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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Business Corner: Fun with Ameritrade at the Palmer House in Chicago: MarketDrive: The Magic of Tom Sosnoff

When hundreds of investors gather on a warm beautiful afternoon on Saturday to hear investment talk, and then after the keynote speech at 2:00PM all the older guys gather around the key speaker like a mosh pit at a rock concert---then you know you have something special---and that was the way it was in Chicago on Saturday at the Palmer House when Ameritrade put on their "Market Drive" event and Tom Sosnoff, one of the creators of the "Think or Swim" platform was the keynote speaker---My daughter, Molly had flown in on Friday night for the event and I wondered if all the effort was going to be worth it----WOW....it was the finest business event I have ever been to... The move of Ameritrade buying "Tasty trade" has meant a surge of creativity and intensity added to the capital and class of the Ameritrade organization....and the combination was on full display on Saturday....after it was all over, Molly just said: "That was stunning". If you have a chance to attend an event like this, I urge you to do so....you can watch all the video you want...read all the blurbs, but there is nothing like in person and the dynamics of talking with fellow...ya..mostly older folks..it was just wonderful...and the wonder of the restored Palmer House and the design of the event was fabulous...hope you can attend an event like this someday....

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