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Thursday, October 06, 2011

I and E Club Meets October 12th--Gladhanding 101 on the Agenda

Oct. 12, I&E Club Presents Glad-Handing 101

Does working a room full of strangers make your hands clammy? Ever wonder to yourself, why do I put myself through this networking torture?

Then take some time to learn great, easy tips and tricks from a pro, who regularly quaffs free beer and food while collecting new connections. Come to the next meeting of the Evansville Area Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club, set for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12. The meeting is free and open to the public at Creekside Place, 102 Maple St., Evansville.

Networking is like speed dating, with a different set of rules. Talking about what’s great and what’s not so hot in networking will be Jake Clevenstine, a financial planner with Wisconsin Financial Group who has made it an art to hang out with entrepreneurs, inventors, geeks, investors, engineers and anyone in business. He’ll address good and bad networking, how to network, and overcoming inhibitions. It’s not about meeting 500 new people; it’s about meeting five right people interested in helping you and being helped by you.

After the presentation, guests will be invited to introduce themselves and then practice their new networking skills. Guests also are invited to help themselves to refreshments, this month sponsored by Sarah Krause. This versatile Girl Friday teaches “Strong Women, Strong Bones” at Creekside Place, fills in as a temp at various retail stores in town, and croons lovely tunes. Her vocal range covers everything from Billboard Top 40 to 1940s Golden Oldies. Just call 608-290-4817 to arrange for a musical interlude at your special event.

The I&E Club appreciates sponsors like Krause, and donations, all of which make it possible to bring in speakers and host activities. For more information about the I&E Club, contact Sue Berg at 608-882-0986 or suebergsolutions@gmail.com, or John Gishnock III at 608-314-6656 or john.g@formecology.com.

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