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Friday, November 09, 2012

Minutes; Park Board; October 2012

City of Evansville, Wisconsin Park & Recreation Board Regular Monthly Meeting Evansville, City Hall Monday, October 8th, 2012 – 6:00pm Minutes 1. Call to Order & Roll Call @ 6:03pm. Missing, Fuson & Withrow 2. Motion by Courtier, 2nd by Krueger to approve agenda. 3. Motion by Krueger, 2nd by Merrit to waive reading of September minutes. 4. Citizen Appearances. Todd Campbell appeared to further discuss Disc Golf @ park. Discussed costs/fundraising, advertising, involving the schools, leagues & tournaments. Decided on 9 holes to start with, can add 2nd nine at later date. 5. Creek wall restoration continues, another $20,000 is set aside for next year, Kendall Wethal in charge of labor. He has picked out stone by hand to match. 6. West Side Park Bathroom walls up, Ray provided a picture of progress. 7. Discussed future needs of pool. 0-Depth pool does not comply with ADA standards. Need more info from Witecha. 8. New Business: Extension being added to handicap pier. Kyle Allen doing cement work. Piers coming out end of October for season. Discussed resurface of BB & tennis courts. They need it badly, but would cost $25,000. Play structure needs repair at Countryside park. Ray will check it out. Bathrooms being closed up next week. 9. Motion to adjourn, 7:02 by Courtier, 2nd by Merrit.

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