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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"What is YOUR Ticket?"

Years ago kids could enjoy their youth and then on graduation they could just go down to Janesville and apply to work at the booming GM plant---and presto they could enjoy a fun life of cars, snowmobiles, houses...and all the good things...no college education needed, and no other education needed either..it was mostly train on the job...what could be better. What faces Rock County youth now? What job prospects? With the same attitude as in paragraph one, when the youngster goes afar to apply for a job, with no skills and no education....that person is woefully unprepared to compete. Things have changed...Education matters now...skills matter now..and the competition for students has come in the public school market...not private school market...as public schools compete in Open Enrollment and the schools with the most resources and best plan win.

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