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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OpEd: Professional Conduct is the key for the future of Evansville Engineering services

In a stunning action tonight, the Evansville Common council disregarded the recommendation of the selection committee that recommended a new City Engineer. The Mayor of Evansville, Sandy Decker, who had attended many of the meetings of Public Works over the past few years that dealt with the enginnering difficulties facing Evansville, summed it up----the future of Evansville requires a firm not a person...it requires professional conduct. The Evansville Observer could not agree more. The just moments appointed new council member of the fourth ward abstained from the vote. The other post of the fourth ward voted against. It is hoped that with some education of what is at stake, the decision can be revisited in the future. Evansville has become the poster child for BAD engineering and BAD development planning. It is time for a change. The recommendations of the Mayor and Administrator were courageous and deserve citizen support.

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