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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Twilight Zone; Reflection: An Erie Moment in Cape Cod

My wife and I recently traveled to Boston, and then to Cape Cod to visit with our daughter...she took us to a beach on Cape Cod at dusk on a Friday night...at 5PM or so, and as they ran to the beach, I tarried a bit, hit the restrooms, and then stopped to chat with a gentleman in an older toyota, white...who was it seemed to me a free spirit...so I just asked him---"wow, this seems to be the same conditions that John John faced on that fateful night in the airplane"---to which he replied, "Yes..there is a reason they call it the twilight zone." Then he went on a long tangent on what he thought caused the delay of departure, and how losing orientation was pretty common if one was not a very experienced pilot and an instrument rated pilot...it was a moment I will always forget...and I understood....the twilight zone....ok there have been moments in Evansville too, but this was special...yo. Ok I was not just the ordinary beach bum, but the Evansville Observer on location.

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