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Monday, May 13, 2013

Minutes: Historic Pres: April 2013: Peace Garden

Evansville Historic Preservation Commission Minutes Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 6:30 P.M. Evansville City Hall Present: John Decker, Rich Modaff, Betsy Ahner, Ald. Ben Ladick, Steve Culbertson Excused: Steve Christens Absent: Rick Schuch Also Present: Mayor Sandy Decker, Dan Wietecha, City Administrator, John Gishnock, Becky Gonzales, Jim McGoey, Molly and Steve Hicks The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Chair Richard Modaff. Motion by Decker to waive the reading of the minutes of the March 20, 2013 meeting and approve them as read. Second by Culbertson. Motion carried. Reorganization: Motion by Decker to nominate Rich Modaff as Chairperson, Steve Christens as Vice-chair and Betsy Ahner as Secretary. Second by Ladick. Hearing no further nominations Modaff asked for a motion to approve the nominations. Motion by Culbertson to approve the nominations as presented. Second by Ladick. Motion carried unaninmously. Applications – Appearances 33 Second Street – Motion by Culbertson to accept the application. Second by Decker. Molly and Steve Hicks explained they would like to create a three season porch in place of the current screened porch. They would add a frost wall, level the floor, add two windows and a new back door. They would also pour a concrete slab and sidewalk at the back porch to eliminate damaged patio blocks and weather related problems. Motion carried unanimously. 224 West Church Street – Motion by Decker to accept the application. Second by Ladick. Homeowner, Jim McGoey explained that he wanted to build a 20 x 30 foot detached garage on his property. It will be constructed of wood and the roof and colors will match his home. Motion carried unanimously. Seminary Park Landscape Project – Motion by Decker to accept the application. Second by Culbertson. John Gishnock and Becky Gonzales presented slides showing the proposed design of the peace garden which would be created mainly on the north side of the park. Among other features it would include a labyrinth and meditative features. The Park Board has approved the plan and Modaff explained he has received positive comments from neighbors across the street from the park. This is an underutilized park, in fact many residents do not realize it is a city park. This will be a multi-year project and will not begin until funds are raised to pay for the first phase. After that progress will depend on the rate at which funds can be raised. Modaff expressed a concern that if the project stretched over too many years future Historic Preservation Commission members may not be supportive. Decker said that once the committee reviews and approves the plan, the work of the HPC is finished and it is up to the Park Board to follow through on the project. Motion carried unanimously. Next steps - an application must be submitted to the state Historic Preservation Officer. Decker asked that hard copies of the presentation slides and other info be provided for the application. The role of the state is to ensure that the proposed park will fit into the historic neighborhood and not have an adverse effect on it. Motion by Decker that the Evansville HPC express an opinion to the state that this proposed project will not have an adverse effect on the historic character of the district. Second by Culbertson. Motion carried unanimously. Administrative Grove Society – Decker explained the Rally ‘Round the Flag publicity is starting to get out. That event will be held mainly in Leota Park on May 17 – 19, 2013. Cannon project – the wet weather is hampering the installation of the concrete base for the cannon in front of City Hall. HPC Documents and Records – nothing new to report Plaque Program – Decker has received a request from David Mosher regarding placing a plaque on the building he has renovated for his office. State Historical markers are designated for historic events, people or buildings and his building would not qualify, mainly because the history of the building is not known. It may be possible under an older Evansville program to place an information plaque on the building. Decker will continue to research this. Correspondence A thank you note has been received from the 4th Grade History Hunters and it was passed around so the commissioners could read it. There being no other business Ahner moved to adjourn. Second by Ladick. Motion carried. The minutes of the Evansville Historic Preservation Commission are not official until approved by the Commission.

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