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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mailbag; Wireman: Why no Walmart on Friday

DON'T SHOP AT WALMART ON FRIDAY. (I never do anyway but...) or show up for action alert below. Walmart workers around the country are working to get better wage and working conditions. Remember, this is the firm that the Supreme Court said was too big for them to rule on the discrimination claims of their female workers because it would hurt the economy if the women won. Walmart workers start at $8 an hour. After six years they get $10.60 which is five cents more than the minimum wage in 1968. They want $13 something plus better working conditions. Action Alert 1: Stand in solidarity with Walmart workers Background: Across the country, Walmart workers are standing up and speaking out for decent wages, safe workplaces, regular hours and respect. Instead, the company -- which employs 1.4 million people -- is retaliating against employees. This Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, more Walmart workers will go on strike across the U.S. The workers are asking for community support through creative, nonviolent solidarity actions. Take Action: Join a Walmart protest or organize your own this Friday, November 23. In the Madison area, gather at 8:45 am next to the lot of the Walmart Supercenter on Royal Ave in Monona for a prayer vigil organized by the Interfaith Center for Worker Justice and South Central Federation of Labor. In Milwaukee, meet at 6:00 am at 5800 W Hope Ave (the former Lowe's parking lot). Contact for more info: ICWJ, 608-255-0376, organizer@workerjustice.org

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