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Monday, August 05, 2013

Minutes: Public Safety: July 2013

Public Safety Committee Wednesday, July 3, 2013 6:30 p.m. Regular Meeting Common Council Chambers 31 South Madison Street MINUTES 1. Chairperson Jacobson called meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 2. Roll call of committee and staff members present was: Chairperson Jacobson and Fuchs, Police Chief Scott McElroy, and EMS Assistant Chief, Zach Beaver. Others in attendance were: Ellen Hebron and Mel Marcum, Act 11 Ride representatives and Cathy Wilke of Romano’s. 3. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to approve the agenda as printed. 4. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to approve the May 1, 2013 regular meeting minutes as printed. Motion passed. 5. Citizen appearances other than agenda items listed- None 6. Old Business - None 7. New Business a. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to recommend to Common Council approval to amend the Alcohol Beverage License for the Class “B” Beer/”Class B” Liquor License for Romano’s Pizza Inc., Francesco Romano, agent, 74 N Sixth Street, Evansville WI 53536, d/b/a Romano’s Pizza, 50 Union Street, Evansville WI 53536 to include a summer party event on July 27th from 4 p.m. with a DJ until closing. Cathy Wilke stated that set up will be on the northeast side of the building, only beer will be sold outside, and the area will be gated. The DJ will start at 4 p.m. and play until midnight. They will change the time if needed. Motion passed. b. Committee discussed possible recommendation to change parking ordinance 122-63 regarding Railroad Street. Motion by Fuchs, second by Jacobson, to recommend to Common Council to amend the parking ordinance 122-63. Committee requested that exact measurement be given to Common Council. The amendment is only to include a change in parking south of the alleyway. Motion passed. c. Discussion regarding the Act 11 Fund-Raising Bicycle Ride August 1 through August 4 through Evansville stopping at Lake Leota Park on August 1, 2013. Representatives stated the ride begins August 1 from 10am to 2pm with approximately 80 cyclists participating. d. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to amend the motion to not approve a request for reduction of an EMS charge. Motion passed. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to not approve reduction of EMS bill for File #87939, EMS call C97-100206-00034. Motion passed. 8. Police Department There were 969 calls for service in the month of June 2013 compared to 961 in June last year. License plate transactions were not available for June 2013; last year we had 741 transactions. Staffing for the July 4th festivities are pretty much set with 13 volunteers assisting with the parade. The Emergency Operations Manual/Plan is being updated with the assistance of Administrative Assistance, Samantha Trumpy. Address issue notices were sent to 19 residences/businesses with all 19 now in compliance. Officer Reese was promoted to Sergeant June 5th. The eligibility list for a full and part-time police officer of 31 candidates was narrowed down to 10 after the assessment center. Background checks are currently in process for those candidates. Josh Chenoweth started working morning hours at the department June 10, 2013. Officer Mahan Strupp will attend DAAT instructor training in 2013. Lieutenant Koehler and Sergeant Reese attended Management training June 12, 2013. Spillman training has been completed by all staff. Tim Kriz and the department are working hard and making solid progress to get ready for our mock assessment. We are expecting this to occur in August or September. A sample of the paperwork for the mock review was presented to the committee. A budget amendment will be forthcoming in July to include expenses for changes to the evidence room to comply with accreditation requirements. They include a gun safe, a smaller safe for money and installing ventilation in the evidence room with quotes totaling $1515.00. Anticipated costs for additional training will be required due to accreditation requirements to bring one part-time officer on with the department. Chief McElroy presented plans for next year’s budget. He plans to include one squad to be replaced, automatic transfer for squad video/audio, a rear emergency light for the Tahoe, two additional squad rifles, tactical vests and expenses to maintain accreditation requirements. More detailed information will be available next month. 9. Emergency Medical Service The year –to-date run total as of June 30, 2013 was 262, with June’s total being 45. 810 had nine of those runs. EMS will be participating in National Night Owl on August 15, 2013. After the demonstrations are complete, a free pool party will be held for everyone in attendance from 8pm to 10pm. Evansville pool staff training was delayed due to the recent storms and park flooding. We hope to reschedule a make-up session this month. Evansville EMS has been approved by the State to utilize manual defibrillation on all pulse-less non-breather calls. This will substantially decrease the down time during a code situation that is common with the use of AED’s (automatic external defibrillators). All staff has been trained and passed competency exams on this skill. We will officially begin using this skill on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. 10. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to adjourn at 7:31 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Jacobson, Chairperson These minutes are not official until approved by Public Safety at their next regular meeting

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