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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Minutes: Library Board: October 2012

Eager Free Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes from October 30, 2012 1. Call to Order Board President Susan Kruser called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Trustees present: Susan Kruser, Gwen Clendenning, Kim Miller, Vicki Lecy-Luebke, Wally Shannon (arrived 5:50) Absent: Eloise Eager, Bob Flaherty Also present: Library Director Megan Becker 2. Minutes Approved Miller moved to approve the minutes of September 25. Clendenning seconded. Motion passed. 3. October Bills Discussion. Clendenning moved to accept the bills as presented. Miller seconded. Roll call vote. Ayes: Kruser, Miller, Clendenning, Lecy-Luebke.. Motion passed. 4. Librarian’s Report a. Budget/Circulation Becker provided the Board with excellent graphs showing comparisons among the circulation of children, young adult and adult materials for the years 2011 and 2012. Between the months of January and September, 66,498 items have been checked out. We have currently spent 72% of our yearly budget. (Outside hose is broken but will wait until spring to fix it.) The Friends of the Library have offered to buy e-readers. Megan attended the Wisconsin Library Association meeting and learned about the various types we may want to consider. b. Programming Good attendance reported for the various activities held: Author John Olsen (45 attendees), Friends Movie Night (23 attendees), Fire Safety (15 attendees), Book Club (3-5 regular attendees). Many more activities are in the works for November. c. Library WishList Efforts are being made to gain wider attention. In addition to posting on Homepage, bookmarks also include items on WishList. d. Extermination/Pest Control Becker received estimates from two companies. It was decided to pass on hiring an exterminator at this time. e. Monetary item left at library will be handed over to the police. 5. Old Business Gift money needs to be separated from the City account so that donors can feel secure that the money is being used for the library. The Fidelity account is the only one left that needs to be addressed. 6. New Business a. City Liaison Report Megan was introduced to the city council. She will eventually transition into the liaison position. She received a very warm welcome and is looking forward to working with them. b. Treasurer’s Report None to report at this time c. Gift Policy Ruth Ann Montgomery fund is handled through the Friends of the Library. d. No Build Easement Discussion about owner of property and alternatives. e. Gifts/Donations Becker will check with Ruth Ann Montgomery about the purpose of a monthly $5.00 check the library receives. An organized method for gifting needs to be developed. f. Assistant Director Job description was reviewed and discussed. Becker will post immediately, with applications due November 30. Miller, Kruser, and Lecy-Luebke will assist Becker with selection of candidates to interview. Interviews will take place the morning of December 8. 7. Adjourn Miller moved to adjourn the meeting. Clendenning seconded. All approved. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m. Minutes by Trustee Lecy-Luebke Note: Minutes of the Library Board of Trustees are not official until approved by the Library Board of Trustees at a meeting called and noticed for that purpose.

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