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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Evansville Committee of the Whole Meets Saturday

Common Council Special Meeting as Committee of the Whole Saturday, May 18, 2013, 8:00 a.m. Heights at Evansville Manor, 201 N. Fourth Street, Evansville, WI Agenda 1. Call to order. 2. Roll call. 3. Approval of agenda. 4. Motion to defer the reading of the minutes of the May 14, 2013 regular meeting to the next regular meeting. 5. Civility reminder. 6. Citizen appearances. 7. Basics. (5 minutes) a. Practical matters: restrooms, process monitor (time keeper), break, etc. b. A-ha sheet. c. Parking lot. 8. Opening round. (60 seconds each; 20 minutes total) a. Achievement (your or another department/committee) since last Committee of the Whole meeting and why it is important. 9. Review. (15 minutes) a. Brief summary and review of the three 2012 Committee of the Whole meetings. b. Loose ends: status of previously identified action items. 10. Community Development Director. (30 minutes) a. What’s happened in first four-and-a-half months. b. Prioritization going forward. c. Park Plan, Smart Growth Plan, and Resident Survey. d. Transparency and confidentiality agreements. 11. Library. (15 minutes) a. Update on Library strategic planning and survey. b. Post Office – facility maintenance. c. Post Office – lease. 12. Break. (10 minutes) 13. Post-Act 10 issues. (60 minutes) a. Public employee survey. b. Employee recognition. c. Personnel handbook. d. Union negotiations. 14. Break. (10 minutes) 15. Loose ends. (30 minutes) a. Fire District – planning and representation. b. Bauer House property. c. Emergency operations plan. d. Other opportunities, threats, issues, etc. 16. Check-out. (15 minutes) a. Parking lot. b. A-ha sheet. Any insights to share. c. Closing round. (30 seconds each; 10 minutes total) d. Select tentative September meeting date for next Committee of the Whole. Likely topics to include Smart Growth Plan update, resident survey, and budget. 17. Adjourn.

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