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Friday, August 23, 2013

Minutes: Eager Library Board of Trustees: July 30, 2013

Eager Free Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes from July 30, 2013 1. Call to Order Board President Susan Kruser called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Trustees present: Kruser, Sharon Cybart, Eloise Eager, Gwen Clendenning, Wally Shannon, Vicki Lecy-Luebke. Also present: Library Director Megan Kloeckner, Bill Wilson (Himmel and Wilson, Library Consultant), Gregory Baum (FEH Associates, Inc., Architectural Firm) Absent: Bob Flaherty 2. Amendment to Agenda Eager moved to change the order of the agenda to allow our speaker to move ahead of business items. Shannon seconded the motion. All approved. 3. Gregory Baum Library consultant Wilson introduced Baum to the Board, along with some background information about other library projects he has been involved with. Baum presented to the Board an expansion process used by FEH Associates, Inc. The nine steps include: a. Building Needs Statement b. Project Goals for Success c. Site Assessment and Alternatives d. Existing Building, Drawing, Codes, and Engineering Evaluation e. Evaluation Criteria f. Design Charrette and Community Participation g. Site/Concept Development Costs h. Funding City, Grants, Capital Planning Study, Campaign i. Timetable and Schedule Baum recommended this process should start 14 months before funding is sought. The cost of this process, with this firm, is approximately $18,000. Two names were given as recommendations for the capital campaign work. 4. Approval of Meeting Minutes Shannon moved to approve the June minutes. Eager seconded. Motion passed. 5. July Bills Shannon moved to approve the bills as presented. Cybart seconded. Roll call vote: Ayes—Kruser, Eager, Clendenning, Shannon, Cybart, Lecy-Luebke. Motion carried. 6. Librarian’s Report a. Budget Update and Circulation The preliminary 2014 budget will be submitted to City in August. The budget is right on target for this year. Circulation has increased since May by approximately 800. We have been borrowing less and lending more! b. Programming Update Teen program attendance varied from 10 to 15 attendees. Programming for the younger children ended in July. Program attendance, not counting the summer reading program, was 196. c. August Author Visit Jamie Swenson will be leading the storytime August 21. The Friends of the Library will purchase her book Boom!Boom!Boom! from Book World at a discount and will be able to return those not sold. d. Fax Prices Patrons will now pay one dollar per page for using the fax machine. This will replace the confusing variety of prices charged previously. 7. Old Business a. Gift Policy Cybart has an expert examining our policy. b. No Build Easement Shannon spent a day at the Historical Society examining documents which are now in probate. c. Social Media Policy Shannon moved to adopt the policy that Arrowhead Library System has put forth. Clendenning seconded. All approved. Motion passed. 8. New Business a. Treasurer’s Report Clendenning updated the Board on all monetary accounts. A question arose about taxable dividends and interest that Clendenning will check out. A donation from Don Emerich’s memorial service is to be designated for computer purposes. The Board is grateful to the family. b. Dress Code Patron comment expressing concern for appropriate dress was shared. The Board policy was examined and it was determined that Kloeckner would address any situations deemed inappropriate. 9. Adjourn Clendenning moved to adjourn the meeting; Lecy-Luebke seconded. Meeting Adjourned at 6:55 p.m. (Eager departs 6:30 p.m.) Next meeting: August 27, 2013 Minutes by Trustee Lecy-Luebke Note: Minutes of the Library Board of Trustees are not official until approved the Library Board of Trustees at a meeting called and noticed for that purpose.

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