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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tidbits from recent minutes: Economic development

a. Signage - Sidoff shared information about the Evansville Fund’s proposal to financially support a sign project. Their idea was to have a sign similar to the one in Monroe, which promotes events in the City. They proposed that the sign be located at Franklin Park, as it would be visible to people coming to the City and the four-way stop would give motorists an opportunity to read the sign. Sidoff also shared previous plans for a kiosk/sign in Franklin Park, which would mimic the architecture of the Library and serve as a “bookend” for downtown. Brooks noted that the idea of a sign promoting events is intriguing for the Evansville Community Partnership. The EDC discussed the issues of who would be responsible for maintenance and updating the sign, in addition to possible difficulties with WisDOT requirements and a lot of electrical lines being located in that corner of Franklin Park.

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