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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eager Library Spring 2012 Newsletter

The Friends' major fund-raiser every year is the Ice Cream Social and Charity Auction on the EFPL Lawn to kick off the Evansville Community July 4th Celebration. This year, we're pumping up the excitement level. • ELVIS PRESLEY will entertain the crowd! (Well, sorta like Santa Claus, it's not the Real Elvis.) For all you hound dogs and lovers of blue suede shoes, he will bring back memories. For the younger set, it will just be a blast to see and hear what their elders rocked to a generation or more ago. • RAFFLE! This year's ICS will feature raffles for an Apple iPad, an antique quilt, and an adult StingRay bicycle. These three items have all been donated by Friends of the Library, and your committee decided they have too much value to be auctioned. You'll be able to buy raffle tickets soon, and we urge all our Friends to buy and to volunteer to sell raffle tickets around town, perhaps even to out-of-town folks, during the next month. Winners don’t need to be present at the drawing. Take a chance; maybe you’ll win something really super! • THE AUCTION itself will be a whole new animal as well. The ICS committee has gathered a grand assortment of items unlike any offered before. You'll want to come to the Social just to see some of the unique and fascinating goodies on which you can bid. And hopefully you’ll bid freely, because you know that this is how we raise money to support Eager Free Public Library. Shelving, security system, movie projection equipment, language-learning programs: these acquisitions and support for the library's services and programs all were paid for with money the Friends raised in the last several years. We would be grateful to receive a few more unique and intriguing auction items. If you’ve not donated (tax-deductible!) to our auction in the past & wish to help this year, please call Audrey Shomos (882-4070 ) to arrange your donation. Thanks! • SOCIALIZE! Schoepp's ice-cream, beautiful (and taste-y) home-made cakes and cupcakes for you to savor as you socialize with your friends. We’re also challenging you, as a FRIEND, to invite a friend who is not yet a FRIEND to come to the ICS with you. Introduce them to the glories of our library & how we support it as an entire community. Ask them to join you as a FRIEND OF THE EAGER FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY!

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