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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mailbag: Sand Frack Update:

We still have a good chance of influencing the outcome of the Pattison Mine permit for Bridgeport Twn. We need all the county anti-frac groups to call/email/write and come to the meetings. Makes a good op to scope out the towns and see the beautiful river. We can STOP mining along the Lower Wisconsin River!The LWSR Board needs A LOT of greater-community input to in order to justify voting NO! The River belongs to ALL of us! PLEASE PASS ON TO YOUR EMAIL LISTS. PLEASE CONTACT ATTACHED LWSR BOARD MEMBERS during the coming two weeks. RECOMMENDED: CONTACT ALL OF THE BOARD MEMBERS, NOT JUST THE ONE FROM YOUR DISTRICT. CONTACT BY BOTH PHONE AND EMAIL (AND/OR LETTER). (see attachment for board member names and phone numbers) EMAIL ADDRESSES TO USE: mark.cupp@wisconsin.gov marsha.nachtigal!wisconsin.gov TYPE THE NAME OF THE BOARD MEMBER AND "FRAC SAND" IN THE SUBJECT LINE. ATTEND AND/OR SPEAK AT TWO UPCOMING MEETINGS: 1. AUGUST 8, 5:00PM probably at the office in Muscoda, but call to make sure: 608-739-31882. 2. AUGUST 22 5:00pm Board vote on permit CRAWFORD CO. ADMINISTRATION BLDG, 225 N. BEAUMONT RD, PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI 53821-1445 SEE MAPQUEST: http://mapq.st/1aN09eE http://mapq.st/1aN09eE Also see: Arena has implemented a 12-month waiting period on all mining (see attached) Thanks everybody!! Linda Meadowcroft

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