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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

OpEd: Reflection: Flooding: The necessity of a post event review

One of the themes of the many meetings of the Public Works department of Evansville over the years, was that each event is different---and the recent rainfall numbers, with record rain over a ten day period on soft soil was probably the best of the data set to confront---and there were some positives that from a brief survey of the area that can be concluded....I do think that a public review of the positives is in order---and certainly some areas of improvement should be noted....The one positive that I have a strong connection to is the battle for higher elevation for the Evansville Senior Center, which I was very pleased to see survived the flooding well....The one area that seems clear needs improvement is the area near Varco Pruden which has been hard hit in previous storms....I see that there are plans to improve this in the future...in summary..general relief, but I do believe that the public is unaware of the homes that suffered flooding during this recent event, and I think it worthwhile that the data be collected..clearly there has been some improvement in water handling, and we need to know of the progress.

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