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Monday, April 02, 2012

Evansville Police and EMS; March 2012

8. Evansville Police Report – There were 1206 calls for service for the month of February 2012 compared to 1158 in February 2011. There were 71 license plate transactions for February, 2012. Year-end totals should be available in March or April as we are still waiting for the RCSO annual report. The Rock County Records Management System vendors have been narrowed down to three vendors, with a decision expected by April 1, 2012. The new squad had to be reordered and expected to arrive in May. EPD staff completed required TIME System MDT/MDC training in February/March. Officers Jones and Job are scheduled for Evidence Technician Training March 26-30. Chief and Lieutenant are scheduled to attend the Concealed Carry update on March 15. Officers Schmidt and Job will be attending ARIDE training April 2-3. The DAAT training on April 23 will be attended by Officers Nankee and Schmidt. On May 14-17, Officers Job and Mahan-Strupp will be attending Instructor Development. Rachel Marx will be back for one week in March. Officers Anacker and Mawhinney are almost finished with part-time police officer training. Officer Matt McElroy is currently in training at the academy for court officer. Officer Reilly has yet to start his training. Chief and the Lieutenant continue to work on officer evaluations. Chief McElroy will be on vacation March 8/9. Accreditation continues with a lot to review and editing to be done. We continue to utilize Rock County Computer Services, General Communication, and Home and Office PC to get systems working properly. Rock County Computer Services recently installed some temporary hardware in the department’s garage for testing purposes. Upon completion of all testing for Narrow Banding, the Police radio re-programming will be between May 16, 2012 and January 1, 2013. Files are scanned on a daily basis and we continue to place significant information on the city’s police website. 9. Evansville Medical Service Report – The service had 30 runs for the month of February, 2012. Upcoming training includes advance skill testing for all EMS EMT’s. Mercy Training Center tests these skills every six months. Round one of CCR training with the Evansville Fire Department was completed. Coordinator Beaver will be assisting eight Webelo Scouts obtain their Readyman badge at the end of the month. EMS will be participating in the week of the young child at the Fieldhouse on Friday along with the parade at the beginning of the week. The aluminum can drive will be in the month of May. A mock prom accident is in the works to be held at the high school before prom weekend. In April, the Fire department and EMS will be touring the Grange Apartments along with the Old Ben Franklin apartments. EMS is working on compiling information for the radio grant that EMS had written. A $5,000 grant from the Union Pacific Foundation was applied for and received. This grant will be awarded in May. We also applied for a grant from Walmart with the intention to use the money for the purchase of Knox Boxes for the city. Ambulance specifications have been designed and approved to move on to the building phase. We expect the ambulance to be delivered this summer.

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  1. With a noticeable decrease in calls , why are we still hiring new officers?