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Monday, October 31, 2011

Recall Effort Details: Things are Ramping up

west side field office on recalls/needs help,training on recall petitions
Tuesday show up to protest concealed carry
tuesday show up stop increase of taxes on poor


My name is Cassandra Hoch, and I'll be working as a field organizer with Nick Niles on the recall effort. My counterpart, Matthew Rigney, and I will be working in the Dane County West Office (6602 Normandy Lane). You recieved an email from James 'Skip' Sonneman, who's our colleague working out of Dane County East Office (330 East Wilson Street).

As a senior at UW-Madison last year, I remember standing with you and more than 100,000 others in the cold and snow to protest Scott Walker's outrageous proposals. I then volunteered in Madison this summer to recall those Senators who voted lockstep with Walker instead of listening to their constituents. And now, I'm working on this recall to help finish what we started and hand Walker his pink slip.

We're ready to go and we know your are too. Our Dane County West Office, located at 6602 Normandy Lane, will open Tuesday, 11/2 for circulator trainings. These trainings are designed to give you the basics of signature gathering and answer any questions you might have.

You can sign up for circulator trainings here: bit.ly/WestSideSchedule.

In addition, we're looking for some dedicated folks to make up our Leads Team. The Leads Team is a group of highly motivated and skilled volunteers and interns who will be able to work 6-15 hours per week on a regular schedule. Leads Team members will take on increased responsibility in the offices helping to conduct trainings, do regular data entry, and help keep the office running smoothly.

To apply for a leads team position send an resume to Nick Niles at nickn@wisdems.org.

Finally, we need supplies to help our office up and running. Anything that can be donated is greatly appreciated.

View our Office Wish List here: bit.ly/WestSideWishList

Cassandra Hoch
Field Organizer - Dane County West
Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Concealed Camera Day in the Wisconsin Assembly

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