Raiser


Check our website for updated locations and
more information! Please call Susan Granger
at 608-882-2444 if you have items to pick up or wish to have a collection site at your business!

* An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable and easy to use automatic device used to restore normal heart rhythm to patients in cardiac arrest.
We’re collecting old inkjet printer cartridges and cell phones! You can help us meet our goal!

To Help us Please:
Leave your inkjet cartridges and old cell phones in
any of the collection boxes around town!

Look for the Collection Boxes at:

Karate America Evansville (lower level of The Grange Store, 27 W. Main Street)
Evansville Pharmacy
Ace Hardware
Hagen Insurance Agency, Inc.
Radio Shack
Susan Granger - Shaklee Distributor

Redevelopment Meets 3/20/2007: 7:30PM TIF 5, Night Owl, Allen Creek on Agenda

Click on the post for the full agenda for tonights Redevelopment meeting.

License Plate Corner: Evansville PD now a Title Registration Service Provider----

Good Morning:

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Evansville Police Department in now a Title-Registration Service Provider for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

We can issue you new license plates for: cars, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds. When you leave EPD, you will have your license plates and registration certificate in hand, and your registration will be up-to-date. Your title will be mailed a few days later by the DMV.

In addition, when you get your renewal card from the DMV, you can stop out to EPD and get your sticker, on the spot, rather than mailing it in to DMV and waiting.

This is a service we will now offer to everyone. This new service will save many a trip to the DMV !

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us direct at 882-2299.

Scott McElroy
Chief of Police

Congress to investigate FBI spying in violation of Patriot Act

Click on the post for the latest.

WSJ: Dave Zweifel: Forum: "Jobs Move Abroad, Cities Collapse" Post ignites firestorm

Dave Zweifel is at it again. One of his recent posts has created a firestorm of dialogue. Click on the post and enjoy.

WSJ: Fund 80 Recreation District Tax Levies Triple in Madison

Click on the post for the story in today's Wisconsin State Journal of the rapid rise in tax levies under Fund 80 in Madison. Fund 80 was rejected in 2002 in Evansville in a historic meeting at J.C. McKenna School for exactly this reason. Local taxpayers saw the Fund 80 as a way to bust the levy limits. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Plunkett Raysich Study-- Review of options

School Goals Update: Supr. Carvin

March 2007 Evansville School Board meeting: Update on Year Goals: Presented by Supr. Heidi Carvin. Introduction by ----RKM productions ----ala rock style. Thanks Ryan.

A Warning on Small Electric vehicles on highways

Our condolences go out to the relatives of Don Fitz of Sun City---he had just gotten his new electric vehicle and was so excited. An elderly person ran a stop sign and killed him this weekend.

This mix of small electric and regular autos has been a concern in the discussions I have heard in our own city council. That concern is well founded.

May he rest in peace.

WSJ: The Rath Report: The Al Capone Planning Style

Jay Rath is a long time humorist and journalist with the Wisconsin State Journal. He has written a classic article describing how Al Capone might not be an appropriate role model for democratic planning process as was suggested by a recent exhibition at the Overture Center. Click on the post and enjoy.

School Beat: Finance Committee Meets Tonight; 5:30PM

Budget Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
Monday, March 19, 2007
District Office Conference Room
340 Fair Street
Evansville, WI 53536
5:30 p.m.
Note, public notice of this meeting given by posting at the District Office, Levi Leonard
Elementary School Office, Theodore Robinson Intermediate School Office, J.C. McKenna Middle
School Office, High School Office, Evansville School District Web Site:
www.evansville.k12.wi.us, and by forwarding the agenda to the Evansville Review, M&I Bank,
Union Bank & Trust and Eager Free Public Library.
“Using the budget to drive the best education possible for every child.”
Committee Members:
Heidi Carvin Mike Larson Michael Pierick
Dennis Hatfield Deb Olsen

I. Old Business:
A. Approval of February 19, 2007, Minutes.

B. Tech Ed Home Construction.

C. 2007-08 Budget Planning.

D. Update on Long and Short Range Facilities Project Costs.

E. Continue Discussion on Fees and Parking Fees.

II. Set Next Agenda Items and Date of Meeting.
April – Athletic Admission Fees and Tech Ed Home Construction.
Post Employment Benefits.
Health Reimbursement Accounts.
III. Adjourn.

