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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mailbag: Progressives: Volunteer

APRIL 2 PRESS CONFERENCE PUBLICIZING ALL ABOUT CITIZENS UNITED CONFERENCE The Oregon Area Progressives and South Central Wisconsin Move to Amend are holding a press conference in the Senate Parlor of the Wisconsin State Capitol at 10:00 a.m. on Election Day, April 2, to bring attention to the Citizens United ruling and publicize the All About Citizens United forum we are co-sponsoring on April 13 at BTCI. We would love your presence and voice at the press conference. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ON APRIL 2ND FOR GREEN COUNTY MTA EFFORTS Getting the Money Out of Politics We need help to collect petition signatures in Monroe and Belleville to get a resolution on the ballot that says Corporations are not people and Money is not free speech. A few volunteers working in shifts, should be able to collect all the signatures necessary at the polls on April 2nd. You do not need to live in the municipality to collect signatures there. Belleville - Contact Tim Sager 608-335-4051 email TRSager@gmail.com Monroe - Contact Amy Sloan 608-359-1027 email Asloan@tds.net SUNDAY, APRIL 7, WAUNAKEE PRESENTATION/DISCUSSION FEATURING SCWMTA CO-CHAIR SIERRA POPE Grass Roots Organization of Waunakee—GROW is hosting a one-hour presentation/discussion on why we need a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, what the strategy is to get that done, and what people in Wisconsin can do now.

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