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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mailbag: Bill Connors and Joan Sorteberg write and endorse Melissa Hammann for Evansville School Board

We encourage residents of the Evansville Community School District to vote for Melissa Hammann for School Board. No one will work as hard as Melissa to be informed and prepared for School Board meetings. She will ask hard questions to make sure that the school district’s limited resources are focused on its core mission of providing the community’s young people with a world class education. She will ensure that the School Board fully engages in its responsibility of oversight and maintaining the school district’s accountability to the community. During our years of living in Evansville and having our children attend Evansville’s schools, we developed great confidence in Melissa’s energy, determination, thoughtfulness, and good judgment. In our minds, Melissa clearly is the best candidate and deserves your vote. Bill Connors and Joan Sorteberg

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