WSJ: Madison Crime sets Record

Click on the post for the story in the Wisconsin State Journal. Crime is a big issue in the Madison Mayoral race.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Althouse: Dueling Events of State Street: St. Pat's Day Uptown-----War Protest lower town---

Click on the post for the video of the events yesterday covered by Prof. Ann Althouse---nice video. Enjoy.

Final Motive Rock Conert II coming in May--Stay Tuned

The Observer has learned that Final Motive may have another rock concert coming in May. I hope to have some video and audio tracks on the Observer if this can be arranged. And yes, that famous final track of Jake Smith will also hopefully be on film. Stay tuned.
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gazette: Mercury Corner: Wis. DNR proposes new Mercury Limits

This is a story dear to many Evansville students since many participated in the International Mercury Conference in Madison last year and were in the celebrated flag ceremony opening covered on The Observer.

Click on the post. For the earlier stories, use the search mode and search for "mercury". Enjoy.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Open Enrollment Requested for Kindergarten

A parent requests open enrollment when Evansville is at capacity--Monday night

Minutes: Historic Preservation: Feb. 21, 2007

Evansville Historic Preservation Commission
Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7:00 P.M.
2nd Floor, City Hall
Present: Steve Culbertson, Rich Modaff, Betsy Ahner, Dennis Wessels, Susan Finque,
John Decker
Absent: Steve Christens
Others present: Mayor Decker
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by chair Rich Modaff. Motion by Steve Culbertson, second by Dennis Wessels to waive the reading of the January 24, 2007 minutes and approve them as read. Motion carried.
18 E. Main Street – Susan Finque stepped down from the table to present plans for a small deck with a roof to protect musicians from the sun and rain. She showed samples of the materials that will be used and answered questions from the Commission about the roof. Motion to approve the plans for 18 East Main Street by Betsy Ahner, second by John Decker. Motion carried with Susan Finque abstaining.
WAHPC annual dues – motion to approve the payment of dues ($40) for the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Commission by Susan Finque, second by Steve Culbertson. Motion carried.
WAHPC Fall Convention in Evansville, October 19 & 20 (this is the same weekend as the Soybean Festival and on Friday night the FFA Alumni are doing an event) - Mayor Decker spoke about the upcoming convention and what might be expected. Friday night is traditionally award night for the WI Trust for Historic Preservation awards. It is cocktail party style with wine, fruit, cheese etc. On Saturday morning there will be speakers and in the afternoon tours of local historic buildings/homes. Attendance should be between 60-100 although it has been as low as 40. We should have people attend the spring meeting in Lake Geneva, April 20-21. Suggestions for activities include 1) a bus tour with Ruth Ann, 2) Friday night reception in Eager Building, 3) Susan’s play, 4) house walk, 4) Baker Building open, 5) announce Standpipe grant. 6) Dry Stack Conservancy. In addition we will need to book a motel in Janesville and it was suggested that we use the middle school on First Street for the meeting. It is historic and well located. The Grove Society will also help with planning. Sandy will try to learn more about who arranges for speakers.
It was suggested a committee be put together including representatives from the following groups: 1) Soybean Festival, 2) Chamber of Commerce, 3) Friends of the Library, 4) Evansville Community Partnership, 5) Economic Development Committee, 6) Middle School, 7) Old House Group.
Update Bricks on Main Street – the city engineer has decided to break the project down into segments: 1) underground utilities, 2) street, sidewalk, curb, gutter 3) brick, the funding is not available until July 1.
Betsy reported the Old House Group is hosting a program by John Gishnock on gardening with native plants. It is open to the public and will be held in the Community Room on Fair Street.
Redevelopment – The Night Owl project cost estimate has come in much higher than the budget that was set and Greg is looking for some assistance.
Easement Draft – we are still waiting to hear from the city attorney. Dennis is working on getting the plaques numbered drilled (holes for mounting on home) and painted.
There being no further business a motion was made by Susan Finque to adjourn. Second by Dennis Wessels. Motion carried.
Next meeting – March 21.
The minutes of meetings of the Evansville Historic Preservation Commission are not official until approved by the Commission.

J.C. McKenna---ADA deficient?

Under questioning by Art Phillips, Plunkett partner admits that the ADA does not require 100% compliance and that J.C. McKenna is in legal compliance. It "maybe, might be not meeting the "spirit of the law."

