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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Memories of The Korean War

Memories of Korea;;and the End of the Korean War I remember the end of the Korean War...vaguely...I was five, and I remember the call..my grandmother took it and then told my mom it was for her and was long distance...I was in the dining room eating some toast, cooked my favorite way in the old fashioned toaster, the ones with the two sides that came down...anyway...all of a sudden my mom started crying, and then my grandma started crying...I was a little startled, but they reassured me that it was ok..."your dad is coming home they said." The next few years from 1950 to...well how long was it...it was till 1960 when John Kennedy got the economy "moving again" and we got in the Vietnam war etc....for those ten years there was a type of austerity...and all suburbs were built up around, all the little box style homes with the new kitchens with dishwashers....the men came home from the war and it was frustrating during the retooling to get everybody working again. In today, 2013, I expect the end of the wars will be frustrating as well...and getting the economy moving again without war will be frustrating...and it will provide a challenge to prove that American capitalism can work without war..stay tuned. Posted by Evansville Observer at 11:33 AM

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