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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Mailbag: Iowa: Frac Sand: Invitation to attend meeting in Decorah, IA August 18, 2013

Hello Friends from the Region, Here's an invitation to come meet in Decorah, IA on Sunday morning, August 18 from 9:00 am to noon. Why in the world would you want to do that? Here in Winneshiek County we are working fast and hard toward passing an ordinance banning frac sand mining. We are empowered to do so through the work of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, celdf.org, which has for 13 years been empowering communities to take local control through a particular kind of ordinance. There are now 150 such communities, and we aim to be one of the next. We have learned a lot about Community Rights work in the last few months, and people from other parts of the region have asked us to share it. Here's the moment. Can you come? If we hear back from at least 10 of you who'd like to come, we'll spend the morning sharing what we know with you. Also: Here's info on the Decorah Sept. workshop on CR. Register soon! We're holding a Democracy School Nov. 1 and 2, led by celdf. Room for 23 more people. Let me know if you're interested in attending. Here's an article you might like to read: “Help! I've Been Colonized and I Can't Get Up...!” by Jane Anne Morris http://www.poclad.org/BWA/2005/BWA_2005_FEB.html

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