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Friday, May 24, 2013

Minutes: Library Board: April 2013: Expansion moving to the front burner

Eager Free Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for, April 30, 2013 1. Call to order. Board President Susan Kruser called the meeting to order at 5:345 pm. Trustees present: Kruser, Wally Shannon (arrived 5:36 pm), Sharon Cybart, Eloise Eager, Gwen Clendenning. Also present: Library Director Megan Kloeckner. Absent: Vicki Lecy-Luebke, Bob Flaherty. The Board welcomed new member, Cybart. Cybart and her family have lived in Evansville since 2000. She works at Olbrich gardens in Madison in the Development Department (marketing and public relations). We look forward to utilizing her talents! 2. Additions to Agenda No additions or changes to Agenda. 3. Approval of all March meeting minutes. No changes to March minutes. Shannon moved to approve the March minutes; Kruser seconded. All approved; Motion carried. 4. April bills (roll call vote). Kloeckner reported that the microfiche reader needed repair and the annual County distribution had been received. Eager moved to approve the bills as presented; Cybart seconded. Roll call vote: Ayes -- Kruser, Shannon, Cybart, Eager, Clendenning. Motion carried. 5. Librarian’s Report a) Budget Update & Circulation Statistics i) Kloeckner reported that, through April, we have spent about 1/3 of our materials budget. We have purchased 2 E-readers with finds provided by the Ruth Ann Montgomery Fund, through the Friends of the Library. E-books will be downloaded and installed on the E-readers, also with funds from the Ruth Ann Montgomery Fund. They should be ready for loan by the end of May. ii) Circulation was down in March (by 1,500). It was down significantly for all libraries in the Arrowhead system; the reason for the decrease is not known. However, computer use was up (by 70). b) Programming Update i) There were 95 attendees at March events and 94 attendees at April events. There are 8 to 9 events planned for May. ii) Either Kloeckner or Laura Damon-Moore, Asst. Librarian, will attend the farmer’s market monthly. iii) A partnership with Creekside Place is planned for May 23 for a book to movie event and discussion with the author event. The book will be the Jane Austen Book Club. c) Paper Shredder i) Kloeckner reported the shredder broke. A new shredder with an appropriate capacity will run about $150. Office Pro has a shredder service for $10/month. Its not known how long the previous shredder lasted. After discussion the Board decided to purchase a shredder. d) E-Reader Policy i) Kloeckner provided the Board with a draft E-reader policy. After discussion the Board decided to make some mnro changes: (1) Check Out, bullet 1: alter the “…cardholders in good standing ($5.00 or less in fines)..” to “…cardholders in good standing (no outstanding fines; fines may be paid in full at time of check out)...”. (2) Check Out, bullet 7: Remove “No Holds”, allowing E-readers to be held for 3 days. Shannon moved to approve the E-reader Borrowing Guidelines, Circulation Policy and Procedures & E-Reader Borrowing Agreement with the discussed changes; Eager seconded. All approved; Motion carried. ii) Kloeckner reported that each E-reader will be loaded with various genres but offer different titles. They will have Wi-Fi capability so the patron can download from their Overdrive account, but these will be wiped upon return. Kloeckner will check on ways to advertise the titles available. iii) Cybart asked about classes to learn to use the E-readers. Kloeckner stated that a class has been held and others are being planned throughout the year. 6. Old Business a) Gift Policy i) Shannon reported the second draft has been discussed by the Committee, however the comments and revisions have not yet been typed up for presentation to the Board. Shannon will email to the Board when ready. b) No Build Easement i) Nothing new to report, still waiting on receipt of Almeron Eager’s will (Eager to obtain). c) Fidelity Account i) Nothing new to report. Account is in place. 7. New Business: a) Treasurer’s Report i) Accounts: Expansion Fund has $1,454.26, YTD interest – 0.35$; Checking Account has $14,036.16; TTD interest – 0.11$ (2 deposits of $60 and $100 and 1 withdrawal of $14.55 for purchase of book through the Wish List); CD has %14,188.68, YTD interest $28.15 (matures 7/6/2013). ii) Computer Software (1) Clendenning reported on account management and donor management software. Kloeckner has signed up with TechSoup, an online clearinghouse for donated software for NPOs and libraries. The accounts software recommended by those questioned and online research is the Intuit QuickBooks software which is available through TechSoup. Online research of donor management software found GiftWorks, also available through TechSoup. Cybart stated that her organization utilizes Raisers Edge, which is expensive but may come in a smaller module with lower price. Cybart has offered to check with her contacts to see if there are other/better recommendations. Software purchase tabled awaiting further study. iii) Bonding (1) Clendenning reported that she has been in contact with Mosher Associates regarding bonding the Treasurer position. The next step will need to be an in person meeting to sit down and talk about the process. b) Scheduling the Director’s Review i) Kruser had provided the evaluation results to the Board and requested volunteers for the Directors Evaluation. Kruser and Lecy-Luebke will set a time to meet and discuss the results with Kloeckner. c) Gift for Past Board Members i) Kruser brought a card with a handwritten note for Board members to sign to give to Kim Miller, who stepped down from the Board last month after 10 years. Eager suggested a $50 gift card from local business to thank Miller for her service, with funds coming from a library account. A Chamber Bucks gift card was recommended and all agreed. Shannon moved to approve the purchase of a Chamber Bucks card using petty cash, Eager seconded. Roll call vote: Ayes -- Kruser, Shannon, Cybart, Eager, Clendenning. Motion carried. Kloeckner will purchase the gift card. d) Strategic Planning i) Eager reported on the April 27 Strategic Planning meeting. The Committee met to discuss results of the survey and focus groups and to brainstorm on the libraries mission and vision. Bill Wilson will sift through discussion and schedule the next meeting, anticipated in June. ii) The interior appearance of the library, particularly the meeting room was often mentioned in the surveys and focus groups. The Board discussed the space, however storage is an issue. No consensus reached at this point. iii) Volunteerism and the ability to get active volunteers for Friends events. Shannon suggested the possibility of having a joint meeting of the library and the Friends boards once a year to see how we can better help each other. (Eager departed at 6:53pm). iv) Future: Once the Board has the final Strategic Plan, we should approach the City Council to make a budget or amendment to pay for an architect to move forward with expansion. Kruser reported on a conversation with the Mayor, Sandy Decker, however no definitive answer as to a specific timeframe for the expansion is available. Shannon suggested that he would like to see us further along with these building blocks (gift policy, strategic plan, ability to manage accounts and donors, etc.) and policies in place before we begin seriously fundraising. Cybart stated that her organization is going through an expansion and there are many steps in the process. 8. Adjourn. Kruser moved to adjourn the meeting, Cybart seconded. All in favor; Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7pm. Next meeting: May 28, 2013 Minutes by Trustee Clendenning Note: Minutes of the Library Board of Trustees are not official until approved by the Library Board of Trustees at a meeting called and noticed for that purpose.

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