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Monday, November 05, 2012

Minutes: Public Safety: October 2012

Public Safety Committee Wednesday, October 3, 2012 6:30 P.M. Regular Meeting Evansville City Hall Council Room 31 S Madison Street MINUTES 1. Chairperson Jacobson called meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 2. Roll call of committee and staff members present was: Chairperson Jacobson, Alderperson Hayes and Fuchs, and Chief Scott McElroy, Mayor Sandy Decker and EMS Coordinator Mary Beaver. Others present: Pam Ascencio, 441 Almeron Street 3. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to approve the agenda as printed. Motion passed. 4. Motion by Fuchs, second by Hayes, to approve the September 5, 2012 regular meeting minutes as printed. Motion passed. 5. Citizen appearances other than agenda items listed – None 6. Old Business - None 7. New Business a. Motion to approve the Operator’s License application(s) for: 1. Elizabeth Brittan 2. John W Walczak 3. Shanna L Wehri 4. Rosemary Ann Lockman Motion by Jacobson, seconded by Hayes, to separate a. 1. from a. 2, 3 and 4 and approve the operator’s license for Elizabeth Brittan. Motion passed. Motion by Jacobson, seconded by Hayes, to withdraw a. 2, 3 and 4 from the agenda. Motion passed. Motion by Fuchs, seconded by Hayes, to table approval of operator’s licenses for John Walczak, Shanna Wehri and Rosemary Lockman until the November 7, 2012 meeting. Motion passed. b. Discussion and possible motion regarding Knox Box. Committee questioned if this would require an ordinance. Committee would like further information on price and locations. c. Discussion and possible motion regarding rates for EMS charges. Committee is recommending no action. d. Discussion regarding pedestrian traffic on roadways. Committee is requesting the Police Department to remind pedestrian’s to use sidewalks. e. Discussion of the capital and operating budgets. Mary and Scott both addressed the Finance Packet that included the City Administrators comments. Pam Ascencio, 441 Almeron Street, was present to discuss the animal situation on her street. Police told her that they need two complaints. She stated she has called three to four times and was told there was nothing the police department could do. Scott stated that he will look into it and correct action will be taken. Scott said they will always respond but need two complaints for an arrest. Scott advised her to call him in the morning with dates and times. She also addressed the Ferrell cat issue and do cates need to be vaccinated or not? Floyd asked about requirements for a 5K run on Thanksgiving Day. Justin from the Health Club is inquiring. 8. Evansville Police Report There were 1179 calls for service in the month of September 2012 compared to 1133 in September of 2011. The month of September had 56 license plate transactions. All officers will be attending the fall in-service training September through November, 2012. Officers Reese, Jones and Chief McElroy attended a legal update on September 19 at BTC, and Officers Laufenberg and Reilly attended four hours on September 4, 2012. November 1 Officers Laufenberg and Nankee will be at a Pharmaceutical Diversion training. Officers Job and Strupp will attend the MATC Search Warrant Execution on October 15 and 16. Radar training at MATC will be attended by Officers Reilly and Anacker October 9 through October 12, 2012. Active Shooter October 8 and Drug ID class October 29 will be attended by Officer Nankee. The department is short on part-time officers and plans to hire later this year or early 2013. We are waiting for approval to advertise from Mayor Decker. On-site evaluation for accreditation has been tentatively set for November 2013. “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” crackdown campaign on drunk drivers was August 17 through September 3, 2012. The radar trailer continues to be left out as weather permits. Police staff forwarded signage issues throughout the city to the Dave Wartenweiler, Public Works Director to repair or address. In the month of July, the PD marked 32 parking units throughout the city. Seventeen more were marked on October 2, 2012. Files continue to be scanned. Information continues to be placed on the website. The digital system is back in service. The approval of the server for the Rock County Records Management System is scheduled for September 13, 2012 at the County Board Meeting. Spillman will be coming in late October/early November to setup the server. The kickoff for the Spillman RMS project will be October 10 at 9am in the IT Training room at the Health Care Center. Two staff members will be attending this meeting. The accreditation process has been recalculated for total cost per the Mayor’s request for the 2013 Budget. The cost for retrieving photos/video and copying records to DVD/CD has been included and fees set to be consistent with the RCSO. This is time consuming and these requests are becoming standard procedure. 9. Evansville Medical Service Report There were 24 calls for service in the month of September, 2012. EMS will have a booth at the October 12, 2012 Health Fair being held at Creekside Place. EMS continues to provide standby coverage for the Evansville High School Football home games. Mary is working with the Police Department to get TB tests for their staff. Scott will get back to her with a time schedule. The department is beginning their refresher/licensure for the 2014 license renewal. Half of the training is online with the other half as hands-on class time. There is one person enrolled in the EMT class for this fall at Blackhawk Tech and another individual who is licensed and training within our department. The budget has been submitted and presented to Council. There were a few changes made by City Administrator Wietecha that will be brought before Finance on Thursday, October 4, 2012. They were for insurance, retirement and worker’s compensation insurance. The new radio system is still being worked on. The department did a Fire/EMS test last week and all went well. Mary is still participating in the weekly conference calls. Mary just received the Fire Department’s radio numbers and the bill for the OJA Grant. She will be forwarding their request for payment. 10. Motion by Hayes, second by Fuchs, to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Jacobson, Chairperson These minutes are not official until approved by Public Safety at their next regular meeting

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