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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lack of Response; Lack of Transparency alarms Evansville Residents on Fire Hydrant Snafu

(Ednote: The following is a freedom of information request from the Observer to the City of Evansville---it went unanswered. So much for the priority of fire protection in Evansville? )


Yesterday there was a fire run on Franklin St, and it appears that the hydrant right across from the fire was inoperable because the hose was not compatible with the hydrant. This concerns me since this hydrant also services my structures or at least the garage structure at 255 E Main.

Are there other hydrants in the city that are older and were not converted to be compatible with the new fire hoses? Was there an inspection for this or will there be one done?

In an unrelated matter, I need to know the final sale price, net to the city, of the old police station on East Main. I thought it was 140,000 but need you to confirm.


Richard Woulfe

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