Spotlight on Business: Cunningham Carpentry

Click on the post for the business in the spotlight today----Cunningham Carpentry. Some of the past projects are featured on this blog, and audio and video are coming.

Now is the time to call Jim about all those summer carpentry projects.

Economic Development meets next Tuesday: Web site and Development summit on Agenda

Click on the post for all the details on the Evansville Observer Agenda blog.

For all the agendas----scroll down to the end of the Agenda blog and click "subscribe."

When anyone asks: "What's on YOUR agenda?" The answer is:

The Evansville Observer Agenda Blog.

Yahoo: Finance: The Mortgage Professor Speaks--Fiction

Click on the post as the Yahoo "Mortgage Professor" gives some history and imagines the future. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Art: Youth Art Show Featured at Bank of Evansville

(Ed. note: From the Evansville School web site:)

Youth Art Month Show

Posted 2007-03-05Youth Art Month Show at Bank of Evansville
March is Youth Art Month and our school district has many talented artists! Come to the Bank of Evansville, 12 J. Lindemann Drive during the month of March and see our art exhibit representing the work of students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Results Only Work Environment: Best Buy (BBY) Throws away time clock

Click on the post for the article today on ROWE---Results Only Work Environment---which has been effectively implemented for 60% of the Best Buy workforce. Enjoy.

Middle School Principal: Focus on Arts

Mr. Bob Flaherty speaks on the Arts at J.C. McKenna, on awards given teacher, on high enrollment in arts courses

Mr. Willoughby Speaks: On Ethan & The Arts

The March Evansville School Board meeting school report section focused on The Arts: After the comments of the Principals, Mr. Willoughby spoke on the loss of his son, Ethan, on the importance of the Arts for Ethan and for those to follow him.

Focus on the Arts: Jamie Gillespie Speaks

Evansville School Board: March Meeting: Focus on the Arts: H.S. Principal Jamie Gillespie Speaks

Business Spotlight: Maple Grove Family Dental

The Observer spotlight today is the Maple Grove Family Dental Practice at 39 W. Church Street. Dr. Melanie White introduced herself to the neighbors recently as she requested a sign for her business. After visiting with the planning commission and the neighbors, a way of placing a tasteful sign was worked out. Click on the post to see the web site that introduces the staff and services. A link to her business is a permanent part of the Observer right hand column. Enjoy.

Book Corner: Murder Mystery: Isthmus Mag: "Death in Taliesin"

Click on the post for an article on the book that reviews the 7 murders at Taliesin----and says this had a profound impact on Frank Lloyd Wright...on the archiecture. Like he was more sober afterward. Less open spaces etc. Now a book to review all the gory details.

Minutes: Town Of Union: Monthly Meeting, March 1, 2007--Approved Operators License of Level 8;

Town of Page 1 of 4 Union Monthly Board Meeting Minutes - March 1, 2007
Minutes for March 1, 2007
The Town of Union Board regular monthly board meeting was called to order on March 1, 2007 at the
Eager Free Public Library, 39 W. Main Street, Evansville, W I at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Kendall
Schneider. Supervisors George Franklin and Don Krajeck were also present. The Pledge of Allegiance
was recited.
Having read the minutes, Supervisor Krajeck moved to waive the public reading of the minutes. Second
by Supervisor Franklin. The minutes of the February 1, 2007 meeting were approved as written.

Sharon Franklin, Treasurer, reported balances as of February 28, 2007 as follows:

Local Government Investment Pool General Fund $1,022.92
Park and Recreation Fund $11,502.48
UB&T Money Market Sweep Account $901,855.70
Of which $50,000 is Contingency Fund
UB&T Checking Account $18,000
Leedlemill Bridge Certificate of Deposit $16,607.20
Wayne Disch Memorial Park Fund $1,496.53
Morning Ridge Stub Road Certificate of Deposit $17,455.84
Treasurer’s report approved as read.
Building Inspector’s Report
Town of Union Building Inspector, Bob Fahey, reported issuing one (1) building permit last month:
Date Permit
Parcel # Name Address Description Construction
Permit Fee
Fee Due
19-Feb-2007 07-3-B 6-20-176.1 Birchwood Trailer
Park/Dawn Barnett
8441 N. Hwy 14 Lot 1 Electrical
$120 $110
Bob issued no (0) driveway permits.

