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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"What's In YOUR Trunk?"

What's in YOUR Trunk?": The Weight Reflections Recenly I have been attending a weight management class as part of a planned weight loss over the next year or so. I would like to lose about fifty pounds----I got some new eyes with catarect surgery, some better hearing with some new hearing aids, and I am determined to get back to the youthful look of yesteryear----and January is the month of the year that everybody has the same idea---have you been to the Evansville Health Club lately. There is a "Body Transformation Challenge" with the "Blue Team" and the "Black Team". I take my hats off to these folks----in fact, I am sponsoring a person on the "Black Team". I check in weekly to see how the team competition is coming. Check it out.... Anyway. last week, my instructor started out the class by asking the Question: "What's In Your Trunk?" This headline shocked me a bit. I had just buried my beloved "heavy chey" in Minneapolis that my daughter had been driving, and I know vividly the last review of the trunk----I had it loaded with a spare water pump, starter and lots of other parts that I thought for sure would fail...and I wanted to be prepared. When the problem came, it was diagnosed by the big city folks as "electrical" and I had to put the car out of its misery while I could still afford to.... Right in the middle of my quick mental review of "My trunk", my instructor told us what was in her trunk---some tennis shoes, yaktrax, sweats, some party beverages, some snacks for the road to avoid the drive throughs etc. yes even some wine just in case a party broke out. So, in short, planning for party and fun and health. Then I thought about my own "trunk", my stomach that I had been storing up with candy bars just in case I needed a burst of energy in crisis. I could see that all my "trunks" needed to be revamped. So I will just ask you the question: "What's in YOUR trunk?"

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