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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OpEd: Back to the 50's

Just a little moment to glance back in time---Oh what a wonderful decade the fifties were----ya the troops were coming home from the Korean War...and there was a lot of austerity...hard time getting jobs..retooling the factories....But then about 1955 things began to pick up...folks got over blaming President Truman for all their troubles...they began looking at little ramblers..called "cracker boxes", that sold for $10,000 for the basic model, but $12,500 for the modern kitchen....Yup these are the exact ones that are selling in vast quantities all over America for $200,000....but I digress... These were also the days when the first package cake mixes were introduced...and built in dishwashers...I remember how excited my mom was about the new Jiffy line of cake mixes...But on the flip side...all through the decade of the fifties, with yes those Mercury coupe autos that high school guys had Buddy Holly songs playing loudly on, with the dice hanging on the rear view mirrors, and that seemed really cool....and yes the baldy look or the greaser look was in.... Then the politics said we had to "get the economy movin again" and Kennedy did just that and got involved with the Vietnam war....and we have been at war ever since...and I just think its high time we got....Back to the 50's....Really it was a lot of fun.

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