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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Park Board Requests Funds

Monday, September 12th, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Evansville City Hall

1) Call to Order & Roll Call
o Call to order - called to order at 6:05pm by Culbertson.
o Present: Todd Culbertson, Ben Ladick, Rich Modaff, Rick Hamacher, Jerry Krueger, Lyman Fuson, Ray Anderson, Ron Carlson & Sue Merritt
o Absent: none
2) Motion to approve Agenda as printed.
o Motion made by Rich Modaff, second by Ben Ladick
3) Motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the August 8th, 2011 meeting & approve them as printed.
o Motion made by Rich Modaff, second by Ben Ladick
4) Citizen appearances, relating to Park & Recreation, but not listed as agenda items.
o Susan Krueser, 244 Eager Ct. addressed the board regarding lap swimming at the Veteran’s Memorial Pool. Susan expressed appreciation for the increase in lap swim opportunities this summer. Susan also requested that the board consider markings at the pool bottom in order to enable swimmers to swim in a straight line. Park & Recreation Board will discuss options at the October meeting.
o Jon Frey, 13816 W. Northridge, addressed the board regarding the successes of the Jays baseball team this summer. Jon asked the board to review a list of improvements that the Jays would like to make to the Lake Leota Park field in the coming months/years. The board recognized several of the items on the list as being acceptable for the Jays to proceed with, while working with Ray Anderson. Several of the more extensive goals will need to be reviewed individually by the board.
o Dan W. asked for feedback from the board as he completes a checklist of items that will enable new committee members to become more knowledgeable as they join committees.
o Mayor Decker spoke to the board about the application process for Lake Leota Park as a historic landmark at the state and federal level. It is being nominated as a “Historic Park Landscape”. Making future improvements will need to be comprehensive and should include collaboration between Historic Preservation Committee, State Historical Society and the National Park Service. Park Board and the Historic Preservation Committee will meet during the winter months in order to begin the comprehensive planning efforts.
5) Cannon relocation
o Nothing to report.
6) Shoreline restoration
o Nothing to report
7) Creek wall restoration – A motion by Rich Modaff, second by Sue Merritt, to recommend to Finance & Labor Committee and Council to utilize additional budget funds in the amount of $10,000 for this year’s improvements on creek walls. The total for 2011, if approved, will be $20,000.
8) Horse Barn rental fee – tabled
9) Ice skating proposal – tabled
10) Behavioral concerns within city parks – tabled
11) 2012 budget discussion
o Park Board recommends the following:
i. Creek walls $20,000
ii. Misc. projects & maintenance $15,000
iii. Westside park projects
1. Shelter $15,000
2. Tennis courts $15,000
iv. Lake Leota shoreline restoration project $20,000
v. Pool-PVC liner - Moved on Capital Budget from 2015, to 2013
vi. Lake Leota Restoration-Every Farm Fields – to be determined by City Council
12) Aquatic report
o Nothing to report
13) Chair’s report on items of interest and/or actions of City Committees & Common Council
o Nothing to report
14) Reports/updates park projects/maintenance
o Nothing to report
15) Old business
o Recommendation to be made to Council regarding swimming hazards and liabilities at Lake Leota Park.
16) New business
o Nothing to report
17) Motion to adjourn – Motion made to adjourn at 7:30pm by Sue Merritt, second by Ben Ladick.

Next meeting Monday, October 10th, 2011 - 6:00 pm, Evansville City Hall

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