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Monday, July 01, 2013

Public Safety Minutes: June 2013 ( partial)

Evansville Police Report – There were 1079 calls for service for the Month of May. Total license plate transactions for May were 68 with the year to date total of 741. Background Investigation and EVOC instructor training has been completed by Officers Reese and Job. Officer Mahan-Strupp is scheduled to attend DAAT instructor training in 2013. Officer Reese will be recommended as Sergeant at the June Evansville Police Commission meeting. The department advertised for a full and part-time eligibility list with a closing date of April 22. There were 54 total applications with 31 candidates participating in the June 11 assessment. Coop student Josh Chenoweth will start with the department on June 10th. We are working on Version 4 of the WILEAG standards. On May 14, Rick Balistrieri, WILEAG Program Manager, advised that the department will need to make some changes to the evidence room to comply with accreditation requirements. Those changes include a gun safe, a money safe and installing ventilation. Bids/quotes have been received and forwarded to the City Administrator to recommend a budget amendment. We are reviewing ACRs to ready for a mock review, with a sample provided to committee. We have transitioned to the new Rock County Records Management CAD system effective June 1, 2013. We hope to be fully operational by June 10th. Department staff has completed the Spillman training for the Records Management System. All June 2013 incident reports will be entered into the new records system. Chief McElroy is recommending an ordinance change reference requiring background checks for city employees during the hiring process. This is a new requirement from the TIME system. City Administrator Dan Wietecha is working on this issue. From the TIME system newsletter reference CHRI and Purpose Code E: The TIME system can be used for non-law enforcement background checks provided there is a law (federal, state or local ordinance) requiring the background check. 9. Evansville Medical Service Report – There were 45 runs for the month of May bringing the year to date total to 217 runs through May 31, 2013. Ambulance 810 had 6 of those runs. EMS personnel will be recertified in Emergency Vehicle Operations by Zach Beaver. Mary updated the EMS policy manual and it is being reviewed by City Administrator, Dan Wietecha for approval. Mary and Zach attended Part II of the EMS Leadership Academy in Warrens Wisconsin. The 4 part class teaches EMS leader’s the building blocks for hiring/retaining EMTs, planning for the future of EMS and how to be a great leader/manager. 10. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to adjourn at 7:43 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Jacobson, Chairperson

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