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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chasin the News : " Let them talk"

School Referendum was discussed at Monday night meeting. Let them talk. A possible school referendum was discussed at the Monday night school board meeting. At this point they are just talking. Let them talk. I think some one should point out to Jerry Roth the reason Heidi Carvin never pursued this was because she knew it was not going to pass. He would be wise to be very careful how he approaches this subject. When the R word was first mentioned several weeks ago I gave the reasons for why I would vote yes . But there are just as many reasons I would vote no. Kathy Swanson at Monday nights board meeting pointed out residents are not going to likely vote for this referendum if they do not feel the district has done every thing they can to avoid a referendum. The truth is . They have not. They do need to cut teachers do to declining enrollment. IF they cut out the block schedule at the Junior High it will save money. It is also better for students as they need to have math , science and reading daily. Not every 2nd to 3rd day. They do not get it daily with the block schedule. So the district needs to prove it self. That they has been responsible and done every thing it can. At this point they have not. Jerry Roth should probably not compare the fact that Albany and Brodhead both passed referendums because that is just going to make people look and see Brodhead and Albany also pay considerably lower taxes already. They could afford a referendum far easier than Evansville. HE would also be very wise to NOT drag 4k in as part of this referendum. There has always been more opposition to 4k than for it in Evansville. Trying to tie the two together in this referendum if there is one could kill it before it ever starts. We are near the top of the list for amount paid in school taxes for the county. Taxes will go up again this year because of the school and yes of the course that the city just keeps spending and has brought absolutely no industry into Evansville in years. SO LET THEM talk. That is all it. BUT if they are going to send out surveys. SEND them to all not choice hand-picked homes. IF they decide to go ahead they will have an up hill battle..


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    'the city keeps spending" Check your facts Chasin! Other than the Lake Leota referendum the city has not raised taxes in years.

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    anonymous, and I will point out your are anonymous you brave soul. You do not speak for everyone. My families tax bill has gone up every year since we moved here 9 years ago. The cities part of that varies between a rate hike of 2-3 percent. So yes taxes have gone up on the part of the city. Granted the school's part is more. I feel the school has been poorly managed and by the looks of this administration will not get better. But the city is not doing its part either. They just spend. They have not brought industry to this town in over 10 years . Stoughton Trailers does not count as they were already here and they just can not seem to stay consistent. The city alders , Chamber of commerce , and the mayor have done a horrible job. What do they do at city hall does anyone know? I am in the process of starting my own blog. Please check me out in a couple weeks.

    smalltownspeakwisconsin.wordpress . I tried signing in but kept getting a error message.

  3. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Anonymous did you read what I wrote? DID YOU check your facts? I never said that taxes will be raised because of the city. I said " Taxes will go up again this year because of the school and yes of the course that the city just keeps spending and has brought absolutely no industry into Evansville in years." Those are the facts. The taxes will go up again this year because of the school and yes the city does just keeps on spending. The city has DONE NOTHING to bring industry to town in the last 10 years, they just wait to see if it will come to them. Those are the facts. Yes you sounded silly. Read before speaking please.