Constable’s Report
Constable Kim Gruebling’s report was read by Chairman Schneider. He noted three calls this
month: “On 2-7-07 Tom Sayre called and said his tenant at 16326 Cty C moved out and had
abandoned a dog and a cat. Sayre was going to convey the animals to the shelter. I
authorized placing the dog but the cat is Sayre's responsibility. There should be no pickup
charge. Also on 2-7-07 received a complaint from 14151 Northridge Dr. about the barking dogs
at 7941 Robert Dr. I contacted the owner of the dogs(3) a Patricia Brigson-Kena by telephone.
We discussed her responsibility and suggested that she eliminate her doggy door. The dogs
are apparently going out and barking while she is away. I also urged her to get licenses for the
dogs and to get their vaccinations up to date. These are the same dogs that Chairman
Schneider received a complaint on last month. On 2-23-07 the shelter called and a woman had
brought in a golden retriever that she found wandering on Bullard Rd. I authorized the placing
of that dog again. There should be no pickup charge.
Brush Report
Supervisor Franklin noted three trees on Bullard Rd, one across from the golf course, one on
Cemetary Rd between Johnsons and the remodeled farm house on west side of the road, and
Town of Page 2 of 4 Union Monthly Board Meeting Minutes - March 1, 2007
two on the corner of Territorial Rd and Cemetary Rd. that need to come down. Supervisor
Franklin is in contact with Ron Gay about cutting the brush. Supervisor Krajeck identified a tree
at Pleasant Prairie and Emery Rd. that is in the driving sightline.
Public Comment: 5 minutes max/issue.
Stephen Lentz asked if there was going to be any further action on the purchase of the Norman
Thompson property and what was up with the Francis Park. Chairman Schneider noted the
upcoming Parks and Trails Committee meeting.

Doug Zweizig noted that it’s difficult to identify 6th street as a cross road when coming from the
west on Croft Rd. He felt a sign should be placed indicating the cross road.

Alvin Francis noted that he’s been approached to put up a test tower for a wind generator. Bob
Fahey noted that currently we don’t have a wind generator as a conditional use in our zoning
code. Ron Combs noted to check into this issue at the state level as they may have some
requirements. Chairman Schneider stated we shall put this issue on the March Plan
Commission agenda.

ECP Update
Doug Zweizig provided information on the Evansville Community Partnership initiatives and
volunteer opportunities.

Board Action: Stella Krumwiede, 6516 N. Weary Road, Evansville, WI 53536 requests a
land division, conditional use permit and zoning change to create a new 3.1± acre parcel
from a 35.24 acre A1 parcel (6-20-311) for the purposes of constructing an electric substation.
Plan Commission recommended approval of land division and conditional use
permit with both parcels becoming non-conforming A1 parcels.

Supervisor Krajeck moved to approve the request by Stella Krumwiede of 6516 N. Weary Road,
Evansville, WI to divide a 3.1 acre parcel from a 35.24 acre A1 parcel (6-20-311) for the
purposes of constructing an electric sub-station. Both lots would become non-conforming A1
parcels with the 3.1 acre parcel only being able to be used for the substation. The township
grants this land division and conditional use permit for the substation on the 3.1 acre parcel.
However, if the town attorney further recommends Board of Adjustment Action to approve the
non-conforming use or lot size, this motion is made contingent upon the Board of Adjustment
approving such use/size. Approval is also contingent upon the payment of all associated town
attorney fees which at this time are around $200. Second by Chairman Schneider.
Motion approved by a unanimous roll call vote. Chairman Schneider will talk to Attorney
Forbeck. Ron Combs stated that a non-conforming parcel can never be used for any other
purpose than what it was on the day it was created.

Notice of Claim from Aloysius Dahmen & Steven Evers
Kendall heard back from MSA that McQuire will be taking care of the situation. Chairman
Schneider stated he is getting something in writing from MSA which the town will then forward
to Dahmen and Evers. At this time the board didn’t see the need to involve the attorney.

Territorial Rd Project Finalization

Chairman Schneider has a 20 item checklist from MSA of what still needs to be done on
Territorial Rd. TRIP Funds sunset July 1st. A complete package must be submitted at that
time. Clerk O’Leary will void the check for $14, 000 which Chairman Schneider is still holding.
Town of Page 3 of 4 Union Monthly Board Meeting Minutes - March 1, 2007
Motion by Chairman Schneider to pay $5,750 for the extra work by MSA and withhold $8,250
until the contract work is complete and to void the $14,000 which Chairman Schneider is still
holding for MSA. Second by Supervisor. Motion passed by unanimous voice.

