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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

OpEd: Politics: The Ying and the Yang

If you step back for a moment....and reflect how Wisconsin got to where it is----Gov. Scott Walker got elected governor...and what were the grievances of those who elected him....one of them was high property taxes that supported public education...and with the lack of growth in Wisconsin, many communities had property taxes that were DOUBLE those of other parts of the USA that have higher concentrations of population in urban areas, and a better tax base. Who caused the failure of the legislature to revise the basis for school aid funding? Now enter WEAC. With the push for 4K. Expansion of the school system. Higher funding...and to come from where? the property tax? I think in retrospect residents of Wisconsin hit a wall of purchasing power....the end of property tax as a way of funding schools is at hand. A sales tax will have to be legislated...there is no other solution unless you plan on having all of Wisconsin being uninhabitable. One of the flaws then was the narrow focus...the focus of partisans just thinking of their special interest...higher property taxes beyond the levy limits to support their cause...and it imploded...was anything learned....NO...the partisans endorsed in a primary...how creative...when experienced politicos NEVER endorse candidates in a primary because it makes enemies all around....Doug LaFollette said it best at a recent forum...."The labor endoresements in the primary was strategic error". What he hinted at was that partisan enthusiasm harmed the overall effort to unseat Scott Walker. So....blinded by narrow self interest....a continuing theme .....the old chinese fortune cookie...."He who seeks a thing directly...will never attain it". Wisconsin is faced with the disintegration of a civil society, and pain is all over the place...to be the big tent is more than talking.... The Democratic primary debate is Friday....tune in to public radio and Tv...It should be interesting...Which candidate has the specific proposals...Which candidate can unite the people? Which candidate can win? You make the call.

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