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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Evansville Police Report: March 2012

(Ed.note: This is the Evansville Police Report section of the minutes of March 2012 Public Safety Minutes) 8. Evansville Police Report – There were 1228 calls for service for the month of March 2012, compared to 1401 in March of 2012. There were 60 license plate transactions for March. All training that was scheduled for staff was completed in February and March. Officers Schmidt and Job completed ARIDE training April 2-3. DAAT training on April 23 will be attended by Officers Nankee and Schmidt. On May 14-17 Instructor Development training is scheduled for Officers Job and Mahan-Strupp. Chief McElroy and Lieutenant Koehler continue to work on Police Office Evaluations. Office Anacker and Mawhinney are in their final phase of training-working with a second officer. Officer Matt McElroy currently attending the police academy and training for court officer is scheduled to graduate on May 4, 2012. Officer Reilly plans to start his training in April. Accreditation/Policy Updates continue with recent completion of Policy 6.14 on Eye Witness Identification. Files continue to be scanned daily and the Police Website is updated with significant information. The radar trailer is continued being placed outside in good weather. The department expects the new squad to arrive in May. The squad room dictation and office computers were lost over the April 1 weekend. These were replaced with less expensive laptops from Hanson Electronics in Evansville. The Intoximeter room laptop is also in for repairs, which was will be shared until this laptop is repaired. A TV was added to our conference room to utilize for presentations. An email was sent to Roger Berg in regard to the parking for the Eager Economy Building asking him to address this issue with Plan Commission. There are currently 55 parking stalls.


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    The squad room dictation and office computers were lost over the April 1 weekend.- They were lost? Is that a typo or how did they lose them?

    They need to clarify that. I would hope they are not losing equipment.

    What is the deal with hiring family members? Most cities have ordinances against that. Its called nepotism.

  2. Anonymous6:02 PM

    All officers hired in Evansville go through the same hiring process and it is scored, which allows candidates to be compared to each other. This is the current hiring process at Evansville (taken from Gazette article):

    1.) Assessment test: Candidates must respond to two of five timed scenarios—traffic, interpersonal conflict, crime scene, juvenile crime or a school-related crime—performed by volunteer community members.

    2.) Panel interview by four members of the police department and four community members.

    3.) Extensive background check: Good luck hiding your misdeeds. The screening process looks at a candidate's actions throughout his lifetime, including financial, employment and education records, interviews with friends, neighbors, roommates and landlords.

    4.) Personality, psychological, written and drug tests. A physical agility test is being considered.

    This is a time consuming and tedious process, and a candidate earns the right to work for the city and is not "given" the job. Nepotism is favoritism to related people, Matthew went through all of the same processes as any other candidate and will be part-time limited to court duties and special events such as the 4th of July Parade. There are lots of other agencies that have family members working together, which is why stringent hiring processes are needed and the decision is not made solely by one related person!! There are lots of studies out there about children being involved in the same careers as their parents. This is not nepotism, this is reality!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I am new to Evansville and can not believe how politics run this town. There is no way the police chief ever should have been allowed to suggest his son for a position. It never even should have been a option.

    What is this I hear about our local officer's turning off the video camera's during stops? Why are they doing that?

    It seems to me there are to many young one's (officer's) trying to make a name for them selves and all they are doing is causing people to talk about how poorly the dept is run.

    I would think our honorable city council would draft a ordinance of no hiring of family members regardless if it's the police dept, maintence, water dept, etc.. that is why Evansville has the bad reputtion it does because everyone is allowed to do what ever they want.

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    anonymous no. 2 yes its nepotism. Reality is someone earning a job the old fashion way.