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Friday, May 25, 2012

OpEd: Are YOU Divided? Will YOU be conquered?

In the now famous video of Gov. Walker speaking to Ms. Hendricks of ABC Supply in which he says the plan on destroying unions is one of divide and conquer.....think of what he might have meant for your situation. If you have lived in Wisconsin for the past ten years, recount the losses for non-union labor....these have gone on for a decade and have been very painful..Just think locally of manufacturing employees that were terminated, with little fanfare, and then told if they disclosed anything about their terminations, their pensions would be invalidated. Nice. Nobody has ever even written of it in the newspapers, much less protested it. So in the pain of it all, those who have gone before in the pain process and taken a decline in standard of living, may have just a bit of resentment about those union folks who may have not taken a cut, or at least they think. That is the "division". If because of personal pain, you believe that others and including yourself deserve a politician that would be terrible for all, you are deeply mistaken. The misdeeds of Gov. Scott Walker are far beyond unions, and reach to every corner of Wisconsin society. Just recount a bit of it...the disrespect for law, the disregard of open meeting laws, the poisoned politics, the misrepresention of intention, the repeal of rights of women for equal pay...and on and on... It's called the Stockholm syndrome, or "The Patty Hersch Syndrome", as in falling in love with your captors....and it is treated with therapy....Make a note of it.

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