Public Hearing:

Ordinance modification Zoning Ordinance 17.19 (4) and (5). (4) Building
Permit Fee -

In the event any person shall commence any work which requires a permit
prior to such person obtaining the required permit, the building permit fee established
by resolution of the Town Board shall be doubled. (5) Building Permit Expiration - All
building permits shall expire 24 months after the date of issuance of the permit. If such
permit expires, no final inspection nor occupancy permit will be issued. If a permit
expires prior to final inspection and an occupancy permit being given, a new permit
must be applied for at the current fee rate. Building codes current at the time of the new
permit will be enforced.

Public Hearing opened at 8:11 p.m. Clerk O’Leary noted that according to 2005 Wisconsin Act
208, in order to change something in the zoning ordinance IT would require a 2 posting notice
which this item didn’t have. Motion by Supervisor Krajeck to take no action at this time and to
incorporate these changes into a new ordinance chapter for Building Permits. Second by
Chairman Schneider. Motion approved by unanimous voice vote.
Bergendal Septic Services Request for Overweight Hauling
Motion by Supervisor Franklin to send Bergendal a copy of the letter sent to him in 1999.
Second by Chairman Schneider. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.
Conditional Use Permit Review for Tom & Connie Davis 10608 N. East Union Rd.
Evansville, WI 53536 authority transfer to Plan Commission.
Motion by Chairman Schneider to transfer authority to review conditional use permit for Tom &
Connie Davis, 10608 N. East Union Rd., Evansville, WI 53536 to the Plan Commission.
Second by Supervisor Franklin. Motion approved by unanimous
Nominations for Plan Commission, Board of Review, Board of Adjustment and Parks &
Trail Committee.

Plan Commission terms expiring are Alvin Francis, Mike Exum, and Eric Larson. Brad Fahlgren
and Scott Katzenmeyer’s terms are expiring on the Parks and Trails Committee. Steve Lentz’s
term is expiring on the Board of Adjustment. Chairman Schneider will ask those whose terms
are expiring if they would like to serve again.

Cavalier Mobile Home Park
Carolyn Larson is planning to have a survey done of the east side lot line. This should aid the
township in identifying where the lot line is for Cavalier Mobile Home Park.
Attorney Consultation Re: Plan Commission Procedures & Shotliff Request
Motion by Chairman Schneider to have Supervisor Krajeck and a Plan Commission member
talk with Attorney Forbeck about the Plan Commission procedures and Shotliff’s request.
Second by Supervisor Franklin. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.
Training Opportunities for Plan Commission
Motion by Chairman Schneider for anyone who wants to attend the training including the Plan
Commission and Town Board to attend the training options available. Second by Supervisor
Krajeck. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.
Town of Page 4 of 4 Union Monthly Board Meeting Minutes - March 1, 2007

Growth Management Allocation Plan
Supervisor Krajeck noted that the Town of Springfield has a plan. No other discussion or action
Dog Kennels Licensing Procedure
Treasurer Franklin wanted to know the procedure for licensing dog kennels. Bob will get a copy
of what Magnolia has for dog kennels. Treasurer Franklin provided the state statutes for dog

Operator’s License for Level 8

Supervisor Franklin moved to approve the operators license for Adrienne Schmidler at Level 8
expiring June 30,2007. Second by Supervisor Krajeck. Motion passed by unanimous voice

Update Resolution Authorizing a Town Representative to File Recycling Grant
Motion by Supervisor Krajeck to approve resolution 2007-01 authorizing the Clerk of the Town
of Union to be the town representative to file the recycling grant application. Second by
Supervisor Krajeck. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

Ballot Counting Machine

Motion by Supervisor Franklin to purchase the Eagle Ballot counter with condition that the
Library allows storage of the machine and ballot box here. Second by Supervisor Krajeck.
Motion carried by unanimous voice vote.
Park &Trails Committee Meeting Date
Chairman Schneider is looking at meeting on Tuesday March 20th at the Eager Free Public
Library at 6:30 p.m. to work on the Parks & Trails Plan.
Pay Bills
There being no further business to come before the board, a motion was made by /Supervisor
Krajeck, second by Supervisor Franklin to adjourn the meeting. Bills were approved for
payment and the meeting was adjourned at 9:11p.m..
Linda A. O'Leary, Clerk